How to appreciate those free energy machines?

Are there now thousands of free energy machines on the net?

How is it we DIYers might learn to appreciate the efforts?

One of my friends sent me this possibility.



Now… once you dumb down, you can watch AND enjoy videos  like this one..


Have a great weekend..





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10 Responses to How to appreciate those free energy machines?

  1. David says:

    I was recently looking at your tube for ideas on Co-generation and Home brew energy.
    I was thinking I’d like to see how people made their own power by making their own alternators, set up their own generators and heated their homes, even used micro Hydro. You know, the boring ” Real ” stuff where you have to work to get a watt or BTU.

    The amount of crackpots and Conmen I found trying to demonstrate their ” Free Energy” and endless schemes of defying physics would have been funny if not so disturbing as to how many people believe this Rot and are trying to peddle it.

    Same as water injection.
    I bought a new truck last weekend and was looking for some ideas as to set up a DIY system with that. I have run water injection for many years now. It helps the engine run cooler, reduces detonation, keeps the engine internals clean and in my experience, even adss a small smidgeon of power. It does not halve your fuel consumption or make you 2L vehicle go like a top fueler.
    Well it might if you believe what some people with kits are trying to make people believebut in reality, Not a chance in hell.

    When googleing it or looking on youtube for water injection, you get endless space cadets all trying to convince you what a fantastic thing HHO is. … which water injection is not.

    I have debated this on forums before and done my own controlled tests. HHO, Browns gas or whatever else they call it, doesn’t work. the losses outweigh the gains, end of story.

    What’s real evident with this is that if you say you got a rusty tin can, a couple of nails, fencing wire and a bit of garden hose, wire it up to a flat radio battery, attach it somehow to your vehicle and say you got 20 MPG better mileage, all the soft of heart and head believers will slap you on the back, say well done and hold that out as indisputable proof positive the idea works. You don’t have to even show a pic of what you have done, your anecdote, regardless of who you supposedly are, where you supposedly come from or absent of the slightest shred of proof is all the believers need to champion your case black and blue.

    If you carefully follow any of the formulas for building a Gas generator, document and measure the results and don’t come up with a miracle, then you did something wrong.
    You fix the supposed problem, still come up with a negative result and it’s because you did something else wrong. And so it goes in perpetuity.

    There is no possibility allowed it may not work, It’s deemed a scientific fact ( with no supporting evidence whatso ever it does work) and if you can’t fit one of these devices to a 40 ton truck and have it get 50 MPG, then you are a twit and aren’t doing it right.

    What gets me is these tooth fairy and Easter bunny believers don’t take into account EVERYONE, not just them wants to experience and enjoy a miracle and get something for nothing. They claim if you don’t ” see the light” and get quadruple the gas mileage you used to, You are some sort of Gubberment Conspiritor who probably goes around killing the people who know to much because the secret dark forces don’t want the population of the world wising up.

    There is nothing more I want than free energy or to get 100mpg out of my Vehicle.
    My problem is I need it to actually happen in real life, not just in my imagination.

    The guy in the first Video is on the right track.
    If you forget about annoying and fun spoiling things like facts and physics and reality and measurement, truth etc and free your mind of those limiting and inconvenient restraints, You too can stick 2 wires in a jar of water and claim your ’72 Cadillac with the 500 CUI motor gets 98 MPG while towing a 50Ft trailer up a mountain.

    I believe mind altering drugs like LSD also help this particular set of beliefs along nicely.

  2. George B. says:


    I will disagree with your last sentence, LSD is not near as powerful as the drug being offered to all at your expense! It is the key to understanding our condition. Read on if you dare.. you have the essence, but the depth of it, do you understand?

    So few will have read this far, but there is a supply of power available to men, that literally staggers the mind! For those who have learned to master it, it has brought them incredible power for life.

    But first, I give you the keys to critical thought, and I give it to you free of charge, same as it was given to me.

    The grand rule is that you ‘measure’ what goes in, and what comes out. It is generally eight grade math you need apply, and it only takes a fraction of the time to learn how to measure compared to rounding up the materials to make your own worthless HHO PM generator or browns gas machine. We discuss what PM stands for later..

    I (as many others have) have written about the HHO generator, and I am sure that Universities (Professors) or their staffers have applied for grants to study HHO generators in automotive applications even in the last few years. It’s part of the old practice, toss grant proposals at the wall and see what sticks! Forget the truth, follow the money..

    So let’s look at two things quickly… those who took the Pill will never read this far … the HHO generator makes hydrogen via a 30% efficient prime mover using a hydrocarbon. Now.. after taking such a ‘beating’ (a heavy loss), we take that mechanical energy at the engine crank shaft, and endure another slight loss via belts and pulleys to drive the alternator. Here we lose half of everything we put in to other forms of losses! But no….. we are not done LOSING yet!

    The little bit of energy we have left can be accurately measured with a power meter, and we can compare it to the ‘value’ of the hydrogen we make. What a loss we will take even at this stage! As per hydrogen, all one needs to make the use of hydrogen feasible is an abundance of energy so great that you are able to waste (squander) that energy source as if there was no tomorrow.

    But you note…. the world is full of people giving testament to better mileage with HHOs! As we suspect, some are sharks they learn quickly of easy prey, and what should scare you most is some of these people vote! Of course you know they’ll be voting for the man or woman who promises Magic!

    The true value of Hydrogen is the FACT that it is a magic word. The word can be used to remove countless billions from the public purse over time and fund projects to re-study the same old studies over and over again, and never a single mind will ask.. haven’t we done that same ting countless times before?

