How the Liars in California helped Ban our Lister CS Clone

No doubt the diesel is one of the most efficient prime movers on the planet, if it were not so, the railroads and the maritime industry who lives or dies on the cost of fuel would use something else! If it were not for the manipulated data, we’d likely still have our beloved slow speed stationary diesels.

In the real world, emissions have everything to do with the amount of fuel we burn to get the job done. There are exceptions, Hydro being one, but as we know, the environmentalists want all the dams removed, sure they’ll be the first to bitch about the higher costs of food, loss of millions of jobs, but that won’t stop them, as they have no clue what they do. Here in Washington State, millions of acres of farm land depend on hydro for irrigation out of the Columbia, and the amount of food grown and jobs provided  here is mind boggling!

Here’s an example of why you shouldn’t trust State Government, especially corrupt California. They create the numbers to match the direction they want to take the economy, they know CARB is so powerful that Industry must comply or die.

Of course when you have people like Senator Patty Murrary representing you, don’t expect a lot of logic to be applied to decision making.   Here’s a person that doesn’t know the difference between an IOU and a BTU, and the peope of Washington state might choose to keep her in power this november! There’s a reason she is known as the ‘Dumbest Senator’. Patty doesn’t read or study anything she signs, and there’s all too many that operate in the same mode that represent us.

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