Wednesday Morning Musings 12/19/12


Today we examine the God like wisdom of the Godless, and the best of parenting advice from those who have never been parents.  Of course we sprinkle in other random observations all in the name of our persuit of ‘critical thinking’.

A crisis brings out the best and the worst in people, and it often reveals how quickly they can rule and how little thought it takes for so many. How they focus on the easy fix, often a fix where they need do nothing personally other than find fault with freedom loving people.

As I watch it all, I see a few threads started by a few people I truly admire in the Paragliding Community. Why comment on that community?  I’ve watched their leaders in action. How they deal with other people, how deeply they care about their friends and  families, how much they love their children.  How they react to challenges and stress.

  Many of these people are comitted to mastering things far from the couch and potato chip bowl.  Some will run up a mountian side and soar with friends both feathered and unfeathered before others their age discover they are no longer fit to follow them through the first stair case of a three mile long climb!  And to think some old Paragliders do it with forty pounds or more of gear on their backs.  Their old school mates wease and attempt to catch their breath with the trailhead still in site, and only a water bottle in their hand.     

At 64 years old, I only wonder how they became so good at what they do? How did they become so people wise so early in life?  I guess you’d need watch what I’ve seen.   To wait a week or a month to form a well thought out opinion?  The words echo through my head today as I recall one who didn’t make it back home. How did the PG community handle that rare event? Quite well by my measure…  

The Paragliding Community hangs by threads. Much of what they do is on property controlled by public opinion. I don’t rule out the possibility that a few protests could take away their access to key properties which might gravely injure their sport. The community is made up of all sorts of souls, and what they have in common is the dream and reality of flight. The desire to fly and know the air as well as birds of prey.  To experience life at it’s best they say, and I believe.

But here again, we are faced with the reality that intelligent men are not always thoughtful men. Critical thinking is truly an art form, and so little time is devoted to teaching it. It’s an important role of parents, to think things through, and teach their children the same.

Some I  know have the opinion that Paragliders are stupid people, stupid and selfish.  If they had an IQ higher than Tepid water, they’d stay on the sidewalk. They have no right to be in the air! Now that we are all in the same pool for healthcare, what do these fools do to run up my premium they ask? What taxes do I pay only to support fools like them, and what about the other dangerous sports people have no business doing?  Why is it they can land in the same place where a Christmas Tree is banned?

While hanging by a thread…., a few are quick to condemn other Men’s sport as too risky? Too dangerous?  We’ll  fix it all so quickly they say.. just ban it all, and people can’t do it..

I guess the one post that sent me into a tail spin was made by a Scotsmen.  I feel I can take liberties with the Scots and what they do and say since my family came from the Isles, but their  blood mixed in with a lot of blood spilled here…. prior to, during the American Revolution, and after. 

My family has been here a long time, and we’ve long since noted that the Scots couldn’t seem to grow a decent potato back home, how is it they have the wisdom of God today?

ON Facebook steps forward this Flying Scotsmen, he’s a new arrival.. here for the good wages, a life apparently better than what he had back in Scotland? His advice given so freely on a facebook page is to ban it all together same as they did in Scotland. It’s all so easy really.. you just make it illegal!

Of course, my American blood runs deep. I still have my 22 rifle given to me on my 12th birthday. I’ve had it for 52 years, I had a pellet gun before it, and a BB gun at eight years old. Most of us did, and nothing happened! Yes, there was that summer when Butch’s Dad backed over his baby sister and killed her dead, tragic in deed but the Scots kept on drinking!   

But as I think this Scotman’s plan through, I remember how Scotland returned a murdering man to his homeland. Yes he killed how many souls? scattered their twisted,  burned, and bloodied bodies across the Scotish landscape. They (the Scots) tried him, convicted  him,  gave him the best of care, meals served every day, and room service too. Likely far better health care than the average Scot or American can afford.., and then, they sent him home to a hero’s welcome. The banners flew, and those who might follow in his foot steps might say… “see it wasn’t so bad while he was off in Scotland with room service, how many of his countrymen begged at back doors for their next meal?”  Oh, and now steps forward other Scots to say.. “that Sir was none of our doing! We didn’t approve of what our Government did!”  And we sit here and ask.. well, what did your learn, and what other power will you give them over you? 

