A study for the Technicians, Morgan Solar CPV

Zach says, let’s stick to the basic facts!

If you don’t care about the difference between a Volt and a Watt, this page is not for you.     If you really care to learn about Solar CPV you WILL make time to read, study this before you continue, it opens in a second window.

Now a second page, and as you read….note how the Author leads you along… what were the real accomplishments? Only that someone is interested in looking at the idea, is that what I read, or is there more? 

Morgan Solar ‘looks like’ a VC target given the typical Hype and Praise of  a Company that is being groomed for an IPO.  If you embrace everything painted Green, you won’t understand what VCs look for.  I’ve been watching this for a bit, but now I have a Tutor who has been studying how it works for years.  I put energy into this because I know that many people who can’t afford to lose money out of their 401ks and pension funds do!   Green energy ideas that are designed to do no more than go IPO and run!  If these individuals and funds aren’t successful in their investments, they often default around the tax payers necks… a millstone we all carry.     

Do Google a little more on Morgan CPV  and ask what you would do if you had a workable  idea along the lines they claim?

A Technician would set up his prototype with a measured amount of light entering the face, and measure the >power< out of the Multi Junction Cell that was being concentrated on. With the verified square area of the face, and the MJC, and of course the verified power known, (not just the voltage). We might have reason to think Morgan has something more than BS.  

Who cares how many people write about your product or give you awards for being innovative? Don’t we all know that a lot of these marketeers who write stuff like this are   run of the mill paid whores, and you can buy them or others like them for a few dollars..

As we study what VCs do, they are interested in making money, and it doesn’t take a good idea to do that.. a popular idea, a provocative idea can make quicker and perhaps more money than a good idea.  Taking a worthless company to an IPO and then running with the money is a VERY popular plan. Is it something Harvard Grads learned to do in school? I’m begining to think so..  

Your mission? Find one shred of proof there’s anything more than BS in the Morgan CPV story?  Do consider commenting, I don’t claim I know, I claim I can’t find substance yet..

And the bit about hiring Kids to work for them… best and brightest..  Don’t we all know the value of hiring kids. They are an investment in the future, they do little to solve problems today.  You don’t design a good electric coffee pot with students, you are wise to gather a group of people who have made coffee for years, and get their advice.      

I have a high regard for Dr. Ileana Johnson.. Here’s a recent article she wrote below.. , and no surprise to me, she sees much of the money invested in Green Energy as a destruction of our wealth.  As I read what she writes, I note how totally inept our Department of Energy was at acessing another CPV company, the money.. ‘up in smoke’.  When we consider the blood, sweat, and energy used to create the wealth; and the worthless equipment now in the field, is there a better example of pollution? Consider the tons and tons of carbon expended just to plant the worthless equipment in the field! The destruction of wealth likely created by burning near countless tons of coal in our past..  and we destroy it!  It’s a shame our children don’t get what’s going on.  But after all, they are children…. children with a vote. They don’t realize, they will inherit the Mill Stone, and so will their Children.        




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6 Responses to A study for the Technicians, Morgan Solar CPV

  1. Keef Wivanef says:

    Founder and ex-CEO of eSolar Asif Ansari takes the helm of Canadian start-up Morgan Solar
    Toronto, October 12, 2010 – MaRS Discovery District is pleased to announce that Asif Ansari, former CEO of Los Angeles based eSolar, Inc., has taken the position of Chief Executive Officer at Toronto start-up Morgan Solar.

    AUGUST 30, 2011 2:43 AM | EDGAR A. GUNTHER
    eSolar Sierra SunTower offline – Again

    [Lancaster, California USA]
    Is the eSolar Sierra SunTower really a commercial, operating Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) tower plant?
    2.5 MW (MegaWatt) ACME Group CSP plant based on eSolar technology has been commissioned.

    From eSolar Sierra SunTower Project offline – Again
    Three weekends ago, as my California road trip left the Central Valley and passed north of the Antelope Valley, I could not resist a brief detour to revisit eSolar’s Sierra SunTower Project.
    I expected to see the solar towers operating like mad pounded by the fierce desert summer sun. Instead, I was once again disappointed to find both solar towers offline just like my visits over two days in May 2010. I blogged about my observations then along with eSolar’s response in eSolar Sierra SunTower Project offline and eSolar Sierra SunTower Project offline – Clarified. Yes, I had my suspicions, and the recent Blog comment by John H. had an authentic air:
    I live in the AV and drive by this plant on a regular basis. I would say it does not work. The central towers are dark most of the time, and when they are lit it appears that people are manually adjusting the mirrors.
    When the say the plant was shut down for wind in the article … that explains it. It is windy almost every day here.
    This large scale Green energy stuff seems silly. It is a basic space versus megawatts equation for me. The plant near Blythe, CA is roughly the size of the City of Berkeley.
    Lastly, the amount of water needed to wash these mirrors off is disturbing. At least the plants in the AV are to be on private land. California is slated to loose lots of public lands to this inefficient means of energy production.
    Asking eSolar questions about my visit via the Antenna Group, I said:
    I had a chance to revisit the Sierra SunTower in Lancaster two weekends ago.
    I was disappointed to find it not in operation. I have misc. reports the towers are rarely generating power.
    Is there any reason for this?
    My working theory is it costs more to operate than the SCE PPA generates.

    From eSolar Sierra SunTower Project offline – Again
    After a multiday delay, eSolar said:
    Some clarification on Sierra. The facility is run on an as-needed basis, and is operated less during non-peak solar resource periods. A portion of the site serves as a proving ground for eSolar’s next-gen technology. In eSolar’s operating model, and according to the terms of the PPA, the plant was not intended to be run daily.
    The company is currently moving through the second development stage of its molten salt storage product and is using Sierra as a model.

    Why did Arif jump ship?
    I thought Esolar was a “leading developer” of CSP
    Paradigm shifting, disruptive technology, small blue planet etc. etc.


    • George B. says:

      Keef…thanks for you post, a few here are technical enough to follow your string..

      Logic says.. if you really have something, you go directly to measuring power in and power out and advertise you got the real thing..

      If you have only bull shit, then you sell bull shit to the people who need no proof.. OR to VCs who will use you as fish bait!

      I visualize the CEO and founder of another CPV company.. He was tied to a barbed hook and tossed off the back of a VC fishing boat.

      The smell of chum, and waiting for the big fish to bite.

      The public is often the one reeled in and totally ignorant of their loss. Perhaps part of the reason is there seems to be a very close relationship between the VCs, and the so called anti capatialists.. weird huh?


  2. Armand Utilio says:

    I’ve also followed this little start up for a while and again, promises of “test sites”, etc all but disappear. One has to wonder what will come of this company, whether it will make it to IPO or not.

  3. Marcus Auerelius says:

    Is anything even going on with this company anymore? I had high hopes for these guys since I started following them back in ’08. No test data, nothing on their website showing any signs of progression… a sign of the times or technology (or lack thereof?)

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