The Indian Air Powered Car

An important and short study, information you MUST have before investing in AE of any kind. There has been a change in the “FORCE”, and it’s important you understand how profound it is!

If you are really interested in saving the planet, if you are truly Green in Heart and Mind, you will read to the end of the article. In my mind, our way of life depends on it.

There has been an interruption in the ‘force’, it doesn’t take a Jedi to learn and understand the power behind MDI, it is critical that you do!

The History Channel on the dish gave this car significant coverage, can you imagine driving everywhere you want on free air, that was their question to the audience.  I hope you can catch a rerun, it was all about innovations in Alternative Energy.

Here’s a link to a Popular Mechanics article about marketing.  This article alone is a good education in marketing content, and to whom it is being marketed to, you might think you understand it all, but your understanding might evolve over the next few days or weeks, ?why? keep reading, it’s only a page.

Understanding the ‘rift’ in the FORCE.

Best I give you just a few examples, once you consider them, you will find plenty more. When I visualize this shift in the force, the effect is very similar to a reversal of the poles on planet earth, I mean to say it is ‘profoundly disturbing’ and I think we must prepare for it.

Once you have read the Popular Mechanics article and especially the comments, (you don’t need read them all); we need to turn our attention to the media and consider their primary goals. If you have critical thinking skills, you may find what follows enlightening, your thinking may evolve, and you may be able to distill it down and realize that at the end of the day their principle mission is to sell content, and they’ll do near anything to achieve that goal. They must make a profit to stay in business. Now if we continue to use Popular Mechanics as our example, consider this article on the Indian Air Car and who it attracts? Take a moment and write down your thoughts, it may be the most important thing you do this week.

The answer? the article draws in a wide spectrum of readers.  One group is what I call the Whacko Greenies, these folks have no need for a pencil or paper, they allow their leaders to do their thinking for them, they are convinced that Big corporations are responsible for denying them a free lunch in transportation and all things related to energy. When they walk through the Grocery isle or news stand, they come face to face with the aritcle that validates their belief, right on the front page of Popular Mechanics! Drive for free!

More educated people see the same article and think, what are these idiots tellign peopel now?  they buy the article  out of disbelief, but ti’s another magazine sold!

Now we shift our focus for a moment onto the Career Politician and their first order of business, that is to remain viable and remain in office. When they receive 100 or 10,000 emails about the Air Car, how do they respond? Most often, their staff will reply with a form letter, something like this: “I’m working hard on your behalf to support all things as they relate to Alternative Energy, this is our future, and I hope we can work together to get this technology into the hands of the everyday citizens, I need your vote to make this possible!

Here’s where I see a possible key to understanding how things work today.  How many times have we heard that the Media and the Government are working together? Is it possible that they act independently BUT are using the same methods to attract loyal followers?

The internet has the potential to deliver content deep into the jungles or out onto the plains of Africa via the cell phone networks. The technology can be as cheap as it needs to be in order for people living in huts to afford it. At present, facts, history, science, and things we assumed would chart our course into the future have become eclipsed by the rift I see. There is a large and ever growing group of people who have little use for facts or reality, in fact they abhor it. As the Media works to remain relevant by catering to useful idiots, the career politicians struggle to chart a course out of dangerous waters and still remain in power. What they have discovered is they have helped to create an ever growing segment of the population that has no interest in reality, but is now so powerful and numerous they can’t be ignored. Some would say it was a lack of ethics, a lack of morals that created this huge voting block that believe in magic BECAUSE they have been promised magic all along. Let’s look back on that politician who got the email on the air car, had he replied that the air car was a joke, he would risk losing a vote, and many politicians would rather take us down the road to hell than give up their power.

MDI is a company who preys on useful idiots they make every effort to avoid the facts. If you return to PM article, you will see the posts of people who have totally ignored the many comments made by people who know and understand the overwhelming losses and efficiency problems associated with compressing air and using it as a means of propulsion! From an efficiency standpoint it’s a major loser, even the janitor that cleans the toilet at Popular Mechanics know it, but running the story sells magazines! I don’t think it’s much different than whoring, but it’s not much different that what politicians do every day either.  No way they’re going to tell you the air car is a joke, they want your vote no matter how gullible you are. MDI knows and understands that this belief in free energy is a religion and that the true believers abhor facts or anything that might interfere with the belief that they have lived under the thumb of those who have denied them free energy. Notice that MDI has no real products, note that the more mature part of their website is where investors (suckers) might contact them. Note that they are all set up to harvest the names of believers!