Ohh, those Scots, how brilliant they are, and how many of them want to turn our land into the one >WE< left?

But in other threads, I see those who had no time for parenting, they filled their lives in pursuit of personal goals, enlightenment, to know the wisdom of the Gods and what tomorrow holds. Another post  I study  from an East Coast Jewish American,… a personal account, and one I loathed in particular.. “An encounter with a knife weilding robber, and how he knows he would have been dead had his assailant found a gun on his person! He goes on to say, you are only delusional if you don’t agree…. his single account. His personal experience is all we need consider to set the course of man!  

But here’s the fact, these people are cocksure, they are often Godless people who think they are  Gods themselves.  The conversation about the Swiss, and their gun laden society, why is it their children have machine guns in their homes, and nothing happens? I say it is because they are superior people with superior genes!…. or wait a minute… maybe they just have expectations of their youth? Maybe they care enough to raise them, and know what they do?

And women, they are programed by nature to protect their young. When they are young themselves; they will do so at any cost. No doubt they will deliver their children into a life of bondage in exchange for the false promise of security. It is written over and over through the ages. But many women educate themselves by reading what history teaches and they take into account what slavers do.  Other young women fill their day sprinkling on fairy dust, and drinking $4 Coffee with peppermint mocha and bits of candy added. No doubt these same women could never make it far from the trail head, so what’s the harm in banning what they will never challenge themselves to do?    

On another facebook page, one of my favorite engineers writes of his youth, and the good expectations of parents and adults in his community. All one need do is show a lack of respect for a teacher or any adult and there was a heavy price to pay when he was young. They had rifles in gun racks in the school parking lot, and nothing happened.  

He went on to witness what he knows about boys through 35 years of being a Scout Master, and the boys who called him later in life to say.. “you were really the only person in my life who demaned I be a better man, the only one who demanded respect and a true effort  from me”. 

As my fellow American Ileana Johnson Paugh writes of the brutal treament of people in her homeland, and those taken off their land by their Goverment, shot through the head and tossed in a ditch.  Their land given to more pliable, and deserving people. She knows what we have, and what so many are willing to give away all in the name of false security.

Among those who lead the charge to ban guns and more are Ameican Jews. Their parents kissed our ground when they arrived. Their children point out that anyone who looks back on history and thinks it can all happen again is only a fool! You need give the government the power and authority it needs to make all things right, and to govern over you.

I think it is important for Jewish Fathers and Grandfathers to write that letter to their Sons and Grandsons now, so they can read it later.  It might read..

For your own safety, I deliver you into the hands of those who will care for your every need.  I choose to turn you over to those in Government who know even better than I. I voted today to make this new land more like the land of which our family fled,  so many ashes left behind.   

In closing I say… Tomorrow, let’s pick on Germans, Italians.  

And for me? What do I know? I know that the opposite of skeptical is gullible, and how many hate the skeptic, he is the only thing that lies between them and Utopia itself! It’s all so simple they say, we only need get rid of those who stand between us and the free and easy path..

And.. for you my fellow free range chickens.. let’s all atempt NOT to be part of the broth!



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33 Responses to Wednesday Morning Musings 12/19/12

  1. Bill knighton says:
    Iike these guys. I see them in agorist/libertarian/anarchocaptist discussions.

  2. Bill knighton says:

    Were you talking about the Lockerbie bomber? It’s been years and years since I read anything about that but it seems like there’s a huge controversy there, like it was a big government job frame up to get that guy convicted and that he didn’t have anything to do with it. It all depends on whether he was guilty or innocent. If he was innocent then I’m glad he went home if, he’s guilty then that’s a bad deal.

