Whacked Idea of the Month?

Having just come back from 3 days spent at our off grid  Central Mountain Cabin, I can tell you there are good Alternative energy ideas, and a properly designed solar install in a decent location can deliver all the power you need.  However….how the owner cares for the batteries and equipment over time is part of the effort that will determine whether the owner >ever< receives a return on his investment, sun energy contrary to what a lot of gorebots would tell you is NOT free.

What amazes me is how many ideas go from an thought in someone’s head to reality without any research, without ever asking “why is it others have not created the machine I want to build?” What drives folks to fabricate machines like this without running  a pencil?

This was sent to me by Texas DIYer  Barry Smith..great example of a free lunch Barry!


It’s all about studying the losses. As we compress air, we generate a significant amount of heat (losses).  As we attempt to draw the air from the tanks, we find we need to add a lot of heat to the air to get it to do real work (more losses). As we read this AD, we note the Author reports there’s 20,000 PSI of air storage potential. He suggests that seven scuba tanks holding approx 3000PSI equals 20,000 PSI.  Did this guy flunk eight grade science class, or is he trolling for somone who did? You be the judge.


Here’s the ad below if you didn’t read this in time to follow the link.

Now a days the electric companies are charging more and more money to supply you electricity. If fuel costs go up so does your bill. If we have another hurricane, you will pay for the grid rebuilding. So put the screws to the electric utilities. Become self suffiecient and own your own generator and power generation system to power your home without consuming expensive gasoline. This ia a one of the kind compressed air powered generator system spinning up a 40k watt generator head. Depending on the size of the tanks, run time can become several days. Use a windmill to re supply your compressed air needs.
This unit comes with 6 scuba tanks that will hold 20,000 psi of total air supply. Also included is a Bauer 5 hp compressor that runs off the generator to resupply the tanks. It was said a change in the valve system and this would become perpetual motion letting the compressor out run the 40k generator by 32 minutes. Should become a museum piece for others to see. Actually runs and produces power. There is no other air engine in existance that can produce 40k watts of power. Can save you thousands of dollars a month in electricity. Call me at 979-885-9145 KAZ

  • Location: Hempstead
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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“One of a kind” how special! And…. Hempstead? do they smoke a lot of hemp there??



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8 Responses to Whacked Idea of the Month?

  1. Butch Cherrington says:

    PT Barnum was right.

  2. Bill knighton says:

    I hear a lot of questions about solar and it’s return of investment. I wish that it was not an issue. What is the return on a $25000 car when you might have bought a $13000 one? Or a $200,000 home when a $150,000 would have worked. Too many people have bought late in the housing boom and may never get the returns of the past and it’s kind of depressing thinking about people getting wealthy just by sitting on something. I like the kind of investment where someone has an idea for a service or product and they need investment for production and technical skills are employed to make everyone involved wealth. I think most investments have nothing to do with that anymore and are just different ways of buying collectables on wall street from government financed wealthy New Yorkers. An off grid system that makes useful, precious electricity, the master resource, all day long is a bargain investment even if it never matches the price per kwr of the local grid.

    • Bill knighton says:

      That’s kwhr

    • George B. says:

      Bill, there are whacked investments, and other investments.
      We should all attempt to steer clear of the Whacked ones.
      It’s unfortunate that our own Government forces us to invest in some of them.. ethanol fuel perhaps?

      • Bill knighton says:

        I do not believe the government can ever be a good investor. It’s too easy to mess up when playing with other peoples money, know there’s plenty more to be taken.

  3. Bill knighton says:

    What I have said is more applicable to off gridders. Gore bots telling us the government can make us alt energy cost be damned need to worry more about the numbers. Especially since some of the companies they will be interacting with seem to be set up for the purpose of absorbing government energy dollars. There is one that aims to make solar towers to generate steam to run turbines. They propose flat mirrors to save cost. They will be made in Israel and have been in business for decades. Now all of a sudden they are an America company and when I looked at their disclosures I can see that they formed a company here made of a few people that owns the larger actual company in Israel. There is an article I found in an Israel newspaper explaining all the jobs this will make for israel, this alleged american company.

  4. George Ensor says:

    Hi George,
    Why does government take so long to cotton on to a good idea. 30 years ago or more I wandered into a bookshop in Sheffield UK and was amazed to find books describing methane digestion from excrement. In India people were burning dried cow dung for cooking food leading to blindness caused by the smoke and depletion of nutrients in the soil due to cow dung not going back into it. With a couple of buckets and an old inner tube cow dung was digested anaerobically to produce methane to cook with and the residue was put back on the soil and was even better than raw dung from a fertilization point of view. Then one reads that sewage treatment plants in UK are all self-sufficient in power because they too produce methane by anaerobic digestion. Now, finally, someone has cottoned on and the first municipal plant producing methane from human waste is being built to carry out “trials”!!! Given the 7 billion souls soon to inhabit this planet of ours, unlike fossil fuels, human is not going to run out anytime soon.

    Another thing that gets right on my tits is that our greenie politicians keep trumpeting that green energy is going to create “thousands” of jobs. This may be so but it won’t be in the UK, all the new wind turbines springing up in our green and pleasant land come from elsewhere in Europe, the only UK wind turbine factory closed down the other year and it is not clear to me why this happened, perhaps they couldn’t afford all the brown envelopes full of used notes!!!

    Keep up the good work


    • George B. says:

      HI George E.
      It’s all so easy to separate the wheat from the chaff.. Just keep the government out of it! Let the private sector make the investments, I very much resent government investign for me, they select losers ALMOST EVERY TIME.. And fo course, those losers are almost always their friends!

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