Danny Fong Fooey

It’s getting harder to make an honest buck, at least that’s what some say.

Here’s a good study, I love the way Michael Noer leads Danny away from the technical conversation back to the promotion of the ‘venture’.


 Yes, unless you are skeptical you are indeed gullible, and it takes just a little effort to find Noer’s wiki page, note he became well known for his study of Santa Claus, and do I have it right? Did he become notable for investigating Glass and calling him less than credible?

And Danny Fong, he now finds himself tied to the line and trolled off the back of the scam boat? 


As for the study of CAES, I’d recommend you study what Powersouth invested in.. a real power plant with the normal huge inefficiencies. Perhaps you’ll drop by, piss down the inlet and double the plant’s efficiency?

Noer? Just another whore for hire? Priority number one is increasing readership? At any cost? I wonder if Glass had the same mentality?

It’s all good study.. Are you going for the bait? Maybe you are the bait?

If you want to study CAES, I suggest you look at a company who invested millions in CAES and understands it.. The losses are enormous, but WHEN THE GRID IS TURNING SHADES OF BROWN, a KWH can be sold at a premium.



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  1. Soo Lee says:

    Wait a minute! Michael Noer didn’t know how to ride a bicycle till he was 12 years old? No wonder he does this shit for a living! Why doesn’t he do more honest work? Run a hot dog stand.. something to better mankind!

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