New EV Refueling Station, just a few blocks from the Utterpower Shop!

Right out in front of the Drug Store on the corner of 272nd and 132nd in Kent WA.

Glad to see this new unit in the neighborhood,  I had to go over and check it out, you can grab hold of the charger plug, and stretch out the very nice portable cord.

There’s a picture of an electronic card, and the hint that you need present same in order to charge your battery.

As I look over this charger, it certainly does look like it was designed by EV Enthusiasts. First thing I think about is the high cost of this portable cable, and the generous length, Just cut it off flush at the charger and sell it on eBay for home use.. maybe you go the extra step to put a male dryer plug on the other end, and sell it for a good price?

Of course the Meth Heads might cut it off first, and set  fire to it in order to burn away all but that expensive copper  they can then sell to the Salvage Yard right over the hill.

I also noted, there’s really no store windows that have a view of this charge station, and there really are no other stores that have a good view of it either..

So, will I ever see a car being charged? will the cord stay on the charge station? will these be eBayed as I suspect? I guess we’ll learn soon enough.. can’t imagine what the State paid a foot for this cord, and how many they’ll replace unless they re-think the design.

Sure.. I know.. I’m just old and cynical..




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  1. John says:

    “Sure.. I know.. I’m just old and cynical..”
    And giving ideas to meth heads that might stumble across this blog. 😉

  2. George B. says:

    See that cord… the picture shows it just as I found it.. The last to touch it could have left an even longer loop on the ground. WHEN the blind meth head trips and falls over the cord, he’ll discover it on his own!

    Of course, if he calls an Attorney, we the State Tax payers might have to pay off an injury claim too 🙂

    See… I may be even more cynical that you first thought.. but.. there’s no way anyone need give a meth head the idea.. they can smell copper from a mile away when the wind is in their favor..

    This site is all about the DIYer, we process stuff differently. Many of us might ask ourselves, who we’d put on the design team? We might ask what it cost to install this unit, and how much concrete was jack hammered up to do it? If a private company did it, who cares, but here in our state, the Governor just spent $3.5 million to build an outhouse! And now she wants the state carpeted with these posts, and a portable cord dangling from each one?

    I’d suggest that they might have found an Angler to design this EV charge station, it looks exactly like a fishing pole with bait on the end of the line. But there’s no fisherman present to set the hook! When you’re into the Public Purse who cares about maintenance expenses? You are just creating more Green Jobs, just like you promised 🙂

    I’d look for one of those old geezer Telco Engineers that worked a life time to place payphones, and figure out how to keep their parts tethered to the booth. I’d also find a retired guy who did a similiar job to keep equipment located at gas stations from walking off. But of course, I think from a perspective of providing a service that actually benifits humanity, I’m not sure Greenies care if charging fees will ever cover the cost of the cord, yet alone the charger and installation, who will know, and who will care?

  3. Joe Solar says:

    Cutting off the cords will make more Green Jobs… Your Govenor might need to appoint a “Czar of Charging Cord Replacement” and buy a new fleet of vehicles to make the rounds.

  4. Bill Knighton says:

    It’s too bad green has been corrupted. 5-10 years ago it seemed fresh and it looked like, to me that new technology would transform our society to make it more efficient. I was so open to the concept I even imagined that if government spent the money it might be worth it. Of course now I understand that world wide, green projects are mostly about having levers to control people with and keep office jobs for government types available.
    Look at the unimaginable carbon tarrifs non-eu countries are being asked for. How does giving some eu department $2 for each person who flies to the eu help with carbon in the air. Hurray for china and the USA for fighting this. China just passed a law preventing its airlines from paying eu protection money.

    • George B. says:


      What bothers me most is the blind eye of the local Media that once asked questions about these investments we tax payers are being forced to tender.

      If the State of washington buys a fleet of trucks and employees to go aroudn an replace the cut off power cords, will they EVER ask the cost to the tax payers?

      Most of us who know anything about Engineering practical solutions, know that it happens WHEN stakeholders are involved. When the public is paying the bill, who gives a damm if it’s practical or not, it can be job security when it’s done wrong!

      The Pretty Faces on the Local news have scripts to read, and in this State, they’re likely pre approved by the Govenor’s office. So… we don’ expect them to ask. Well there’s Jesse, he’s not so pretty, but he might stick his neck out some day.

  5. George B. says:

    I’ve been told it’s $3.50 cents an hour to use this thing.. go ahead figure the cost per mile.

  6. Nolan Scheid says:

    Hello George.
    It has been a while since we touched bases. I hope you are well.
    When I read This article about the charging station I laughed. It was about a month ago I had made the exact same observations about the potential for stealing the cords and Ebay. I wish it were not so but I just bet it will happen.

    Great minds must think alike!

    All my best,

    PS, if you make it to Costco check out the new 120V LED lights. They have a 3 pack for $14. The kids just brought home a pack to play with. Each bulb is only 4 watts and so far very pleasant. I love this part of technology and progress. I bet we are within 5 years of having a solar powered home.

    • George B. says:

      Hi Nolan, good to hear from you.. What I htink is interesting aobut the level two charge station is how little energy is transfered to the car during the hour, and the cost. Plus.. what are you going to do in a drug storefor an hour?

      Glad you mentioned the Costco bulbs, I’ll got look for them! As for Solar, we’ll continue to mke progress IF we can keep Government out of the business of helping, the poision much of what they touch.. solar powered home? San Diego? certainly!

      • Nolan says:

        Hello George!
        Now the years are rolling by us both!
        I found this old post and our discussion in the remarks. It made me wonder how the charging station looks now. Did the cord last?
        Do you have a current picture?

        Best regards,

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