A New Job Oppurtunity? 1/11/2013 Musings

Of course you know, this post is for the sake of discussion, no one should ever break the law.. But it may be wise to anticipate what people will do, I am sure that the conversation I attempt to start here is happening on countless blog pages elsewhere.

Are you looking for a part time job? Maybe you want to start a Jobs Program? You’ve studied some of the Government’s efforts to make them and found them near insane. You’re looking for something more lucid, more rewarding , more purposeful, something that might benefit humanity according to your measure?

At present there’s a group in Seattle trading $100 Amazon gift certificates for guns, no no, this is not some responsible, organized effort where they do a back ground check of members (sellers and buyers) like the gun shows with a members only buy and sell policy.   Apparently this group doesn’t care if they are buying from criminals, maybe even those who murder people to rob them? No Questions asked?  

We do understand THEY make the game. Just like a good ‘Fence’? Is Amazon part of this? Is that why they use the Amazon gift card?

No doubt these gun buys will continue.  Is there a legal way of providing the homeless some badly needed cash? Sell components that could be used to make zip guns? And what is a zip gun? Criminals will be asking that very question.

Zip Guns are likely as old as a brass cartridge, maybe older. Made of a metal tube, normally smooth inside.  Setting up business is easy, order 20 foot lengths of pipe with proper ID, and appropriately thick wall tubing. Use your $59.95 Harbor freight cut off saw to cut to length.  Use a piece of wood for a handle, a hand full of rubber bands to power the crude hammer with a fixed firing pin made from scraps of metal, the same saw will shape it as you need. The firing pin? drill a hole with a cordless drill,  A piece of drill rod shaped and cut off with that $59 composite saw. I figure $4 a piece to make the gun, that’s $96 profit!

So, you want to make a better product than this? Maybe you’ve seen those  dirt cheap CNC routers? Can you imagine how nice a job you can do in metal alloys and wood? wood stocks, even completed alloy frames, buy aluminium cans from the homeless, melt them down, pour metal frames, use a home made thermal printer to make gun grips. Design a cheap gun to be turned in for high profit?  Remember, you aren’t making these to use.. you’re making them to be destroyed. You could be providing a valuable service, employing the homeless, and making people feel very good about themselves and their efforts. 

You won’t do this, because it’s likely illegal or immoral.. but others don’t really care about the Laws of our land.. those in our own Government, people on the street may be among them.



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7 Responses to A New Job Oppurtunity? 1/11/2013 Musings

    • George B. says:

      Jack, all so easy to ‘drop in’ the two required metal parts and a spring when the printers sounds the need 🙂 A good looking gun for trade at little cost 🙂

      They create the Market, someone will build the ideal product to sell them.

  1. Brian says:

    How many people will turn in broken guns not worth anything. I have a broken piece of junk 22 caliber rifle that I don’t even think can be fixed due to several damage factors.
    I’m sure they’ll be glad when that killer is off the streets. Thanks Amazon.

    • George B. says:

      Brian.. One of the sadder displays of ignorance was put on by Piers Morgan on CNN. This poor chap is cocksure, if only we ban the weapon used by mad men in recent killings. They’ll have no thoughts of using something else! More thoughtful people might ask.. what about a fertilizer bomb, so easy to make, why not take out the whole school? Others might say.. you need a blasting cap for that. and those who were awake in pre school chemistry know how easy it is to make fulminates. As for the other ingredients, all one need do is pee in the same place for a while. Certainly Piers would ban peeing all together, a mind like his knows there are simple answers… no matter how complex the problem! Yes! we need ask him his cure for cancer..

      Of course we need note, Piers IS a pen raised bird, open the cage door, he’ll never fly. Free range? He knows.. if you leave the sidewalk, your shoes are bound to be soiled. If you squat to pee, there’s less chance you’ll piss on yourself. Not all people with his accent are as pliable and clueless. So don’t paint them all with the same brush.

  2. bob g says:

    i am thinking that we ought to set up a production facility to make zip guns, then take them in for the 100 dollar amazon gift certificate!

    if we paint them black, maybe we can get 200 dollars each as assault zip guns?

    yeah, that’s the ticket!

    bob g

    • George B. says:

      I think this is another ‘game’ made.

      Very similair to the subsidy Games our Governent makes. In no time, people show up to play. If there is a profit to be made, their will be players.

      There are far more ways to play the game than most people understand. Imagine taking your gun made expressly to ‘turn in’ to their Game and being rejected. Imagine getting a video, or even a recording of them telling you.. sorry, this gun you brought in is a killer all right, but it’s too cheap looking for us to buy. Place that one on You-Tube and you might get $50,000 or more for the Ad hits!

  3. bob g says:

    i am thinking now of using 1911 pattern squirt guns, fill them with sand to make them heavier than the plastic they are made from, paint them flat black and scuff them up a bit with steel wool.

    those retards on the left would think they really got a gun off the street!

    bob g

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