3 Responses to Laidong 1115 The best choice right now?? Article by Butch, ’38C’

  1. Ed Minger says:

    I have a Laidong 4L22 Diesel Engine on an Aisikai generator. Purchased from “EmergencyPower” in canada. Approx 2.5 years ago. Started and ran with no difficulty till about 3 months ago when I had starting difficulty, “battery seemed dead” replaced this (original was the chinese battery that came with it)with a high quality battery, lots of cranking amps etc., have since discovered that I have a charging issue. Charged battery several times and this issue persisted then while investigating this problem. It continued to run excellent until about 1 month ago when I started it and it dumped fuel out of a fuel line that a local diesel mechanic tells me has expired from age, (it fell apart, rotten/decayed with age). BOTTOM LINE, I do like the unit however I need parts and when I contacted the company (EmergencyPower of Canada) I purchased it from they said “Oh well we don’t sell these anymore and we don’t support them, the EPA has rejected this as a usuable engine in the US” so they said I’m on my own. Can anyone help with a parts supplier.

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