Amonix 7700, A crack in the Story?

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June 21  2012  did you notice, it’s summer already..

Can you imagine, you’re Congentrix, the owner of the Largest CPV power plant in the World! You get calls, lots of calls, how do you like your new CPV power plant?  And some of those calls might be from Madame Chairman Francisca Rubio.

I close my eyes, and imagine hearing how the conversations might go.. “We over here are telling people that Alamosa is proof of how great CPV is!  We’re hoping you’ll be writing an article soon telling the world how happy you are to be an owner of a High Tech proven CPV power plant, and how you’re making power for the people…… “you are making power aren’t you?”

So it seems, or am I just dreaming? The folks in Europe point to the USA for proof of how viable CPV is, and meanwhile, those in the U.S.A. point to Europe for the proof.  

Just who are these Spaniards who seem less than charmed by the present day technology? Yes, you have a translator handy, a right click away for most of us..

Even the Cheerleaders of all things Green are having a hard time holding the line on this story.  They know there’s so much ‘pent up’ already..  they know it’s all so weird that the New plant operators remain so silent.

The Las Vegas Sun comes to mind.. now there’s a News Paper with the patience of Job, there’s days I think they could wait another year or two before they inquired about all that stuff that Amonix built right down the street, it all  left town on trucks.. lots of trucks.

Like I said, this was a lot like watching the Titanic being built from the window of the Editor’s loft at the SUN…. You report on all the flag waving, show the local Politicians kissing babies, cutting ribbons and more, and once the product becomes a reality… you don’t follow it? You just can’t find time to get around to asking… “hey, did that Boat ever float?”

You might ask yourself why newspapers are dying? It could have something to do with how selective they seem to be in what they report. 

Here’s what I think is the beginning of the story.. at least the beginning of the story outside the bounds of the Utterpower pages. You know I’ve been smelling something ever sense I saw those pages at the DOE.  

scroll to Amonix article in this link below..

Here’s an added note.. A spokesman for Congentrix told a person in the Media that Congentrix and Amonix got together and checked out the Alamosa power plant in April!

The wording  might leave one to think that all is well with this power plant. Now where is that Power meter? seel the following article. You believe this?

I think we’ll hear more about this in December..


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  1. George B. says:

    This spokesman for Congentrix.

    So they tested it all in April, and all is Good 🙂

    OK.. I guess it’s so good they can’t tell us how good it is…..
    If they had a good story, they’d tell it, that’s what I think…

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