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There’s so many words and phrases I have wanted to put in one place for reference.  Since I soon forget them,  I thought I’d start to write them down today.  We DIYers create a lot of our own language..


  1. The vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge.
  2. A dictionary, esp. of Greek, Hebrew, Syriac, or Arabic: “a Greek–Latin lexicon”.


  1. A monolithic structure often funded by Government subsidies that proves to serve no practical purpose long term.
  2. A large piece of equipment abandoned and unsightly.
  3. A monstrosity built to Rajkot standards. 



  1. To covet simple and reliable machinery.


The Polaris

  1. One who deceives himself and others.
  2. One who believes in his own magic AND advertises it for sale. 



A man who refuses to accept the fact that Dark Hunter Green is the >only< proper color to paint a Lister CS or clone.

Let me use it in a sentence>   Silvertone Q.



  1. A story or idea with very high entertainment value.
  2. An idea that may contain merit, but costs cubic dollars with no real return on investment.

Used in a sentence>

  • Neither Jack or Jill ever saw Awillem in the field.
  • They sat around the camp fire sharing awillems.


A question we ask ourselves, does the author attempt to deceive others, or does  he deceive himself as well?  A website and company called Hydrovolts is an inspirational place to study.  A mention that the DOE has recognized their efforts is educational indeed! .. especially for young engineers.


  • A person who compiles and polishes scripts and even ideas given to them.
  • One who promotes products and ideas for profit.
  • One who massages PR and marketing hype in order to make it look like news.
  • A paid Prostitute, normally having a pretty face, and no idea how piss got into a boot.


(See Journalist)

Investigative Reporter 

  • A rare individual whose research is almost always poorly funded.  
  • A person who has taken an oath of poverty.
  • A  root cause for litigation.
  • A Corporate liability

Investigative Journalist   

 See investigative Reporter



This is very similar to the idea of giving enough Monkeys type writers. The word is used in the same context as Duh. A qualifier for the proper use of the word.. you should verify that the worthless machinery or Idea would not have been created in the private sector due to the fact that no one there would have funded it.  

Used in a sentence>

  1. Martha may have been nervous because she knew it was a DOE.
  2. DOE!
  3. No wonder people have lost faith in the industry, it’s been DOEd to death.
  4. DOE! what happens here stays here.



A mixture of fuels that defies common knowledge, scientific principles, basic physics. The fuel is claimed to deliver far more energy than its BTU value.

Used in a sentence:

He was able to drive his tractor a full 30% further using his own fairy fuel.

Note:  Joe Biden often promises ‘fairy fuel’ is just around the corner.


Peter Pan Syndrome

To have an overwhelming desire to believe in the impossible dream to the point where you refuse to apply critical thought that would reveal the truth.  PPS is typically associated with the belief in the free lunch or free energy.

Venture Capitalist 

A U.S. Taxpayer


The power of a World Wide Community of hands on DIYers sharing ideas and solutions, and distilling them down to KISS.


  1. A massive theft of the medicare fund from people who have paid in all their lives.
  2. A transfer of wealth from those who paid in to those who never have… all in the name of buying votes. 
  3. The act of offering what looks like a free lunch in exchange for political support.

History will remember this as a similar event to having stolen the Social Security fund  and transferring the money to the general fund where it could be looted.  The public? .. too ignorant to notice their pants were down, and they were bent over..

Liberal Thinking

Evan Sayet, he ‘Sayet’ all.

Kept Man

1. John Kerry



 If you have a word or phase you’d like to submit, let me know..










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3 Responses to Utterpower’s Lexicon

  1. Pat Sweeney says:

    The word “fill-i-bluster”
    The act of filling in the conversation with nonsensical blather when you don’t know what you are talking about. This works best when you read from a teleprompter.

  2. Dirk says:


    Maybe not exactly what your looking for but it fits in todays world to a tee.

    “Give a Man a gun he can rob a bank, give a man a bank he can rob the word”

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