The New World run by Google and Lisa Jackson

We know the majority of people are riding along through life as if they were on an escalator, no need to move your feet, and no need to seek your own direction. We are different, and yes there’s people that don’t like that..

If you’ve been watching Google lately, you’ll see Ads pop up that reveal what you have been searching for recently, this is very handy, and even helpful at times, but there’s a very dark side to Google that has gone unnoticed by the masses.

It wasn’t long ago, there were folks who had worked for 5 years or more to tune their internet real-estate for sales and sales commissions, with a simple tweak of Google’s search algorithms, their monthly income went from a comfortable living to close to zero, the result was home foreclosures, and more people on the street looking for jobs.

We know Google’s game, they know that your searches are valuable property, and that they can sell a click-through for a high price WHEN they can demonstrate that it leads to a high percentage of sales. One might question if you’ll sell anything at all without a relationship (that you pay for) with Google in the future.

Perhaps we’ll soon see an entity turn the tables on Google? It may be far easier that we think, in many operating systems, a process can look just like any other user.  Just how easy would it be to slam together a program that runs in the background that generates searches AND submits them to Google?

We simply create three delimited files, with a lot of data:

perhaps a search would be submitted for:

large-wooden-boat,  Fat-Womens-underwear… etc.

But, there are a lot of more controversial searches that could be made, and this is exactly what this article is all about.. and yes I do know someone will write me and say I’m giving people ideas.. well give me a break, as anything I’ve thought of, was likely thought of about 20 years or more ago..

How about:

Nude-Fat-Women, Home-Made-Guns, How-To-Make-Gunpowder, My-Favorite-Poision, How-To-Kill-A-Wolf.

Ok, you get the idea, so here’s a simple program you might construct, and it will load up that pile of data google has on you with trash!

but let’s take it a step further, google is becoming a target same as Microsoft, an entity people like to hate, some of us are old enough to remember that Ma Bell was a similar target, no matter how she attempted to rob the rich, and give to the poor, she was hated across the spectrum of subscribers. Our benevolent Ma Bell used her sky high long distance revenue to subsidize subscriber lines, where anyone could afford a phone, even in a small  Mountain Community that might have cost $75,000 per line to install and another $5000 a year in maintenance per line to keep in service. Some little old lady got a phone for $10 a month.  In reality, this Rob Peter to pay Paul was part of MA’s undoing, and yes many of us loved Her, but understood her many faults, and we knew Her days were numbered.

So, If I can think of it, we should expect these types of programs to be created by a number of entities and for a number of reasons.. by individuals, perhaps by groups of hackers who have developed a common hatred for a new bully on the block?

So there you are sitting in Court, your neighbor has sued you because all 47 of her cats disappeared and you were fingered with PETA’s help as the person who murdered her Free Range Felines. (I love cats by the way).

Your Defense Attorney steps forward to cross examine the Expert witness who examined your hard drive, and the results of the cache of information google was forced to turn over under the Government’s new policy to fight terrorism.

Your Defense asks…

And did you notice this executable program hidden in my clients PC? It’s right here in a sub folder inside the Temp folder… a program called  screwugooglefreaks.exe ?

Right here on code line 677, is a call made to a website in Mongolia that loaded a data file, and don’t you know, these people who run the website eat cats, and make fine fur coats out of them!

So maybe a program or virus like this would give you some immunity? No doubt in my mind, the FEDs are looking at searches to.. perhaps the words ‘my favorite poison’ were scraped off this page;  and are already binned in some Government computer waiting to be processed further?

But,  Lisa Jackson is a lot more scary (in my mind) than Google. Certainly by now, those who bent their principles and went along with the ‘Clean Air Act’ might realize that they are responsible for the undoing of State’s rights. Rights that were a fundamental principle of our freedom, and reason we have prospered as a Nation. the ACT fully truncates the ability of our States to run with any autonomy and experiment with ideas and concepts best suited for the People who live within.   The near Rabid Activist Lisa Jackson is cocksure she has the answers to all your problems, a visionary who sees things more clearly than Jesus Christ ever could.  There’s a move in progress to grant her ‘God Like’ authority to rule over Earth, Wind, and Fire, and so many of your peers think that’s a good thing.

Have a great day, and do pray for Ma Lisa, pray she wakes up some day with the understanding that smart people are normally far less cocksure than Herself..

George B.




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