    • George B. says:

      I guess my point runs far deeper. Them there, and we here treat those who received a fair trial and were found guilty far better than many Citizens. What examples do we set for those who follow? Our kids are hounded day after day with media coverage of who and how, and exactly what they need do to break the new record! As a society we might be better off not covering the event with Stats and the name of the killer. As a Muslim friend told me not too long ago.. George I am so glad to be an American, but I wonder why we have an excuse for every kind of behavior?

      As for his conviction, I htink there wasplenty of care taken to get it right.. maybe his comrads had doubts as to whether he did it?

      • Bill knighton says:

        The over coverage of these events is aggrevating but there is nothing that can be done. I would not have FCC regulation to match our EPA regulation. The best prevention is DIY. Relying on authority for self-defense is pretty bad idea. Maybe teach kids from an early age how to handle weapons instead of playing sports during physical education might help. I’d rather a society were a lot was asked of children like how to handle a weapon and carry a weapon and protect themselves then a society where we depend on a bunch of government employees to protect us.

  3. mike p says:

    a masterpiece if i’ve ever seen one. the beach is sandy.

  4. Jeff Maier says:

    One of the first things the Nazis did when the came to power (freely elected), was to disarm the general population.
    That was the slippery slope to tyranny back then just as it would be today. Fortunately, the right to keep and bear arms is in our constitution, which is deliberately very difficult to change. With civil rights come responsibilities. The right to own guns is with us for a long while. I would be very supportive of civics lessons that teach basic gun safety, operation, and marksmanship. You don’t need to like guns or own one, but I believe it is every citizen’s duty to have a working knowledge of our constitutional rights. Too many fear and are intimidated by guns. While they should be treated with great respect ( just like cars, power tools, etc.), they are just tools and should not be objects of fear and loathing.

  5. Eliot says:

    I love the new name for the tribe.

    We are no longer the DIYer’s we are the Flock of Free Range Chickens.

    The liberals can go cluck themselves

  6. Randall (aka:highwater) says:

    Well George, you finally pushed me over the edge. I feel I must respond. I have hung around Utterpower for many years. Got my Bill Rodgers book and your CD a couple years ago. Thanks for pointing me towards Dr. Paugh. Thanks for providing us with the understanding of “cocksure”.

    To the subject at hand:
    Quote”I say it is because they are superior people with superior genes!…. or wait a minute… maybe they just have expectations of their youth? Maybe they care enough to raise them, and know what they do?”

    I recall an incident in my personal past when still a small boy. The uncle’s, dad’s and Grandfather, had returned from an afternoon of quail hunting. While they were involved in prepping their shotguns for storage, I picked up an empty, soft gun case, and although it was limp, and dragging the floor in front of me; I proceeded into the kitchen to “rob the women on the train”. Apparently an empty gun case was to be considered loaded. Dad was not humored.

    We grew up around firearms, and we knew exactly where they were. We didn’t have to find them. Dad pointed at them, and said there they are; If you ever touch them, and I am not here to grant permission, you will not live to father any grandchildren. Those may not have been his exact words, but we got the message. I also never “robbed the women in the kitchen” again, by the way.

    The events of late are unspeakable. This word brings me to my other offering.
    Quote”As a society we might be better off not covering the event with Stats and the name of the killer. ” As I thought about what might be some sort of answer, I could come up with only this: An individual that perpetrates this manner of evil upon society, no matter what the stats, should never be heard of again. Erase them from the record. Shred the birth certificate. Remove their name from the school records. Shred their transcripts, medical records. Remove all mention of them from court records and abstracts. You would not be able to ban private conversation about that person, but ban any mention ever again, of their name in history books, public media, or that persons family from realizing anything from the ostracized.


    • Bill knighton says:

      I would like for these people to disappear too. But we really can’t ban Any of the things you said. It’s not my books, it’s not my media, it’s not my whatever else that could be banned. I can only police myself and each person can only police themselves, morally. Any kind of an for justification for that would come from some sort of public good. They’re all kinds of people with all kinds of public goods of their own and they want to ban people like you and me from having guns or working on their homes like running a propane line or modding their car or 1 million other things. The public good argument is worthless. You own yourself you own your justly acquired property. Even if 1 million people ask authority to control the life of another person those people don’t have any piece of that person’s property or life that they can lever is some kind of moral excuse.

