If you have never met a Lesbian you liked…. you may not be able to say that after watching this video..


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20 Responses to Agenda21

  1. George B. says:

    Do check out CFACT !

  2. Bill Knighton says:

    This lady is a delight. But she should stop identifying with democrats since her energy seems to be libertarian. He words are like ron Paul’s and she seems an advocate for independent types. I must have misunderstood the post. It’s made it sound like she is not on our side.

  3. Bill Knighton says:

    I like where she says are rights are something we are born with,not granted by government to be taken away for community purpose. She also mocks the agenda 21 types who think we should require permission to use the water in our wells. We’ve had some of that in north Carolina. The governor wanted to start a task force to study the necessity of inspecting and then metering all of the private wells in the state.

  4. George B. says:

    It is happening here, much land is now good as useless.

  5. Andy says:

    Very good… That is the why I have always said that everybody MUST watch the movie ( The Pianist ) I wondered how they got so many Jews to willingly end up at concentration camps… It shows how the Jews were coned to not resist to go from one place to another.. Next thing they knew they were at the concentration camps. That is what I see happening here. Rosa Koire pointed out the black paint and white paint… a good example.

  6. Harold says:

    OK George, so I watched the whole @$#%% thing and since I never heard of Rosa, how do I know how much of this to believe? She does appear to be credible. You never ventured a “credibility estimate.” I poked around the net enough to find out it’s not all a figment of her imagination. I vaguely remember the Rio Summit but never thought much about it because at the time I believed it was “non-binding” for the US. Of course “Policy” doesn’t necessarily have to be “binding” to be effective. (ref. Cass Sunstein)

    Wetlands are a big issue where I live. I keep my fingers crossed that the local Wet Land Gestapo stays out of my soya bean field. A visit after a much needed rain could be a problem. A change of administration could, and I emphasize could, undo a lot of the recent EPA insanity. Maybe Agenda 21 will fizzle much the same way AGW has — or is AGW coming back as Agenda 21 revisited.

    It’s a scary thought!

    • George B. says:

      All you need do is look into your Federal, State, and County discussions, and you’ll find all kinds of talk along the lines of measuring tons of carbon, and many things Rosa warns of.. she is at the center of the storm.. Here in my county you can’t build a patio without first getting approval from the health department, and it’s a stiff charge, and of course that’s only the first hurdle.

      A friend had his land reclassified from commercial to something less valuable, and after many years of paying high taxes on commercial property. But that’s one of many examples. Much land here has been made near useless if it’s near water, with set backs that leave no place to build.

      CFACT links to Rosa youtube video.. any good progressive who knows you should not live outside the chicken pen, will tell you CFACT is pure right wing evil, but CFACT is happy to dance with Rosa and Vice Versa.

  7. Brian says:

    This made me think of a quote I read recently.
    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”
    Glad some are waking up to the truth. I hope its not too late. God help us.

  8. Paul Bird says:

    This made a bell ring for me in England, the local councils are now charging a “community infrastructure levy” on all new build houses. It is around £100 per square metre, average house size in this area is 200 square so £20k. I could BUILD a house for that! Unsurprisingly the large developers have loopholes to get out of this, if they provide a service to the community.

    It’s a big ugly foot stamp on the individual builder and everything just became a little bit greyer here.

    I like this lesbian ; )

    • George B. says:

      Thanks for your comment Paul…This blog, and the many articles found on are about DIY, most of us have mechanical and Electrical skills, and on average, we do as well as the pros in construction. We know that most of these things are about money and who gets it. Agenda21 is just another effort to force people to live in a cage. Will we allow those (who know best) to toss us the crumbs of nourishment we need through the barbed wire? Progressives have a very unique ability, they believe they can promote such ideas, and live outside the pen they create.

      Several things happening here in Seattle give insight into how far left people think, we have the hightest liquor tax in all of the states, and Washington just voted to take sales of liquor out of the States hands. The far left is warning how bad an idea this was. And of course, we know the far left would have the Government in charge of all food distribution too if they could.

