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I know what goes on inside the DIYer’s head. If you were born with a more serious case of DIY, you will rationalize a lot of things just so you can get your hands into the project. This often annoys your wife, as she attempts to put you in touch with reality. She recalls the time you paid more money for a Heathkit than you could have paid for the same item already assembled!

How dumb is that?

Yes, I know how it is… Even with people are all around you, you’re not engaged in conversation at the moment, and you drift off to that part of your brain where your future projects are stored. There are details you haven’t worked out yet, you visualize donor parts, drive trains, you go through a list of the popular frame and suspension designs you have inventoried in your brain. Those around you note your lack of apparent social skills, and of course, you are wondering how your wife ever talked you into attending a Tupperware party in the first place?

What is the difference between the best of DIYers and Engineers? I guess that depends a lot on the DIYer and the Engineer, doesn’t it?

As you read this, you’ll be thinking about all the time you have thought about three wheels vs four wheels on the ground, you’ve attempted to visualize the G forces in your mind’s eye, and maybe you’ve even taken a test drive in your imaginary vehicle?

I’ve been working on my own design for a three-wheeler for a number of years, but there are so many variables and compromises to be analyzed that your mind can stall and you fall out of your daydream.

The Solution?

Find an engineer who is also a DIYer and add to that one who has the maturity to communicate to his audience and convey information, not just to impress his peer group. But, we add another requirement, he must be a good writer as well. All too rare you say?

Dave Norton
fits the bill!  You’ll love the way he writes and information flows from his words in ways that happen only when you have labored over something with an intensity that most mortals never achieve. His writing is a quick course in understanding just how much work it is to a

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  1. Dan DeNapoli says:

    Dynamotor power! Hi all not many co. still make or sell them, they are like a motor and generator set combined. They where used to power antique high power radio equipment and were commonly used in emergency stand by industrial equipment, in railway yards and so forth. The solid state vertion of it is like a dc/ac step up power adapter that converted dc to ac to a transformer then back to dc. motor generators have been around before before and long after ac was standard from the power co. There are many different types that convert ac to dc, dc to dc, dc to ac, ac to ac,so-forth The one

    i have is a 6v to 300 no load volts my vehicle is a 1983 Puch mini maxi dart 2 – 6 v back up packs and one on the basket behind the seat. The 300 volt no load current is going to a powerful permanent magnet 48 v scooter motor. .I will keep you all posted. Daniel

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