Jack Belk, a Three AM Encounter

Many who visit the utterpower pages know of Jack Belk, and if you don’t know of him, a google search using words ‘utterpower jack belk’ will find you more.  Few people know more about living off grid or being self sufficient.  Jack shares a three AM encounter he had this morning, you might recall a similar experience….. an increase in your heart rate, the thief in the night.

I was up to pee at three this morning and while groggily waiting for gravity to do it’s thing, was suddenly flashed by the turn signal on my dump truck suddenly coming on down at the ‘Orchard’ project about 150 yards away. Of course it *had* to be some thief prowling around so I grabbed pants and shoes, camo pullover and a pistol to go with the spotlight and planned my stalk in very bright moonlight. Keeping a bushy Russian Olive between me and the truck would gain 50 yards, but the going was rough in deep grass and rocks. Once to the tree I stopped and watched and planned the next move. The next stage was just crouching down and run down a fence line keeping in the shadows until I’d be within 30 feet of where the truck and backhoe were parked. I just knew I could see whoever it was messing around in the moonlight, but I stared until my eyes were wet and could see nothing. I snuck up to the truck to check for tracks in the dust and the damn blinker came on right in my face as an owl flew out of the window. Talk about exciting!!!

Thanks for the story Jack!


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  1. Russ Davis says:

    Yup, that would get the ‘ol heart racing. Possibly an evacuation of the bowels also.

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