Monday Comment, Rossie O’Donnell, Mechanical Analysis of a Structural Failure

How many of us remember Rossie’s rants about the World Trade Center, and her cocksure conclusion that Steel just doesn’t catch on fire and burn? That the building couldn’t have fallen just because a plane flew into the building.

Round up the average garbage man, a few parking lot attendants, and anyone else you think might be as distant from Mechanical realities as Rossie. Now, show them all a Steel Box center support in a residential garage and ask your focus group why the steel support is boxed in sheet rock? I bet the majority of them will get it.. apply a little heat to steel, and you can have less time to get out in a fire than if the support was made of wood!  It won’t burn, but it can look like a noodle in less time than most of us imagine.

Today is a good news day, Oprah set Rossie up with her own TV Show, she even had her own Band!  Reality has set in, Oprah doesn’t have enough money or charm to buy Rossie an audience! The show’s budget was scaled back, and back and back.. It was obvious she had no viewership.

If there was ever a Poster Girl for fools being Cocksure, Rossie is it!

Don’t count her out! I can’t think of a better person to coach a woman’s roller derby team on some reality show… She’ll be back.. Remember Tanya Harding has a job!

I guess we all need to remember, what they do in most buildings to protect the structural elements from fire are normally designed to give the occupants more time to get out, not to keep the building from failing.



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14 Responses to Monday Comment, Rossie O’Donnell, Mechanical Analysis of a Structural Failure

  1. Steve Spence says:

    A deliberate play on Rosie O’Donnell? I love Donald Trumps comments on the cancellation:

    “Well, I always knew that Oprah was smart,” Trump said via phone to co-host Steve Doocy. “Frankly, that was just going to happen. I knew it immediately as soon as they announced it. Rosie fails at everything. She had a variety show that failed…. Somebody else, some moron, will come and hire her again to do something else, and that will fail. At some point, let her rest. Let her go away.”

  2. mike p says:

    Your being a bit hard on Rosie no?
    My question would be to everyone that buys the pancake effect explanation is this:
    Why the hell do you need professionals to demo a building? Obviously all you need to do is start really hot fires on the top floors of the tallest buildings in the world and just as the tops are about to come tumbling down sideways, the pancake effect miraculously saves the day…
    And not counting the original 2, how about building 7? We don’t hear too much about that one, also miraculously caved in on itself, never mentioned in the news or the commission report.

  3. Steve Spence says:

    If all buildings were built like the trade center, and fuel was cheaper than explosives, then yes, that would be the way to do it professionally.

    • George B. says:

      Nice comment Steve, If you create a failure mid building, and if you can get even a one foot drop of all those upper floors together, the knetic energy would be mind boggling..

  4. Brian Ward says:

    Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t act alone (or possibly at all).
    Princess Diana was killed on purpose.
    AIDS is a man-made disease.
    The 1969 Apollo moon landing didn’t happen.
    A UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico.
    Roswell and Reverse Engineering.
    Secret Societies Run the World.
    The Jews Run the World.
    FDR Knew About the Impending Attack on Pearl Harbor.
    The One-Dollar Bill Is Full of Occult Symbols.
    Marilyn Monroe Was Killed by the Kennedys.

  5. Mike p says:

    And still no explanation for building 7?

    Brian, not only did the US know about the attacks on pearl harbor, but i’ve heard stories that Japan surrendered after we dropped the first bomb.

    George, i almost buy what your saying about the fuel, but when i watch the videos i see that top end start to topple over. Thats not a nice one foot drop on all floors. Thats pulling up on one end and crushing the other.

    You don’t think all these superrich monkeys that ultimately control our lives REALLY care if you or i are dead or alive!? Do you think the warpigs of the world would even flinch at killing 3000 people for the chance to empty our coffers, which they did, as much as everyone likes to blame healthcare…

    Ultimately everyone believes what they want. So be it.

  6. Elden says:

    As far as I know, multiple explosive charges are used to demolish a building. One would think many would have heard these explosions. I’ve watched a building demolition, the concussive shock wave is dramatic. But hey, I’m no structural engineer or steel expert.
    Rosie O’donnell comments are likely almost purely politically hate driven. I don’t know why anyone would listen to her. Her comment that fire doesn’t melt steel is probably the biggest gaffe made by a celebrity about the trade center.

    • mike p says:

      i’m not saying the buildings went down due to explosives. i’m saying the building went straight down because of explosives. The building top begins a topple THEN the building goes straight down.
      The building is falling already, the noise of structural calamity, people screaming, sirens… all mask that sound. Besides, and i didn’t say it but its already been said, that the complete and synchronized collapse of just “one” floor should begin the pancake.
      This is not a game of monopoly, this is planned years ahead of schedule. The war machine needed to be fed, the fat cats need more, and i feel that people that are inherently honest with themselves have a hard time seeing or believing that aspect of humanity exists.
      Still no one has chimed in regarding seven. Maybe the authorities having jurisdiction felt that the building was compromised and had it rigged and detonated in a little under an afternoon, and that something as big as the commission report forgot to even mention it in their bloated thousand page discourse on masturbation…

      • George B. says:

        Mike, many people think a FAT Cat is anyone who has a nickel more than the next guy.. Fact is, anyone who is lucky enough to live in North America likely has far more than about 90 percent of the people on Earth. Seems we all have our own reality.. I’ve made a living working for fat cats, I like them for the most part.

        I find it far more plausable that Aliens trained the wackos who took the WTC Bldgs down. And I am positive that Rossie O is and alien.

      • Elden says:

        The shock wave of explosive detonations produce a shock wave that you feel. Presumably you will say the structural failure from the top floors masked the shock wave, and I wasn’t there so I can’t say. I do think that the steel above the the fire was significantly “pre melted” i.e. structurally weakened to produce more kinetic energy than one floor collapsing.
        I’d like to see some figures on kinetic forces generated and how this compares to static loads that buildings are designed to carry.
        For now I’m going with Occam’s razor, that is middle eastern madmen said they want to destroy America and they sent some of their cohorts to ram some buildings with hijacked planes.

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