      We know the more you can do for yourself, the more free you are.. Government screws up most of what they attempt to do. I think Our Department of Energy is near a criminal enterprise, and all so few realize it’s their purse that the DOE is giving away….apparently with zero expectations.. just look in those fields at Hatch New Mexico, and Alamosa Colorado for an example. Just What did they underwrite, and whose backs did they place the burden? And when if ever will the media fidn the story?

      Sometimes I think the birds in Europe were bred to be pen raised, as for UK, CA, AU, NZ, USA, and others.. we are mostly stock bred to be ‘free range’, it’s possible that the flood gates of immigration have been opened to help ‘breed out’ the independence we cherish.. only time will tell.

      • Paul Bird says:

        Hi George,

        I have followed your website for a couple of years now and it has been a great source of inspiration.

        I run a small off grid farm and have just finished installing a CHP system which I am quite please with. Perkins genny running two hours per day from which I get 90 percent of the heat back, calories are dumped throughout various heat exchangers into nutrient tanks for hydroponic salad and tomato production. But not before giving us hot showers! I could not have done it without the information on this site. I am considering converting it to a twin tank system to run on veggie oil/diesel and pure diesel tag team but at two hours a day she is not costing me much, see how fuel prices go-at the moment we are paying 0.75 pence per litre so 1.17 dollars per litre in the UK, double that for road fuel.

        If I was a government body looking to create an enslaved society, I would be putting all the ‘green’ money into energy farms that are clearly and obviously doomed to failure. Why on earth would intelligent people in government be making such apparently idiotic decisions otherwise?

        Keep up the fantastic work George, it’s nice to be able to read something that keeps me awake.

        All the best,


        • George B. says:

          Thanks Paul,

          Your many Cousins over here greatly appreciate your report on fuel prices, a few there in UK have told me that Salad oil prices are starting to look attractive as diesel fuel!
          Should you consider writing an article about your farm, (including a picture or two)…. we over here would enjoy seeing what you’re up to.

          I’ve been in touch with one younger man who grew up on a farm ‘off the mains’ in Southern England. Many of us over here assume that every foot of England had been electrified some years ago, but it appears there are still a few hold outs here and there who are not willing to pay to run the mains to their house. This particular family used the SOM for near countless years. I do think there is a place in our world for a new version of the SOM, it would likely be inverter based, and variable speed. Ahhh the bell again!

          All the Best Paul,


          • Paul Bird says:

            Hi George,

            It would make me very happy to write a bit of an article on the farm. I have a couple of finishes to do then I will get something written up.

            SOM, I presume this refers to startomatic? I have been thinking the same thing for some time now. Mark Walker started doing something like this a while back but I think the quality of components was not quite there, I had a CS from him and much of the machine was very poor quality I am sad to say. Example: Fly wheels different sizes and one of them was out of shape, lead to a rather bumpy ride, I did however learn a lot from that white (!) CS.

            Twin cylinder diesel perkins coupled to a DC alternator fed into an outback inverter with low battery voltage start up would be pretty hard to beat. Heat recovery on the exhaust and engine heat dumped into a hot water system, any excess heat used in a blown air space heater style situation. If I did it again, that’s how I’d do it! I see myself doing it a few more times. A friend of mine who builds marine generators tells me the twin cylinder perkins will run happy at 1500rpm whereas a kubota will not, interesting! I am going to start researching variable speed governers, I can see how that would save some fuel, any pointers regarding where to research this subject would be greatly appreciated.

            Salad oil prices are now the same as taxed up road fuel, so no saving there any more unless you don’t mind getting dirty hands and hitting the pubs and chip shops.

            I live only 500 metres away from nearest electric, eon wanted £45000 to connect us to it, in my eyes just quarter of that buys a pretty decent off grid power system and a fair bit of fuel to run it, so I politely declined.

            Cheers George.

          • George B. says:


            As for the Quality issues, this is why I have bowed out of some endeavors, it’s a horrible feeling to have made a profit off something that brings no joy, and I have sold most sub standard stuff as door stops.

            Your ideas of DC charging into a battery bank is good, and doing it directly by diesel and dynamo can be quite efficient and provide a very good battery charging profile that is near automatic! Set the bulk charge rate, and walk away once you prove it on your own system..

