Some of Utterpowers Contributors and Friends

Alternative Energy and home made power is of interest to a wide variety of people. Most of the folks found in the UtterPower pages are doing interesting things with Alternative energy. When I met Jeff Maier and discovered his projects, I had to add others to this contributor and friend page and will surely be adding many more. One quickly learns, you don’t have to be in the country to experiment with diesel power and AE.

David Edgington British Author, Motor Head, DIYer, and more! Presently writing a book about the legendary Lister CS.

Bill Rogers  DIYer, Motor Head, AE enthusiast, EE, Professional Engineer, a great place to start learning what you need to know.

Mike Brown Committed to an off grid life style in Southern Oregon, a first class fabricator! Mike and his Son Shane Build a Few Lotus 7 type Autos for demanding customers; when he’s not doing AE stuff. Mike has discovered the Lister Type 6/1, read what he has to say.

Jerry Bartlett, AE enthusiast, Diesel Head, and Bad Assed Biker (NOT!) To know Jerry is to love Jerry, Lots of Practical wisdom, and it’s a must to see hisYanmar Clone Bike!

Harry Anderson “My Dad taught me the value of a dollar, He’d always say, if you can live another three days without it, you probably don’t need it”.

Jack Belk,  He’s a Gun Smith by trade, and lives far off the beaten path in Idaho, Heats with water from a hot spring! the Listeroid was like a big ole magnet, and it’s sucked Jack in, he’s in the process of building a blue printed 6/1 ST5 gen. follow his progress.

Jeff Maier Experimenting in the Burbs, building a voltage regulator for the ST head.  How to run a diesel without annoying your neighbor. Why I like biodiesel

Phil Podkanowicz  A true DIYer and diesel engine enthusiast from the Chicago area.  Read about Phil and his quest to build a generator base with provisions to drive the head with belts and pulleys or the utterpower direct drive. Will this setup help Phil determine what he likes best? which set up will carry the largest KW load? follow along to the Podkanowicz pages. BTW, be warned… Phil likes green 🙂

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