      • George B. says:

        I wish your post had more to do with my reality. Since when do I own my property? since when do I have much of say in what I do here? My monthy property taxes far exceed the payments I made for 30 years to buy it, BUT…it’s not enough..

        • Bill knighton says:

          I believe we should live our lives as if it were a moral reality, like some something Rothbard or Rand proposed and use our public voice that way too. What other way is there to be proud surrounded by shame filled small people? I try not to play by their rules and propose things beyond my moral reach. I fail sometimes. Collective thinking is the hardest to control.

        • Bill knighton says:

          It could be worse.
          This is from dept of justice, Queensland, and they DO MEAN QUEENSLAND, not yours.
          Summary – DIY electric work gets you 40,000 aud fine. If someone is seriously hurt or killed because and they think it can be blamed on DIY, 100,000 aud plus 2 years prison.

        • Brian says:

          Great article George!
          For what it’s worth: “free range” reminds me of this video at about 5 min into it. Video 15 min long total.

          Kind of depressing way to look at things, but food for thought.
          I think we’re actually freer than this negative perspective portrays.
          And we’re still in the top 15 rating country’s liberty.
          We’re still a great country.
          We should be number one but I’ll admit I think we’re declining.

          • bob g says:

            i am not as good of a student of history as i should be, but i suspect we have been down the list of countries before, as viewed by some metric or other.

            i also suspect there was some event that slapped us back into motion and drove us to the top of the list once again.

            i am hopeful that the event that slaps us into shape is something we can all live with, however my fear is it will take a major even that will leave a huge percentage of the populace feeling “real” and “lasting” pain this time.

            whatever it is, i pity the poor bastards that initiate the event.

            i think as americans we have become fat, lazy and ill informed. however historically if there is sufficient motivation it is funny how fast we can lose weight, get busy and educated. i think that is because we are bread from a stock of very independent and sturdy stock, with a large streak of hard as nails, meaner than cat shit and twice as nasty.

            sadly i think whatever the even is, it needs to come sooner than later. another generation and recovery is going to be very hard in my opinion.

            bob g

          • George B. says:

            Brian, we need understand that there are Godless minds that are sure they are Gods themselves. I think their parents told them as much. They seem to know that Free range birds are at risk! They are far safer in a cage, and there they are easier to stack!

            On gun control, who is so heartless that they weren’t struck silent by the deaths of innocent children?

            As I watch the conversations and parse them, there’s a group of supernatural beings that attempt to rise above the conversation and set the our course down the easy road again. the same easy road that leads to hell.

            Our Framers knew of the stories Homer Told, they knew of the many conversations of Aristotle, Plato, they read ‘The Republic’ and so many more. Our right to have arms were granted by studying what had gone seriously wrong in governments prior.

            With all this said, we all meet children cocksure they know the answers. It’s what we expect of children, and as we grow older we reflect on our own past ignorance. But when full grown men have reached the grandfatherly age, and still are able to ring in with out a doubt, it gives one pause.

            Here is a word for word post from a face book page, and East Coast Jew as per his name and blood line. A Godless Jew? Most likely…but read it, and then we reflect together!

            He writes on the recent school shooting…

            In reflecting about this weekend; all I can say is – “it’s about guns”. Having been the victim of an assault all I can say is that Bernie and I were lucky guns weren’t in play (only knives). Had our assailants had guns I would like to think that I/we would not have fought back – anyway I hope we would have just surrendered. I am, however very sure that had Bernie and I been armed, neither of us would have walked away alive. Those that advocate more guns are truly delusional.

            (5 likes from his friends) Then he follows the post with this comment below:

            I may have used the wrong word in my last sentence. I debated for some time whether to use delusional or dishonest. I’m becoming more convinced that dishonest is be better term for the guys I’ve seen on TV over the last couple of days. They just don’t seem to get it – this is not a mental health issue – it is an issue of the availability of guns…


            I do think this man is an example of what we’re up against, and why our way of life might be at far more risk than some think..

