Utterpower’s most important post? I think so…

I defriended a younger person today, he’s Vietnamese,  young and has no need to study the rights given to him by his new country. He’s sure he understands it all. Had Cain not had the rock, his brother would be alive today! Asians cherish education, they are at the top of the class as per averages, so why is it the majority of them here vote for the free and easy road?  Sure, there’s comments here, so you can tell me where I’ve gone wrong.

There’s a film worth watching..

S21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine

you can so readily find it, even on net-flix.

Cambodia, a country full of intelligent, educated, kind, compassionate people. Many are still in shock, how did it happen all so quickly? And how are those left behind dealing with so much blood on their hands? Who is it that thinks they are stronger? Smarter, Wiser? Many on our shores, if not most will be lucky to measure up to these people.  

It was not that long ago, my wife witnessed an accident on our infamous Kent Kangley. A Cambodian Man, meek and humble was side swiped by a woman, and it was clearly her fault. The Cambodian man trembling with fear.. the woman yelling at him, and accusing him of hitting her! She was spitting venom, and angered my wife. She stepped in and told her to back off! the Man looked at my wife with fear in his eyes. and in broken english he asked “I hit her?” My wife replied “NO NO! she is a crazy woman, she hit you!” 

My wife knew this man could not defend himself, and she worked to gain his trust, and explain that she had seen it all, and was his witness. She wrote a note with our phone number,  his car good to drive. but likely a total due to the amount of damage.

Several hours later, a woman called, it was the man’s wife. Her english so much better, and the story that this man was in a prison camp in Cambodia and unwilling to even raise his voice outside his own house, a man changed forever.

So many experts I have known told me so many things would never happen, and so many have during the past 15 years. In  years past Kings had ways of cleansing us of the cocksure, they simply beheaded the fools who were so sure and found to be so wrong.

Our Framers knew of the problem, and gave us the right to bear Arms..  

Cambodia. A country so full of Thoughtful people, and still it all happened, but we are different, today, we can choose to defend ourselves. but will that be true tomorrow?

Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, it’s worth every minute of your time to read her articles.  







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  1. Bill knighton says:

    This is what I bring out when Khmer Rouge are mentioned. Covert action quarterly was made by a couple of CIA guys who were discusted by their jobs. This is what our government is about.

    • George B. says:

      How it all happened? Best to know that it did..
      I don’t know about tomorrow, but today, most Gorillas would skirt my neighborhood for easier turf to take. The lead would darken the sky if necessary.

  2. Bill knighton says:

    Your commentary was correct and applies not only to the young. George takei (sulu from Star Trek) has a video where he complains , rightly, about having to recite the pledge of allegiance from inside a concentration camp for Japanese Americans. His housing in the camp was made of 2×4 and tar paper but it was is some miserably cold place. You’d think he would be learned from this. I was suprized to see him do an official Obama ad praising the party who ran his concentration camp where he and his family were held for 4 years.
    It’s a bit like the last part of 1984.

    • Bill knighton says:

      I meant to say not only to the yound. i am 100% convinced that our political system and apologists for government could accommodate any atrocity such as starting WW3 and a genocide equal to Germany’s. what evidence is there that our people are morally superior to the ones in who elected hitler?

      • George B. says:

        I took the liberty to edit same.

        I think we have a chance to find ourselves in the exact same place Austria found themselves in 1938. Our electorate to choose the same easy path they did. There are all too few in our voting ranks who even believe hunger can happen in their own house!

        Fact is our present electorate is no accident, but those who helped to make it what it is will soon find that they are not leading the parade so much as being drug along by a mob demanding more and more each day. Save this post? Better to save what Ileana writes.

        Dr Ileana Paugh? She understands it all so well.


    • Bill knighton says:

      Meant to say not only the young.

  3. George B. says:

    Relax Bill, There are no big evils left, and the small one? We just sweep them from our path. Onward we march, the Hojo to make our energy, and the printing press to pay our every debt!

    We know them as fools, but will we take action to be ready as we can?

  4. Bill knighton says:

    I am 100% convinced that our political system and apologists for government could accommodate any atrocity such as starting WW3 and a genocide equal to Germany’s. what evidence is there that our people are morally superior to the ones in who elected hitler?

