Whoa! An honest man in the Solar Business? One who is fed up with the FEDs?


Reinventing Collapse

Reinventing Collapse
















                                                                 A great link follows.., but first! I’m mostly kidding, I have a friend who sold solar equipment, he was honest.. so I know of at least one honest solar guy..  now maybe two ?

My friend went out of business after the Federal Government and the Whores stepped in and poisoned the well with subsidies.  Small Solar Dealers went from a decent living doing long hours and hard work, to nothing.. not even a call!

I was just tele-visiting a specific Solar Company out west, it was pretty sickening, a bunch of liberal hog wash and fairy dust, Gang Green messages on every page, save the earth, and did I see a picture of Al Gore? They’re Cons at best I thought..   I was thinking they’d sell you Solar panels if you lived in Grayland Washington…. AND tell you how smart you were for investing in Solar Subsidies.  Kinda like pissing on your back and telling you it’s raining.

Someone just sent me this page below…. The rant is enough for me to want to send the Author a starbucks card, or a case of brew. If you want solar Panels, this might be the man to Call?  How do you know for sure? My answer, if you want to know you’re dealing with crooks, go after the subsidies instead of the best prices.

I believe the very best way to invest in solar is to buy stuff at fire sale prices, buy from failed ventures created by your Government. Buy from Americans when you can..  The Feds create the corrupt games, massive failures are a direct result of what they do.  You paid for these good used panels once, you might as well make a final payment to take delivery of them.

But you already know, this is best for DIYers, not for the  ‘call the man’ guy. you get the best deal when you do it all yourself, and what’s hard about that?

Buy it all at fire sale prices, and roll your own.. don’t mess with selling power back, that’s a game we all lose at.  It’s what I think for the moment, but I learn something new every day.. usually more about dumb asses in Government helping to destroy our economy. check out the below link, could this be real? not long ago, it was $6 a watt, so we’re talking 19 cents a watt? really ? I have ordered from here in the past.. I received good service.. two panels broke out of a pallet, and replaced with one call.

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  1. George B. says:

    Yes, yes… call them.. expect to pay over a dollar a watt for used mono crystaline (right now.) Tehy do have killer deals on used from time to time..

    A favorite contact of mine can be found at AZ Northern Solar and wind, Ask for Lee W, to get hold of a no BS guy..


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