Pellet Stoves

Is there finally a pellet stove worth considering?

One of our biggest disappointments was a rather significant investment in the leader of pellet stoves. I’ve told the story elsewhere, and it was truly one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in purchasing anything for our house.

We went with the trend at the time and pulled out our trusted conventional wood stove, and in went the top of the line pellet stove with a factory rep coming out to tweak in and approve of the installation.

Our feet were cold, our heads too warm, and the fan was so loud we couldn’t hear the TV. The family room,  the most enjoyable and most used room in the house, became a torture chamber!

That radiant heat the wood stove provided was so sorely missed, that we yanked out the new pellet stove and had it for sale in the local paper the following week. We felt blessed in the fact that we had kept the wood stove, and back into the house it went!  That was over 15 years ago, and we still have the wood stove!

But here’s something I haven’t seen before, the key word is radiant!  It’s what makes the wood stove so nice, this is what your body and mind can grow literally addicted to!  Check it out and please report back.  It’s about time!

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