  5. bob g says:

    i see no evidence that our populace is morally superior to anyone! at any time! quite the contrary, i think we have moved away from morality in every possible way over the last 50 years.

    without morality what the hell do we have?

    we have a large percentage of our population that are devoid of any morals and would sell their own mother for another handout from the government,

    oh yes, they would be all inflamed about me saying they would sell their mothers? really!

    they are selling their children’s future, that is if they haven’t aborted them to start with!

    the hope is the glide path to the crash would be a shallow one, however i see no indication of anything but a steeper decline and certain pain for many folks.

    planning? oh yes, we best better be planning, otherwise the pain will also be visited upon us.

    btw, thank God for folks like your wife George for having the intestinal fortitude to stand up for that poor man, God bless her!

    bob g

  6. SWLee says:

    Hi George,

    i visited S21 recently in Sept.

    while there and in my inner reflection, this had to be the worst of mankind i ever seen.

    on the contrary, the magnificent grandeur of Angkor is beyond awe.

    most of the walk behind tractor trailer combi are powered by the little 4 speed Honda 50cc sport engine though.

  7. George B. says:

    Yes Lee! wonders beyond any we have here, and far older! Does it give more merit to the cause of concern I mention? It only takes a generation to lose it all..

    Oh that little 50cc Honda, it could move the world if only we have the right gear and enough time 🙂 In some places like Japan in the 60s, another five CCs gave the rider extra privledges… to carry a passenger 🙂 Thanks for your comment Lee, I wish I had traveled as far as you and seen so much..

    People here would love to see a two wheeled tractor wiht only 50cc engine, if you have any, please please share!!

    • Bill knighton says:

      What engine is this? Is this what was in a super cub?

      • George B. says:

        Soon Wah Lee references the lowly push rod 50cc honda that has been made since the 60s.. fact is there may have been some sold as early as 58 in USA, 59 for sure.. these are nearly impossible to kill.. at least that’s been my experience, they are still in production some where. I don;t know if it’s an authorized Honda thing, but all patents and rights to the design would likely have expired long long ago..

  8. SWLee says:

    Hi Bill and George,

    the 50 cc Honda come in 2 flavor. the cub (where you meet the nicest people tag line) and the sport with a scrambler like high tail pipe (not so common). the sport has 4 speeds instead of 3 of the cub.

    Discovery channel made a documentary on the Honda cub 50th anniversary 2 years ago.

    they try every means to destroy it in the documentary but failed. so in their frustration they throw it down from a 7 stories (IIRC) building hoping to destroy it at last. the 2 rims were bend but the engine (long filled with used cooking oil for lubrication) come to life on 1st kick. the rider rode it away in limp mode but it still works.

    • George B. says:

      OK, Lee I forgot the cub name, but I had a 50cc Super Sport 4 speed, with manual clutch! I loved it to death! It’s was a 1962 white in color, tough as one could ever want..

  9. Russell says:

    Gee I thought that piper used a lycoming O320 in the super cub!

  10. Bill knighton says:

    This is the current supercub line. There’s a ton of them and they are fuel injected. It says the fuel injection system is so energy efficient that it can get enough power to start with a kick start on a dead battery. Of course it’s not available here like most other small efficient things. For once I don’t blame the government. This must be a honda descision since our country is flooded with 50 and 125 cc no name gy-6 powered chineese scooters.

    • George B. says:

      Great adds to this thread!
      So few will read thru to find it though.
      Here in the Small town of Enumclaw WA. was a first Honda dealer..
      Hinshaws. The founder.. a most honorable man, and many young people bought their first transportation there. I do think he sold some in 1959, or at least some were made in that year..

    • George B. says:

      A mention of the chinese efforts, their cities turn brown with haze so thick tourists flee to the better hotels for filtered air to breath.

      The Chinese are naturally interested in lowering emissions, and this is spawning the research and development of EFI systems for scooters. The water cooled engine Lee and David provided me was advertised as being an EFI engine, but it is so new, it will likely be a while before we consider it a reasonable investment. We need understand that China wants it fr their market, so no doubt they’ll work hard to make it an affordable option..

  11. Bill knighton says:

    Interesting. Wikipedia says the symba 100 is licensed from honda and it is available in the usa.

  12. Bill knighton says:

    It gets better. Sym made honda supercubs for 40 years before becoming an independent company.

    • George B. says:

      Just a note.. The full price of the most lowly honda on my first visit to Japan was $85 USD. Did I like Japan back then? If you liked machines, there was soo much to look at your eyes would soon cross.. Honda made true art forms in the mid sixties.. Race ready models were as easy to order as a bottle of Saki, you could take delivery the next day.

  13. Bill knighton says:

    I never had a cub. I did have as a first bike a honda cb175 and I think it was one of the best looking bikes and a real sweet ride. Wish I still had it.
    It was just like this one, including color.

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