    One more example, and in this one, a DIYer friend calls a professor onto the carpet… All this talk about Algae, and our ability to use it to power the economy of the future. Two things we need know about Algae. First, the Algae that makes the larger amount of oil is a strain ‘species’ of Algae, and need be grown in isolation from other strains of Algae. If we accept this condition as true, then we are able to put a circle around our pen, and calculate what energy goes in. We add the cost of constructing our pen or enclosure, the cost of active elements (pumps) or other devices, maintenance, staff, and more. Fact is, we don’t really need build much in order to calculate the cost of a BTU of energy produced, and it’s hardly free.

    IF you are able to understand the simple truth above, AND the larger question: If it is so simple, why don’t simple minds grasp it?

    A first step is to know what powers your universe, and do leave the solving of harder questions for later!

    Here’s the simple truth as to what powers the free energy crowd. It is profoundly disturbing, IF you are able to grasp it, and most DIYers do…..

    YOU need understand the ‘DARK’ side, and recognize who has dared flirt with the gravitational forces so great it will rip the fabric of time! Yes, they enjoy a period of power and influence, but it happens every time, all of us are then swept into the black hole.

    But now I give you free of charge the key to understanding the dark side. It is the most evil force on the planet, and it’s killed millions of children, young mothers, and Fathers too. Homer wrote of it, and man has never stopped writing about it. I have identified the FACE of this force, and I share it now.

    My own Senator Patty Murray, perhaps the darkest of all our leaders? As a life Boat Captain, she’d never lift the gang plank, it is far better to sink a well overloaded boat and kill all aboard than to ever say no. You need study her deeds and messages, Government is here to take care of you, and not matter how bankrupt we are, Patty will keep borrowing in order to help anyone still needing help. Here’s one of the ‘teachers’ who leads by example of the free lunch…… free free free No wonder so many believe! But we can see just under the surface that Patty ‘Cake’ would take our guns, and anything else required to fuel her re-enactment of how Russia suffered so. And who would think a Government would steal your last bit of interest to keep the charade going?

    And this you should know, the public purse is the easiest bank to rob, and it’s done by raising a crop of pen fed chickens, and giving them the vote. No one on earth understands the game better than Patty Murray, and some still see her as a mother in tennis shoes?

    It’s all about measuring what goes in and what comes out, and as you slept the presses were running day and night to turn anything you saved to dust.

    While the free energy crowd praises Patty, you can know her for the evil she is, and the pain and suffering is sure to arrive, as it always does There is no free lunch.. not in energy or finance.

    Now I know I have picked two examples of people who march behind the same banner, but you can pick you own! There’s plenty of examples in either party here. Let’s use that simple method of measuring what goes in, and what comes out. There is no magic, so all that royalty we have here, you know if came from that all too easy purse to rob.

    Harry Reid, I mention him only because he is now in power, and has been for a while. Let’s measure all his wages, make it simple, don’t bother with all the taxes, and living expenses. Now.. let’s look at his wealth. Just how did that happen? Some would say, it’s just luck, Harry of course will tell you it’s just his skill in picking winners and losers in investments 🙂

    Imagine it being this simple.. The Chicken Farmer wakes one morning and realizes those birds vote! And.. we are left to think he’s not attempting to ‘improve’ the breed according to how they vote?

    But the biggest fools you’ll ever meet have no appreciation for God given rights! They trust totally in these same men. So now you know why I call you a one per center, as most all DIYers understand every word of what I just said. and the simple truth.. the reason so many believe in magic is because their government keeps telling them it’s so!


    • Butch says:

      Can you imagine the money that’s going to flow out of Washington when the guberheads “discover” endless free energy???

      I can see it now,,,,,
      Perpetual motion powering your own home!! tell the power grid to take a hike. The wind and solar boys will be kicked under the buss. I have already coined the name. Obamamotion. Grants will be offered in 500 million dollar blocks,,,, the first 10 going to GE of course,,,,,,.

  3. Nate says:

    how is a spinning ring with a magnet free energy? How exactly can anything be harvested? useless.

  4. bob g says:

    i already feel dumber!

    and happier!

    bob g

  5. Sean says:


    Good news! I really have found a source of free energy. The only hitch is its location, 149.6 Million Kilometers away. The good news is that transmission loss is relatively low and the source is seemingly endless (it has been around for 4.6 billion years). The downside is the free energy source it is really only good for producing light and heat at the moment (with some other “less-desireable” energy forms, most of which are filtered out). Plants sure love it… Plenty of “investment” opportunities have developed to convert the energy into electricity. I better cash in my 401K and buy in before it is too late.

    • George B. says:


      As we know, our great gift burns tons of fuel per second, it’s hard for our species to grasp just how much energy is consumed.. It’s a lot like our debt.

      One of the ways we can see the reality is to know just how much energy falls on a square meter of ground, we then know the maximum allowed return per square meter. This works for bio crops too. It’s all about the total cost of what we build and knowing it’s benefit to humanity. That LED bulb I like so much. It really isn’t practical yet, so men force others to buy it for me. Those who pay don’t yet know they’re on the hook for the debt..

      It leaves us to guess what Japan and Germany will harvest long term as they have decided to ignore a very real energy source and are focused on harvesting moon beams. They seemingly ignore deaths per MWH of power generation as an indicator of potential risks.

      Has the world seen what these countries >can< do when they grow desperate? And are they on the road to creating their own desperation now? That old Chinese curse.. I mention it again... "may you live in interesting times." GB

  6. Alan Becker says:


    Please inform yourself of modern physics.


  7. George B. says:

    Greetings Alan….

    It’s rather amazing how ‘thin skinned’ these ‘leaders’ on the bleeding edge are! Loved his rant about those nasty people picking on his theory.

  8. Alan Becker says:


    LENR has reasonably been shown to be the “next” power source for powering the world.

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