            This man was smart enough to get a degree in Electrical Engineering, members of his family can be found in the ashes, and their bones in the bottom of ditches, all at the hands of an elected leader, and his followers.

            What I see in these people are minds that are able to make decisions quickly, without a need for a lot of facts, or reflection. They know they are right. As we’ve discussed before, these are by no means stupid people, but by my measure they are working overtime to create the perfect hell by my measure at least..

            But above all… they are convinced they have the minds of God! They never ponder the possibility, that their view might be obscured, they never ponder their inability to cure cancer, or even the common cold! But ask them to set the course of man, and they’ll likely jump from their slumber and point the way!

            Does this man close his eyes, and see his grandchild tucked safely away in a golden cage?

            I close my eyes, and see myself at four years old running full speed through a field of rhubarb, on an early morning. My feet were bare, the dew still on the ground. And my parents sleeping in on the one day my Dad could. The Man I thought was near God Like at the time was a Hero! It was his name, I lived among many Japanese families, and Hero and his family ran the small grocery store next to this huge patch of rhubarb. His smile made my day! The valley soil felt so good under bare feet, and that mountain off in the distance, I had already been there and saw a bear up close! Too close my parents said.


            Today I reflect on how we were raised, no doubt, these days may be gone forever..

            Out there today, somewhere is a grandfather whose fondest wish is that his grandchild never know a day of hunger… For me.. I hope my grandson will at least know the dirt under his young feet, and know the life outside of the cage so many have built and decorated for themselves.

            Free Range or die!


    • George B. says:

      We all wonder if the goal of some parents isn’t to allow their children to explore the world and discover their own way? The mention of mental illness, a boy who hadn’t talked to his brother for how many years? Did he lock himself in a room and play video games 12 hours a day? We don’t know what happened here, but from our personal experience, we know there is way too much of it going on.
      Last night, my wife told me of her experience in the waiting room of our tire store, while they fixed a tire under warranty on her car, she listened to a conversation. The man answered, it was his wife apparently begging him to come home. He was in his sixties, with a well seasoned face, He replied “I’m not ready to come home, and I won’t till things change.” Later she heard..”what do you mean he hasn’t had time to get his GED, he’s been on the computer all day for weeks playing video games.” Then.. “no you have a decision to make, it’s either me or them, this has gone on far too long”
      Sharon said she looked over and met another woman’s gaze, as if it was recognition that this same conversation is happening all across America! A sickness caused by low expectations of Children by their parents. Others might say, they’d have that GED if it were easier to get, or They’d have been in school if the standards weren’t so rigid.

      • Harold says:

        It never ceases to amaze me when a News Commentator insists that violent movies and hours of violent, interactive, multimedia video games with immediate gratifying feedback have little or no effect on formative youth. They will then cut to a commercial that assures Mitsubishi Motors that 30 seconds of passive audio/video exposure will cause enough people to run out and buy their vehicle to make it worth the cost of the add.

  7. ron says:

    “While they should be treated with great respect ( just like cars, power tools, etc.), they are just tools and should not be objects of fear and loathing.”

    Unless you are a part of that group that wishes to control/enslave the masses…

  8. Harold says:

    Another good one George.

    The “I feel good by doing something even if it’s wrong” syndrome is going viral again since Sandy Hook. Everyone is an expert on guns now. That is evident all the way from the very top. While actively arming the Muslim Brotherhood, snubbing anything “Israel” and running guns to Mexico our president promises to put Joe Biden in charge and end the violence. John Stossel is right “NO He Can’t”!

    Even a prominent Fox News talking head who is normally pretty sensible jumped on the band wagon advocating “tightening up” our gun laws while revealing his ignorance on the subject by condemning “heavy weapons” such as the “AK-15,” assault weapons, bazookas and automatic rifles readily available at gun shows. He then agreed with a regular contributor who demeaned a fellow show host for answering the question, “How could God let this happen?” by saying “We have kicked God out of our schools.”

