Email of the day….11/12/12

From an older guy who’s done a lot of living already..

Hi George

 I read your November 8th post again.  I looked up Evan Sayett and watched his “Understanding How Modern Liberals Think” video—well worth 48 minutes of my time. I even passed the link on to several friends. You nailed it; “no one says it better.”

Doug Giles’ amigo Irwin must have read it too before he penned his article to the Republican Congress in which he said “As a conservative Republican I am begging you to give president Obama and those who voted for him everything they want.”

 He then proceeded with a very long list that started out with higher taxes all around, higher energy prices, trillions of dollars to fight global warming, larger government, legalizing all kinds of drugs, socialist cronyism and so on nearly forever.

Giles says, “Give it to them; all of it! Yes, I join with my friend Irwin and say that we give it to them and find out once and for all who is right.”

I will confess I have had thoughts along that line but I have never been convinced to the point of actually saying it. I have said that one possible “up side” to an Obama win would be that there would not be another Progressive Democrat President for at least fifty years. I’m starting to doubt that.  Conventional wisdom usually says Dictatorship is next in line after what we have now. Do you think Obama will seek a third term and a ………..  ? ?

 Read the Giles article at:

 (George) H. There’s only one problem with the plan of giving it to them… they take it from us in order to give it to them, but no one has a clue how much they will take, and whether we ever get it back for generations to follow.  We know that the promise of Obamacare need NOT be fulfilled, the promise of jobs wasn’t, and no one cared.. People really don’t care if the healthcare promise is kept either..  only that the promise was made, and by the time they complain, all of what we had will lay in ruin.. that is the real plan, and it will prove to be..   

Time tells all..   remember when Americans couldn’t own Gold? What is it you won’t legally own  shortly?

That East Coast Jew.. Evan  Sayett… just how did he make it all so simple to understand??? God.. I love thant man.. and Dr. Ileana Paugh… she told me of the hate mail she’s received.. her last column gone viral. I also swapped an email with Lord Monckton last night..  he’s about to publish an article about some items Obama has worked so hard to keep secret.  His test scores at Columbia? I dunno..   people hate Monckton of course, but.. when a Woman like Thatcher uses a Monckton for council, it’s all I need to listen! 

At the end of the day, there’s the skeptical, and the gullible. The gullible NEVER express doubts about a compass course change as long as it promises to deliver them onto the easy road.  Having had our hands (you and me H) on so many things, we suspect it’s the HOJO generator Barrack promises!  Fact is, he doesn’t really care if it works, it’s placed him in power, and I see no reason he or his party will need give it up. Will the SCOTUS be more than a tool for one party in 2016? Time tells all, but I think the road is now clear for the party who always promises the most free stuff, and note… they never offer up any of their own gold.. it’s always yours they promise!





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