A new direction for self sufficiency? Dr. Paugh’s post is key in understanding where we are.

As I intensely study my new direction towards being self sufficient, I continue to read Dr. Paugh’s message. She is ‘first hand informed’ beyond her years. As as a child she learned  that the promise of security in exchange for a vote has never been fulfilled. We need ask… just how many American Women are 30 years behind her in acquiring the knowledge necessary to cast an informed vote?

You can easily pass up this opportunity to read Dr. Paugh’s post, but she clearly lays out what our future holds and helps to assure we know how to prepare for what happens next. Do read the comments, a few are insane, the majority are valuable reads. I do love the one comment where she’s accused of being extreme, it’s no more than an affirmation as to how well Ileana understands the current situation!  It’s not who was running and who won as much as it was what they ran on, and what was popular with voters, consider that a focus point.   

As I attempt to sort it all out, I got an email from a man who shares my affliction, he was raised with values proven totally out of date. He exposes his Achilles heal, and displays to the world a blueprint of how easily one can raid his house and burn it!

He may become annoyed that I share what he wrote, but I take that liberty.  “Why do you tolerate Bill Knighton?” I respond… doesn’t it give us all a chance to know him? 

 Is the following a worthy comment to Dr. Paugh’s post? It may be the only recourse, do you know one better?

Worry NOT! This is a most Temporary Situation!

How many of us have looked on as we watched Government reward wrong behaviors, year after year?

Those who saved money in order to care for themselves and others in old age find themselves with an asset that earns no interest, and diminishes in value.

Pension funds, whether  they be  Corporate, Union or Private forced to fail as the managers must invest in far riskier investments than ever before!   The FED has effectively stolen prudent investments via the prime interest rate they set at an insane zero!

As we look on, our wealth is transferred to whom and why?  And if we complain, we are called extreme or racist? If you have a union pension fund, your investment is part of the transfer!

Some accuse Ileana of giving up,  and they scold her for what she writes here.  She knows that our President  does little more than read the script borrowed from the past, and executes a plan older than Homer himself!   Divide the people via race, class, wealth, and promise the impossible!  

Is there really any way out of this other than to demand equal rights? Is there really any other way ‘FORWARD’?

Are you sitting silent while others are in the streets demanding a share of your life’s hard work? Will you allow them to make you as dependent as they are?

Tomorrow, we might be in the streets demanding the same gifts the Government hands out.  We are wise enough to know that the real source of these payment are a direct transfer from our life savings, and tendered via the destruction of our currency through the printing press.  WE know the FED has no money, they only take it from us, and now they do it through the back door!

THIS IS A VERY TEMPORARY situation, but perhaps the right thing to do is help let the air out of the tent as quickly as possible and end the charade.  How many of us have gone without… never having drawn unemployment, never having taken advantage of the many programs we qualify for right now?

Are we as guilty as Nero? Do we fiddle as we watch the American dream being transformed into dependency?  Is it a well honed plan?

Perhaps the very best way ‘FORWARD’ is to demand a share of your savings via the many Government programs?  Are you too proud to help make this period of Transformation as short as possible?  We know the Boomers are made up of many races, religions, and from rich to poor. Many of us have been raised to believe if we can go another 5 days without something, we don’t really need it. A so called ‘black’ American shared that he was taught the very same thing from an early age. Is that trait our Achilles heal?

I have thus far refused to take Social Security because…well, because of an old and perhaps outdated sense of pride, I now see it as a card to play.  I am no Titan, but  I am tired of helping to hold up the earth.  I expect a lot of Boomers of all colors to join me, ask not what you can do for your Country, it will be used against you!

I think Dr. Paugh writes this day knowing what follows this most temporary period…. She has asked Woman to use their votes wisely, we note than many of them have voted for security… having never lifted a book to discover it’s an age old promise never fulfilled.  Of course there’s plenty of blame to go around.

And the very idea that a person wedded to the State shall have a full vote?  Don’t we all know how they will vote? Did we not tolerate it all, and for how long?

Why argue the point? Who has listened thus far?  It’s best we join in and bring the tent down quickly, we might do this and spare our Grandchildren the trouble, no doubt it might take them years to understand who the Slavers really are.  Why not use the first hand knowledge we have acquired to assure they inherit the truth? It may be the only asset we can pass on to them.