    Maybe I would have said it differently but he was absolutely right! We can’t teach “morality,” anymore, we have banned the 10 commandments, including “Thou shall not kill.” We don’t teach Civics and do teach “Revised” PC History, only a VERY cursory smattering of economics and self accountability. It’s been replaced by “Everybody wins, it’s not your fault, you’re entitled and so on.

    Nearly all federal, state and local law enforcement agencies agree “The surest way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” The “Gun free” area has been, and still is the place of choice for mass murder by a depraved shooter. Banning this or that weapon, registration, confiscation etc. has never proved successful in stopping gun violence. The most successful law to date seems to be the Concealed Carry law. Nidal Hasan would not have been nearly so successful at Fort Hood had the highly trained soldiers around him been armed. He was brought down when, and only when, armed Law Enforcement personnel arrived on the scene.

    For a good article with statistics and a long list of specifics check out:

    We Know How to Stop School Shootings by Ann Coulter

    Some of the highest body count events in the last fifty years were not accomplished with guns but with dynamite and fire (google it). So you can’t buy dynamite or napalm at your local hardware store but how smart do you have to be to assemble a wine bottle, gasoline and a tampex or mix ammonia nitrate and diesel fuel. Internet anyone? Sure, lets ban that too!

  9. George B. says:


    I do watch O’reilly from time to time, he’s an example of cocksure at times. He think’s he’s wise in areas he’s never studied, in areas more thoughtful men will only comment on being skeptical of what right or wrong may be..

    I do love the comments made from those who know so little about firearms, and the California gun laws are an example! Those elected officials know how to stay in power and help to ban meancing looking guns!

    If it has a hole in the stock to put your thumb through it’s bad!

    For those who have studied the rifles that men have hunted with and feed familes with even today, what becomes a popular hunting round or rifle most often started out as a military rifle or cartridge.

    One military piece that found a place on many farms and ranches was the old 45-70 Government trapdoor rifle, sold by the government as surplus. Civilains quickly learned they could fire a .410 shot shell, and protect their penned chickens, or take a grouse or sage hen for dinner at close range, not ideal in any way. It could also take larger game.

    It’s still true today, civilians make civilian versions of military pieces for their responsible use.

    I return to days of my youth.. we ‘knew’ how to make nitro! we knew better than to make it!

    Why take out just a school room or two of children when you can take out the whole school? Somewhere there’s a troubled kid.. ignored by his brothers, sisters, and friends, perhaps his parents have given up on him too? Fulminates, and Nitro, it’s all so easy really. Somewhere there’s a kid watching CNN, he’s collecting the stats, and knows exactly what he need do to play the better game, and have his high score recorded for all time.

    It’s so easy to make! And so are some very toxic and deadly gasses! When I was young.. we could have taken out a city block, it’s not that we thought we could, we knew we could! But we didn’t!

  10. Bill knighton says:

    Did you ever make bolt bombs as a kid? In case not, we screwed a nut just part way on the end of a bolt, filled the cavity with powder from fire crackers, screwed another bolt onto the nut fairly tight (this was the scary part) and tossed it so it hit hard street. It made quite a boom and flash and the parts, if you could find them, could be reused. It seems to have unscrewed the bolt rather than strip the threads on explosion , which still seems unlikely. I guess we would be in for a lot of social services if caught doing this today.

    • Harold says:

      I never made a bolt bomb. I have, however seen it done. In case someone reading here is tempted to try it, consider the following:

      About 65 years ago a kid a year or so younger than me bought the largest nut the country store had for sale, two short matching bolts and a couple of boxes of large kitchen matches. He would cut off the match heads and pack them in the nut between the bolts. Throwing this concoction on the sidewalk in front of the store got pretty much the result you describe. Trying to pack ever more powder in for bigger and bigger explosions was his undoing. Finally, as he twisted the bolts together the explosion happened and according to plan, bigger than before. Trouble was, this time the nut let go and so did the blood. He was last seen that night with blood running out of the handkerchief wrapped tightly around his mangled hand heading to the hospital.

