Stocks Surge in DIYer Skills!

If you have invested in developing your skills and tools to do the job, you need feel secure in your investment! While others have invested fully in the false promise of security, you have something than no one can take from you.. and of course that be your skills.

Why talk further when others have said it far better than myself? I encourage you to read Dr. Paugh’s post today, and I remind you… It’s hands on lessons that count. We’ve learned first hand that the people who really know the topic have had their hands on it!  Dr Paugh was there, she’s lived it, she carries the scars, she’s done all she knew how to do in order to warn us.

Do keep the course, and know the investment you make in yourself, your tools, your garden provide you far more security than any politician can deliver. Remember, Government only has the money they take from you..   

Thank you Ileana, thank you Ayn, thank you Evan Sayett. There will be no suprises in my remaining years thanks to you and others, including a world of DIYers who share how it is where they live..


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13 Responses to Stocks Surge in DIYer Skills!

  1. Bill knighton says:

    A lot of what she says is correct but she wrongly believes a Romney win would have reversed these trends. Ron Paul, yes. Where was she during the 8 years of bush as freedom and economy disintegrated? Romney is a mandator. He got caught and tried to hide it. Is that the kind of spineless, valueless false conservative to get excited about? Does she believe starting a war with Iran on Israel’s behalf and killing a bunch of Iranians like your engine rigging friend and blowing up shops and factories and wasting another trillion instigating war would fix anything? Probably good for the war investors is all.

  2. George B. says:

    Bill… she talks about the Constitution, and I think many of us believe that Romney has more appreciation of it’s value.. The SCOTUS ignored it, and perhaps unwittingly made themselves irrelevant as well. It’s done…

    As I say.. she has had a ring side seat and knows how this unfolds. They used the same words, the same phrases, delived the same promises in her homeland.. President Obama used exactly the same tools, devided the Country; rich against poor, the promise of government health care. No need to agree with her.. it’s done.

    But in this case Bill, she’s the one with the hands on experience.. lots of it.

    • Bill knighton says:

      I’ll accept her hands on experience about the evil of Romanian totalitarianism. I am totally convinced of that. And if she sees progressives as commies I’m all with that too. That experience does not extend to expertise in identifying a replacement for obama. She seems naive in accepting a closeted progressive like Romney as the antidote. She has nothing on me there or any other American who has experienced the Republican Party renounce their values over a lifetime.

  3. Bill knighton says:

    I was shocked when I read years ago about the Massachusetts health care mandate and learned it was the work of a republican. I intensely believe that anyone who believes humans should be manipulated that way by government can never have anything in common with freedom or the constitution. Of course I’m a nut that way because I think the same thing about anyone who thinks the government should grant you permission to build a home.
    If the republicans want to win they need to consider freedom. They need to promote it for everyone. For pot smokers and gays and mexican workers and coke heads. Everyone. Fire all the border patrol parasites and bulldoze the checkpoints and fences. Stop wrecking towns like Pottsville, Iowa where a bush raid at a meat packing plant kidnapped 400 workers and tortured them in prison for 5 months before deportation. Prison is torture. We humans require freedom more than anything. I’d take the work of those illegals over a bunch of war investors any day. Instead of promoting fear about brown people embrace them. Let’s be agile and learn Spanish. The market says that’s what’s wanted. Why fight the market with thuggery? Fire tsa. Lets have handguns on planes or anywhere else. Says so in the constitution. Why can’t the republicans drop their expensive, socialist, totalitarian-like fascination with all things miltary? How about keep the nuclear detergent and eliminate the miltary? How about that trillion each year be kept by the tax payers? A nuclear deterrent is sufficient.
    Remember bankster mitt saying that of course you can’t have people lending money out of their garage? Why not? What if instead the republicans followed the constitution and promoted a massive deregulation of business and private life? They have a deep, forgotten ideological background that supports all of what I’ve said and the democrat progressives do not. Progressive DNA mandates interference in all things for the good of the whole and they could never promote liberty. This is a huge advatantage for republicans if they could just look back far enough to understand their heritage.

  4. Bill knighton says:

    The recent republican fascination with all things god needs to be challenged too. That was not where America came from. The greatest DIY inventors of our nation were intellectual radicals who had no use for an alpha god. At most they were deists if not outright atheists. Jefferson rewrote an edition of the bible to exclude supernatural events including the divinity of Jesus and his resurrection. He a wise, peaceful man in Jefferson’s rewrite. Franklin told us that to see with the eye of faith you only need close the eye of reason. Jefferson speculated that Washington was an atheist too but only through observation, not direct challenge. He noted that at the dinner table Washington always arranged to be elsewhere when meal prayers were said. He also recalled a reporter asking Washington if he believed in god and Washington dodged the question.
    The republican embrace of absurdity must end. There is a gallop poll showing 58 percent of republicans believe in a universe where god created humans in their present form within the last ten thousand years.
    Republicans need to flush all this and be the hard, clean,logical party of freedom, scientific thought, ruthless personal responsibility and hard core free markets. They’ve tried selling out, they’ve tried superstition, fascism, racism and ignorance and none of it works. It’s not who they are.

    • George B. says:


      I believe in God given rights, let those who will renounce theirs do so. I will always know them as fools, but at least let them bow before me…. I’ll wack of their heads with more compasison than other men, or at least I’ll make the promise to do so…

  5. George B. says:

    Bill.. I need give all edit tools.. I’ll look int that..

    And.. who can disagree that Republicans have set aside their values in an effort ot out do the Democrats? It’s all over, it’s all about who offers the most free stuff!

  6. Bill knighton says:

    What is amazing and encouraging to me is the free stuff that really matters and its response. Ron Paul was offering all kinds of free freedom and the young people treated him like a rockstar. He had appeal that Obama in 2008 or Clinton 92 would envy.
    Are scared old people at fault?
    Natural rights work in place of god given rights. It is important to understand that our rights are not something granted by government. We are born with them, each and everyone one of them and any restrictions are illegitimate. And it is not a complicated problem do determine where one person’s rights end when they interfer with another’s natural rights.

    • George B. says:

      Bill…. and you think being illegitmate would be a deterrent?

      Natural rights? let us all define that as we see it. My right to steal your crops when I see you are too lazy to guard them? My right to take from you when I know you have way more than your share? My right to take from you when others are clearly more deserving? Man can rationalize any behavior…

      We make waste here… back to DIY…

      • Bill knighton says:

        You have mentioned ayn rand a few times lately and it seems like she put this better than I have. She said we are not born with rights. We are born with reason and we discover rights and they are all based on one fundamental right. The right to live free of force from others.

  7. Bill knighton says:

    I do not, to an extent. Something being illegitimate does not stop some people. Luckily they are in the minority. Most people respect other people’s rights pretty well. For those that don’t self defense is required.

    • Bill knighton says:

      There is a gratifying difference between progressives and people of freedom that is relevant to the idea of honoring natural rights. Free people are optimists who know we can interact honorably and respect natural rights and that most other people will too. But the progressives, who outwardly seem to be all butterflies and unicorns are actually proposing a grim, pessimistic society where everyone, excepting themselves, is capable of all kinds of evil and needs a strong government to control them to maintain order and override their selfish, short sighted plans.

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