Know your enemy, it may be you discover they are the ones carrying the banner you march behind! And last but no least.. don’t let those who tell you about their Godless belief fool you.. They have every right to practce their belief, we’ve given them that freedom. It is your freedom to believe as you wish they want to deny! These comments about Christians or Jews, it sadens me to see it amongst my own family and friends..  parse their language, it’s all about you accepting their version of reality, it’s a very old game, and part of tearing apart the land of the free..  google Evan Sayett, no one sayit better…


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11 Responses to A new direction for self sufficiency? Dr. Paugh’s post is key in understanding where we are.

  1. Bill knighton says:

    Person who is non-tolerant of bill knighton, don’t you have a public voice too?
    What is your complaint?
    Everything I have said comes from a love of freedom and a quest for self sufficiency. How can I ask for freedom for my wife and myself if I don’t grant it to others? If I backed off on anything I said in the last thread it would require that I lay hands on someone else’s life. That’s not my prerogative. Is it yours?
    I recommend this tutorial on liberty:

  2. George B. says:

    Bill, I’m not so sure he has a problem tolerating you.. It’s the fact that he knows me well, and knows that my finger might have been hovering over the delete button.. It’s true I normally link any mention of why we don’t invite the Godless to the party or how cool they are…. with those who later prove they want religious rights truncated in some way… (because those people are just plain stupid or similiar) I’m sure I don’t want to be on a winning team if I need infringe on those rights, nor do wish to engage in conversation about why there’s likely no God. I might consider listening to the man who proves he knows the tinyest thing, as I mentioned, maybe a cure for cancers? Such a small a feat….. I do expect any man who professes to know there’s nothing greater than I to at least beat a cancer cell at the simple game it plays.

  3. Bill knighton says:

    My remarks were independent of my beliefs, though not conflicting. They were observations about the weird, unfounded directions the neoconservative party has chosen. Similarly, when I offer an opinion about the necessity of rights for gay people it doesn’t mean I’m gay. I’m about the us government being extremely limited to its original purpose and that was about protecting freedom not taking it away.

    • George B. says:

      Nice post Bill…And.. let me add, after this election, we are all left wondering. I swapped a message with a businesswoman who happens to be gay, she doesn’t really like the free lunch tent, but says there’s no room for her in the other one. She says her Federal tax form and being unable to check a box that gives her and her partner the same tax advantage as married people IS her number one complaint. Nothing invalid about your views Bill. The religious community begs us to ask more questions, were there people behind the pulpit on Sundays telling all who would listen that Mormonisim is as bad as Communisim, and they might need to flip a coin?

      And now some are saying old white folks are now the minorities, does than mean that the EEO will answer the phone if we call? So many questions.

      • Bill knighton says:

        There are a couple of gay men who own a home in my neighborhood who had Ron Paul signs. There is a pannick right now that at the national level that republicans might never be able to win another election because of changing demographics and they might be right. It is absolutely essential for non-socialists to flush their ideas anout gay rights and immigration and also all the socialism they are handing out? It’s in their hands. Will they flush the country for republican special interests or reform in the direction that already matches their historical values? I can’t really blame the democrats. They are doing what democrats have always done.
        To start with start claiming Mexican American votes and open the boarders. Why does anyone care? America is about immigration. What’s all this stupid fear? Is it shame based? Open it up. Don’t they know there is a lack of young people to support the old ones and its a disaster in the making. There needs to be a free market for labor labor. It’s not any person’s right to tell another where to go. They should be using those aircraft carriers to ferry over anyone on earth who wants to make this their home. Lets have all the latinos, Asians and Africans who will come. There is room for a thousand new major cities. Just look at the Midwest. A big city with a million people will fit on just one Kansas farmer’s field. It’s little sloppy, but look at Kowloon walled city. That’s what can happen if freedom is allowed.

        • George B. says:

          Firstly, it may be too late… The Democrats may have worked hard to encourage dependence and to have made use of it, their party is well divided too! And it’s likely they have given over their party to the far left who will make even better use of the dependence they (democrats) put so much effort in building. They (the administration) embrace moveon.org, and why do they do it? I say.. they do it out of fear!

          One party is careful picking a bedmate, the other will sleep with the devil himself…

  4. George B. says:

    It’s just as expected… Ileana has reams of hate mail… “how Dare her!”
    I’m proud of her, and know her as one of the few who have the courage to say it as it is. She calculated the cost, and she still said what needed to be said. It’s a shame that those who scold her will blame all but themselves when the money runs out, and it always does!
    Her words stand in sharp contrast to what a black friend I once worked with said about Juan Williams. “you can think it, but you better not say it.” Does my friend ever parse her own words?
    It reminds me of another Romanian… deeply scared by his experience with a party that won at any cost in his homeland. He warned me of the dangers of what I write here, and said I should take it as fact that my name is already on a list! He’s a Senior Engineer, and Engineer’s Engineer… he’s told me stories so insane, but now he shuns this site…. scared that he will be affiliated and need flee this country as he did his homeland. And… the majority of Americans this morning will form their most critical question of the day… “is there any coffee left in the pot?”