            Maybe we discuss that here? One of the requirements is an efficient alternator, we don’t choose an automotive alternator with 55% efficiency, as we waste too much! there are useful idiots that do so making hydrogen to add as a fuel source.. too bad they are so afraid of a pencil!

            500M… might as well be across the channel from you. That’s a lot of money! The Frater family had the same situation there, Hug grew up with the Start-O-Matic, I’d guess he’s 33 or so now.. a kid by my standards 🙂

            Today’s post is all about product Quality and delivering on the promise… some people don’t care what they bought.. and perhaps the reason is they used someone else’s money? Wish I knew the details.

            As for sad tales, I am near telling the story of the PMGs, our DIYer group is full of mostly honorable people.. but there are exceptions..


          • Paul Bird says:

            Ah well that makes me a kid too being 33 myself!

            There is a company I have found up your way called Polar Power, they seem to do exactly the kind of thing we are talking about. Although the FOCS engine has just two run speeds in their model.

            It’s purely a guess but I’d imagine a little twin cylinder engine like that could span a speed range of 1000 to 3600 rpm, using the DC head this would give one a massive scope to save on fuel and not so much pressure to keep the (AC) genny fully loaded all the time. Very interesting! It would be great to hear from people here with long experience of such projects.



          • George B. says:

            Pat S. has a lot of battery charging experience, he may chime in. I think the majority of us will need consider what we have already.. considering that some of us have Inverters with fairly efficient battery chargers built in, we need do a careful assessment, and we need let reality steer our direction.
            Do note that built in chargers in the Inverter can be very a expensive means to float a battery, if you look at the power factor in float, it can be scary! BUT, some do an excellent and efficient job of buik charging. It would be interesting to learn whether a commentator can be designed to give us the better efficiency as we change from AV to dc.. we all understand there’s really no such thing as a DC dynamo.. we do that DC thing after the fact..
            But.. for charging, you could be far better off using an AC alternator of far higher efficiency than using a typical auto alternator was engineered with a first priority being to manufacture cheaply, part of this being the rotor design with a single spool of wire.. quick and cheap to wind by machine.
            As for things to watch for.. that rectifier stage, if you have a lower voltage battery plant, that 6-or 7 tenths of a volt can be an all too significant percentage and cause you to suffer losses there.. sure.. a man with CHP thoughts will consider using the waste heat for something, but few do..

            Is this a new topic we should start here? Battery Charging options?

  9. mike p. says:

    This is scary stuff if you ask me.
    Awesome post. i don’t like scary movies cause this life is already scary enough.
    i thought she was going to make a roundabout reference with immigrants and the rural spaces the government was trying to free up. While humanity is rounded up in urban “prisons”, illegals will be utilizing high tech planting machines to plant the vacant fields that surround the city.
    shes right that it is awareness that is the first part of the fight. Technically, the fight is for our minds so it only makes sense that that is where the battle is at. The hundredth monkey effect. That is how a just war is fought.
    Since we all seem to be raising awareness here, i would like to add that there is a growing bunch of individuals, credible of course, that feel that lyme disease is actually a huge epidemic, masked as some disease or another and that there is an overall general apprehension to even attempt to treat the infection by a many a doctor. I’m talking huge epidemic like way out of the connecticut circle of death, like as far west as california, in very large numbers. i have heard some other accounts that the bacteria in its current state resembles more of that produced by uncle sam and some crazy asian named scientist who both hold the patents on this bacteria. Would kinda go hand in hand with this whole “the government is trying to screw us” idea.
    Its actually pretty funny i had to tell my vets new on staff doctor that my dog had lyme disease. He said no like five times. Finally did the test, which is technically bs anyways and he tells me i’m right.
    Sorry to highjack George.
    Awesome post. Thanks for ruining my night. :l

    • George B. says:

      Mike, I’d say you were a loon.. but, don’t we know others are saying I’m a loon for postin Rosa here 🙂 One thing I know for sure, the DOE gave millions to a company that built crap.. the DOE doesn’t even make time to see what was built.. and they are now handing out millions of money to a French company for the same flavor of crap! And notice Mike.. no one really cares. That’s far more scary than a designer epidemic me thinks..

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