We need make time to review yesterday’s news.

Do consider reviewing this article: People are often critical of true leaders… 

Leaders lead, they don’t wait for the polls to give them the more popular path.

Of great interest to me is the comments. It really does make me wonder if we are not a doomed species having interfered with natural selection a little too much..  



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5 Responses to We need make time to review yesterday’s news.

  1. Quinn says:

    I’m getting really tired of reading stories with the term “doubled down” in them. Who taught those dweebs to write, anyway?



  2. George B. says:

    As for this attack in Lybia, we need stick with the facts. First… we don’t know all the facts, but we do know our Ambassador loved the People in the region, and wanted Lybia to develop into a country where people have a say in their own government, and how things are done. He understood the risks, and he also knew that a big Fort is a big target and likely chose to keep a lower profile. His security detail and the Military likely agreed with the assessment. He knew the risks, and it is not for others to criticize the risk assessments the Ambassador made. As for our Government calling so much attention to this movie, we won’t know all the reasons why for some time.
    At the end of the day, we only access that Romney really hit a score spot in the White House on this one, and in retaliation, they sent their big gun “Joe Biden” to the debate arena fully prepared to be disrespectful, heckle, and belittle Ryan. To show himself unprofessional, and to act less Vice Presidential than anyone in modern times save for Al Gore. A genuine Ass of a performance. The far left loved it! It’s as if Axelrod had personally tutored Joe himself.
    For many of us.. we were personally embarrassed knowing that the world sat in, and were able to see what kind of people the freest society in the world elect to high office. The world was forced to note Ryan was a far more civil and respectful man, one who will likely bring us no shame.

    Had you asked Stevens about his vision of a free Lybia, I’m sure he might have told you that one day.. they might even have a say about the choice of their medical care.

    • bob g says:

      have you been watching the congressional hearings?

      the lady ms lamb is responsible for the security details of our foreign embassy’s

      she was the one that denied several requests for added security

      she was monitoring the activities in real time when it all came down.

      she knew there was no riot outside the compound, she knew when the attack started and got real time reporting as to what was happening.

      her decision to deny any increase in security was not based on budget cuts.

      all this an more she testified to in under oath in front of congress.

      our intelligence agency head testified that they never mentioned any video, that they reported that it was a terrorist attack immediately.

      somebody up the food chain sent down the order to deny any increase in security and it now looks like it was hillary.

      again no mention of a video or a demonstration resulting from such a video came from the intelligence community, or from ms. lamb herself… they all knew it was a terrorist attack and most likely from al quaeda .

      one of our congressmen, chavitz iirc went to ground zero and interviewed the locals, no one ever mentioned a video clip at all, not one mention there.

      this video excuse was put out to provide cover for the administration and the state dept. the hope was the story would be picked up in libya and the excuse would take root as the cause… well it didn’t work out that way.

      i watched 4 hours of the hearing the other day, and i would strongly suggest every american find one of the video feeds and watch it.

      bob g

  3. George B. says:

    Bob.. Good post.. if that hearing is longer than 3 minutes, who will listen?

    • bob g says:

      that is the problem, no one seems to want to listen!
      and obama’s boys know this better than anyone!

      what i learned from all the focus groups lately is this,…

      folks are willing to pay more attention that the politico’s and talking heads would have us believe, especially those left in the middle.

      the younger generation are actually paying attention, as they don’t have jobs and have a lot of college debt… they are pissed off knowing that they will be the ones having to pay the bill for our sin’s… these kids are wanting the details, they are getting into the weeds and crunching the numbers.

      and i for one find this refreshing!

      on the other end of the spectrum, i have been beating the drum with the older folks, and know a one lady 78yo, that stayed up till 2am watching all 4 hours of the house hearings… and she has been very vocal with her group of friends to do the same…

      i find that refreshing too!

      i am reminded that in the revolution only 10% of the folks fought in the war for independence. so it would seem that even small numbers of folks can make a huge difference in elections.

      provided they are not dead people that are doing the voting.

      in closing, the 4 hours of hearings were quite riveting. there was so much that came out over the course of the 4 hours that i didn’t want to even break away to go take a break! this is quite unusual for house hearing which typically are as entertaining as watching paint dry.

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