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 I’m not sure any of us are fully aware of our bias, but I do believe it comes down to what group of two major groups of people you fall into.  Those who think the entire world can be organized and controlled top down, and those who believe it’s better to have a number of groups operating with autonomy, so we might observe best practices, and perhaps adopt them before we go extinct. It seems all of nature has endorsed the Later. It’s likely our Founders fully understood that, and they feared the efforts of those who would Federalize our nation.

Regardless of what group you fall into, there are topics of interest and topics of no interest for you, and the rest of us. Consider the Department of Energy, what are they up to today? How is the Administration who presently runs the show manipulating the authority of the Department to benefit their political ambitions? How will they direct your Social Security payments into the hands of their supporters?

So, if you are interested in how these folks are spending your future, you can easily subscribe to a TOPIC like “Department of Energy”, with no need to wade through the other articles about Quilting and how to make a good Ham and Cheese Sandwich.

Here’s an example      

Remember: The more independent you are, the less you’ll worry about the Political crap the DOE pulls next.  OH yes! you didn’t miss the fact that many people believe unless >they< lead the world, it willl turn into a ball of fire, and we’ll all become extinct anyway, I didn’t miss that either, nor the fact that these same people are often the least technical.


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  1. Andrew Schofield says:

    No one in the department has ever shoveled coal, lined up fuel and luboil pumps.
    Nothing like bringing a powerful machine up to speed to place it on the governor.
    Chew I think, has done some stuff with a couple of types of radiation…
    Spencer Abraham took a couple of shop classes at my high school…
    These guys are not complete idiots. But the American energy situation is like herding cats. A long time ago, someone found some stuff that you could squirt in a combustion chamber, and it worked so well that we have become complacent. Then costs rose, and people have become pissed, because things are not as easy as it once was.
    Renewable Fuel Systems has certain solutions to implement when costs exceed folk’s ability to pay. In the past few years it seems, Americans are the frog getting boiled alive as the heat is slowly raised in the pot of water.

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