Remember failed Evergreen Solar?

I posted the reports of Evergreen Solar’s new production facility built with your Social Security Payments.

The math was easy, and the plant was doomed to failure competeing against the Standard panel of the day. Twenty percent larger than the comp, and too large to ship UPS or FEDEX! A huge handycap!

Consider this and them attempt to to rationalize the Solyndra failure. The message is clear, our government is MOST inept in business, the need to stay the hell out of business if we are to survive. Note the date.

Solar Panel Maker Moves Work to China


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  1. Bill knighton says:

    Again, I do not see what is the fascination with alternative pv technologies by the government. The commodity panels we can get now have come down in price by 4x since that last time I bought any. They are also made mostly of common elements in the earth with no end in site. What’s the problem that justifies this quest? Is government investment in inferior technology an attempt to derail the good work of pv manufacturers?

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