Here we see a post from one of the believers, make the time to parse his post!

880. RE: World’s First Air-Powered Car: Zero Emissions by Next Summer
Some of you really are as blind as bats aren’t you! an ex Formula 1 Engineer (the most technologically advanced racing in the WORLD) comes along and gives us all what we’ve been desperate for and all you can say is if it’s so good why didn’t gm do it? WHAT YOU SHOULD BE ASKING IS WHY HAS GM GONE DOWN! Because the Yanks never listen! We have the answers so come back to the real world! No it doesn’t make a big loud noise No it isn’t enormous, but that’s because we’re not trying to make up for a lack in any other department!! Get over yourselves and start doing something for the rest of the world and it’s kids!

Now let’s break it down:

The world has been given a gift (Air Car)

GM and Yanks never listen

We have the answers so come back to the real world   (this is really scary, does this mean he’s part of MDI?

Yanks ignored it because it wasn’t big or loud.

Get over yourselves and start doing something for the rest of the world.

This poster >is< at the heart of the Greenie world.  You must believe the laws of physics are rubbish to belong

Deep inside his message is the belief that his countrymen are not capable of building this simple car, “it is up to the Yanks”, and if it doesn’t get done, well it’s their fault.

Notice, no matter what the Yanks might do, if they don’t serve up a free lunch, it’s just not enough.

If there’s ever a day you are feeling real stupid, spend a day with the typical greenie, I promise you’ll feel better about yourself.

But at the end of the day, with the help of the media and career politicians, useful idiots have a larger voice than usual. Both the Media and the Politicians have ‘made a deal with the devil’, and neither has a clue as to what they can do to remain relevant while they chart a path away from the rocks. For those who have an interest in facts, there’s plenty of history that gives us clues as to where we are headed unless the public develops an appetite for facts, and holds those who attempt to deceive them in contempt.

At the end of the day, it takes eight grade math skills to study the insanity of the air car concept, but there are many who don’t want to know the truth. As you watch the so called “History channel” you’ll note they have no problem ‘whoring’ to attract viewers, it need not be true, it need not be anything to do with fact or History.

All the best,

George B.

Go back to the first website mentioned, popular mechanics, read the comments pages, start at the beginning, see if you can pick out the Greenies, they are easy to spot, they have zero interest in science, math, any facts. Their only goal is to feel good, and as Habshi says…. this journal of comments is a lesson on human behavior, remember half the people you know are below average, there are some comments made here by people who could enter and empty room, and it would still be empty.

As you digest all of this, revisit this green site..

As you read, you should ‘pick up’ on the fact that there is no one here than cares at all about useful facts and figures, there never seems to be any interest in thermal dynamics, losses, following the mechanics of compressing air, the mechanical device used to compress it, the energy required, the cost of the energy, etc. these people don’t care, and the people who would visit this site don’t much care about reality either, it likely bores them, the fix they are looking for is more evidence that the corporate world has denied them what they seek, (a free lunch).

What’s important to remember

The History Channel has decided to join the other Prostitutes in the Media,  and they are now no more than a tabloid, it is all too said, but in order to stay profitable, they have decided they run run this crap and a lot of pure Science fiction. there are decisions being made all the time as to what will appeal to readers and viewers, it is no longer about education, delivering useful facts and information, it is all about delivering content that will appeal to readers.

Are we doomed?


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  1. paul waite says:

    Whcn I get one? Where can I get one? How much will it cost?

  2. George B. says:

    Did you click on that MDI link?
    Imagine, this MDI page has been up for how many years, and still the best they have to offer is a page for investors? you still can’t order a product?

    Why not invest in my time machine instead?

  3. Richard says:

    Well, I just use my next door neighbors air compressor and it costs me nothing! 🙂 See no pollution by me.

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