Donald Sadoway says, What AE Needs is a good battery.

Sadoway mentions a number of things most of us know are important, one is the missing element that could make solar and wind practical larger scale. We need work from the price point, and he mentions no subsidies, that leads me to believe he knows that subsidies can cloud our vision. It’s not just a cost to us all, it can cause us to invest in the wrong things. What is the potential efficiency of his battery?  We need expend energy to make things warm, so what do we need to keep his battery warm? He’s right, it’s all so counter intuitive. 

Interesting short lecture. Food for thought.


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4 Responses to Donald Sadoway says, What AE Needs is a good battery.

  1. Bill Knighton says:

    Is therea a link? All I have is a blank space under the paragraph with nothing to click.

  2. Quinn says:

    Interesting. Hope it’s not just hype. I get nervous when I hear inventors say they formed a company to take their invention public. I realize if they don’t do it, then the university will, which would be just as bad as if the government were to do so. I wish him luck.

    • George B. says:

      Quinn, I’m skeptical of his battery.. but not of his understanding of the grid and the need for the storage device. The need may ‘power’ investors all the way to his door, it’s likely why he agreed to go on TED. Time tells all..

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