      He was lucky; both eyes were intact, hearing getting better and his hand appeared repairable. Still, it was a senseless injury. I’ve done my share of “stupid” but this was not on the list.

      • Bill knighton says:

        I think I only tried it with about a 3/8-16. it might’ve gotten scary with something larger. We also used to put a welding glove over the top of it and hold it while tightening. I think Match heads might be more volatile than the insides of firecrackers too, but I’m not sure about that. Dropping it in front of where we stood was not something we would have thought of either. These were thrown as far as a 10 year old can.

    • George B. says:

      We got something from a paint factory, and mixed it with something from the feed store.. X times more lethal I think. AS for metal bombs, there’s publications on improvised explosives published by uncle sam.. a retired gunny gave me his old book.. he being an expert in improvised explosives and teaching the course. Funny how it works.. his Dad a Gunny and a comp rifleman, a close friend up to his death.. I say.. the whole school house goes away for about the same price as a brand name rifle, case and ammo.. If they make it hard to get, there’s always the cheaper but far more unstable things.. they’ll never keep things so common and generic out of evil hands. some might turn themselves into a fine mist learning, but others would likely meet their objective.

  11. Mike says:

    I think, in all seriousness, that humanity will be in much better shape when they willingly accept the fact that the powers that be have the capabilities to brainwash highly trained people into performing atrocious acts for the sake of social manipulation. Our leaders didn’t spend millions of taxpayer dollars. In a twenty year span and not come pretty close to perfecting the art of creating human robots, so to speak.
    Tragedies in this day and age, are engineered events. That’s the cost of creating an ignorant slave race.

  12. bob g says:

    during the ramp up of ww2, all manner of stuff aimed at military use took on a very urgent meaning
    engines were certainly one of them,
    all engines of any size use cross drilled crankshafts to get the lube to the brgs that need it, and that takes in some cases very long drill bits.
    as can be imagined there were many crankshafts that had to be scrapped because of a bit broken off in the hole.
    a rather motivated old dude took on the project on how to get those broken bits out and recover the crankshaft.
    he discovered that FFFFg black powder, carefully dribbled down the flutes of the bit, and pressed in as tight as he could get it could be set off and in some cases the bit would be blown out of the hole. sometimes it would take 2 or 3 charges to get the job done.
    his recovery rate was something in excess of 95% of crankshafts with this issue.

    i wonder how many bolt bombs and other improvised explosives he played with as a kid.

    somewhere i have a jpg from a trade journal showing this story, and how it was done, along with a picture of a 4×8 oak block with a bit blown through it. he used surplus shipping blocks as a catchers mitt to keep the bit from firing out and doing other damage in the area.

    the mention of a bolt bomb unscrewing the bolt from the nut makes sense to me, because bits get twisted in tight making them very hard to get out, apparently the explosion untwists the bit and out it comes?

    bob g

  13. bob g says:

    nitro is close, i think they actually use nitric acid to dissolve enough of the tap so that it can be removed. i remember learning something about this from the machinist forum i belong to.

    maybe it was some other acid, i didn’t commit it to memory at the time, because i don’t have access to acids, when i was in business anyways.

    i had to resort to more aggressive techniques, hammer and punch to break them up and fish out the bits… the real winner is don’t break them in the first place! 😉

    bob g

    • bob g says:

      bingo, i guess it was nitric acid

      some interesting reading on the subject

      bob g

      • George B. says:

        I was attempting humor with the nitro.. a lot of shops EDM taps out.

        • bob g says:

          i think that is the defacto method now in shops if they do much of that sort of thing, problem is most home shops don’t have the technology.

          some years ago, linsay publications sold a booklet/plan set for a home built edm machine it used a tungsten tig electrode and one of those vibrating inscribing tools to provide the drive. the power source was a battery and/or charger iirc.

          apparently it worked very well, and many were made for home shops, hmmm maybe i ought to make one for my shop?

          as most of us know that have met with having to remove a broken tap or drill bit, anything that can get that damn broken piece out would be a godsend!

          bob g

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