Jay Inslee is no Techie!

Jan Inslee, an Attorney, and Politician. Just what kind of Book would he write about the promise of green energy?   

How smart is Jay Inslee? Well he calls attention to the fact that he wrote a book on clean energy.  Within the pages is plenty of proof he has no technical background, but he doesn’t seem to recognize just how inept he is as per his technical assumptions.  

Nearly every idea  Mr. Inslee proposes in his book is now history, and the failure of these ideas is well understood.  I can’t imagine a Govenor more inept in the understanding of what creates a job.  

It’s not the fact that Inslee wrote the book that is disturbing.. it’s the fact that he calls attention to it ! 

Google Jay Inslee Book if you have the stomach to learn more.  Green appears to be Jay’s religion, of course the forced tithing on our part makes millionaires out of a lot of players. Your average progressive has no clue what their leaders are up to, that includes Jay…   




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