March 22 2013 Muse of the day. What’s going on in Fargo?


Do you remember the movie Fargo?  The world was introduced to that unique ‘Fargo Accent’, and a memorable satire born.


But this recent event that follows,….. does it suggest that Fargo might be spawning other satirical works of art, or just predicting our future? do read my intro, you need know the mood so don’t jump ahead! The story is in this link below….


I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder, and I might just  be in the mood to see it that way after spending the day with friend and pilot Brian Hoffman at the Museum of flight yesterday, and then having received this link from Huey Pilot Doug Bradford.

We all wonder how the eye phone and modern electronics might  re-shape our minds and our society?

Yesterday:  After Brian and I got our Museum of Flight passes and wrist bands on, I thought to ask the receptionist if he knew Gloria Jackson?  I said she and I were friends.  He pointed us to a desk, and said he’d connect us to her office.  Soon, Gloria was in the lobby to greet us and showed us around, she explained that the museum was full of old fly boy volunteers, and that they had forgot more than most people know about flight, we should take the opportunity to ask questions  when we had them.  It was so great to see her, and she was so right about the museum staff!

Brian knows so much about flight, no doubt this was a love from an early age for him, and as we talked about the different air craft and marveled at the displays, Brian told me what it was like to take a C130 over the Hindu Kush in bad weather, and land on an air field cratered by mortars but made smooth again by those expecting the freight he and his flight crew delivered.

One of the Gemstones in this Seattle Museum is the indoor display of propeller driven fighters, and perhaps your best op to compare them from so many angles. To be able to accurately judge their size and shape, and compare which ones look more slippery. To imagine the men who flew in them,  and what it was like to pull the Gs in a dog fight and use the best abilities of your aircraft to defeat your foe.

And now that I’ve attempted to properly set the stage, I thank Brian, Gloria, and Doug for the muse, and I ask. Do we see the door ajar, and is this a look into the future? Your kid next door, does he ever mow the lawn?  Is there a computer game he hasn’t mastered? Does a chair fit his back side best?  Is he the ACE of tomorrow? It’s just my muse this AM…

But of course the trip to the Museum also leaves me with the question, those turbo compound engines, masterpieces of engineering, the Combined heat and power plants we build. The greatest generation did all the math, they built marvels of efficiency that carried payloads further and allowed them to return. Why haven’t we seen turbos (turbines) fitted to exhaust streams that run high RPM PMGs where we recover that energy, and return it to a DC bus to be used for any purpose we choose… it’s just a muse, and you know I had to make my ending rhyme.



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  1. Russell says:

    Is it april 1 already?

  2. George B. says:

    Russ, had I only thought of that!

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