    • George B. says:

      More on What Paugh knew when she wrote that article..

      And here’s more of what you should have expected! I expect the EPA to be carrying a gun and a badge this year, they’ll be very nervous when they are out and about and demand it!

      some of you will laugh… but only for the moment…..

      The next environmental battlegrounds
      By Paul Driessen

      When American voters reelected President Obama, they also returned his EPA, Interior and Energy Departments, and wide-ranging agenda for “fundamentally transforming” our nation.
      This will mean not only cementing Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, higher taxes, and rampant spending. It will also bring more disputes over energy and environmental regulations, the vanguard of Mr. Obama’s determined campaign to eliminate hydrocarbons that power our economy and embrace more “green” energy. The conflict will be fought primarily on six battlegrounds.
      Carbon taxes. Hurricane Sandy presented another pretext for regulating and taxing hydrocarbons. No respectable climatologist or meteorologist believes atmospheric carbon dioxide conjured up the destructive storm, but climate alarmism has always been about political science, not real science.
      Rep. Jim McDermott’s Managed Carbon Price Act imputes a cost for CO2 emissions and compels energy producers and users to buy carbon permits. The President is considering a direct carbon tax that he says will raise billions of dollars annually and reduce deficits. Both ought to be DOA in the House. Another round of probably pointless UN-sponsored discussions on climate treaties, emission reductions and carbon taxes will take place late this month in Doha, Qatar.
      The real threat is Environmental Protection Agency regulations limiting CO2 from power plants and other sources by executive fiat.
      With China, India and other developing countries massively increasing their greenhouse gas emissions, none of these proposals would reduce atmospheric CO2 levels. They would, however, put government in charge of our entire economy, sharply increase energy prices for every business and household, kill millions of jobs, ensure that net tax revenues never materialize, and hurt poor families most.
      War on hydrocarbons. America has abundant hydrocarbons, onshore and offshore, including centuries’ of natural gas for heating, petrochemicals, electricity generation and vehicles. But with little to hold their pre-election anti-energy instincts in check, the White House, EPA and Interior may still oppose the Keystone pipeline, further delay onshore and offshore drilling, and unleash a blitzkrieg of new rules on hydraulic fracturing and coal-fired power plants.
      That would stifle job creation, revenue generation and economic growth, while leaving the nation dependent on despotic regimes and costly renewable energy schemes.
      Renewable energy preferences. Antipathy toward oil, gas and coal is matched by the pincer move of mandates, fuel standards and subsidies for wind, solar and biofuel power. The first pitched battle will decide whether the “production tax credit” for wind-based electricity will be extended again.

      • bob g says:

        Atlas not only needs to shrug, but pitch the whole thing as far as he can!

        and i think we are starting to see this happen, some 45companies having announced layoffs within 48hours after the election.

        what will the next 6 months hold for layoff’s?

        my bet is it will be a steady bleeding away of jobs, reduction of hours to that which enables the companies to divest themselves of the need to provide for obamacare. all they need to do is suck up and layoff a bunch of folks, then later rehire replacements on a 28hour work week.

        this scheme is nothing new, i witnessed this while visiting nacona texas back in ’76. the town had two major employers, keebler cookie company and nacona boot company. neither allowed production workers more than 28hours per week and nearly everyone there worked two job’s. make boots for 28hours a week and back cookies for 28hours a week. oh yes and live in rental shacks owned by the two companies owners families.

        the alternative can be very ugly, and i fear we will see it rear its ugly head very soon.

        this insanity with epa, obamacare, inflated irs agency, etc. whats next? come for our guns and all sorts of other fun stuff.

        yup atlas is going to shrug and its going to be a real bitch for a lot of folks that are not prepared.

        bob g

        • George B. says:

          The EPA is ready to roll out a whole new line of enforcement. I am sure that their officers will soon be worried about their safety, and will be carrying firearms, badges, and dressed in uniforms by the end of the year.

          Go ahead.. say it won’t happen!

  5. George B. says:

    It’s 11/20/12 and the emails that Dr. Ileana Paugh predicted arrived in my email box! The great conversation about how to offer the better free lunch! About the recent polls, and don’t we know that polls are no more than admitting that you are thinking about abandoning your principles in pursuit of what may be most popular. Popular? Honey Boo Boo is popular!

    Scold her as you might, you have a ring side seat to see how it all unfolds.

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