DIYers ,E15 may ruin your day.

Yes, Yes, we can now count on our elected representatives in Government to do the popular thing not the prudent thing. 

E15 Trust us, it's good for you :-)

E15 Trust us, it’s good for you 🙂



E15 will likely show up at some pump station you visit all too soon.  We need note that the powers that be made sure the diesel nozzle can’t be used to fill your gasoline car, but they plan to do nothing to prevent you from using  the 15 percent blend that >WILL< void your warranty according to  Manufacturer of Autos. How could this happen in a country determined to look after your every need and make decisions on your behalf?  

E10 (the 10% Blend of Ethanol in gasoline) has pushed a number of engines into early failures by forcing the engines to run leaner, this damage IS followed by much higher emissions in some cases, and valve and/or seat damage causes unburned fuel and lubricants to leave the engine in the form of much higher emissions.

E10 also reduces your mileage about 5%, as the Ethanol contains about half the BTUs by Volume than gasoline.  The engines you should be most concerned about are flat head designs manufactured before ethanol blended fuels were in use, and the many engines that expressly forbid you to use the Ethanol blends. Among these are Industrial engines like the Kohlers that may run forever if you keep E10 and higher out of them.

E10 causes a lot of problems in areas where there’s a higher moisture content in the air and the fuel tank is vented where it can breath with the daily temperature cycle, do not think that this stuff is stable fuel! E15 will be a far worse problem, and expect even poorer mileage over E10. There are other problems too numerous to list in certain autos, some manufacturers got plastic formulations more correct and there’s less problems IF you dirve your car frequently and keep fresh fuel in the car, and have a gas cap that seals correctly. A missing or ill fitting gas cap could cost you expensive repair with this fuel.  

We have arrived at a point where we can rely on our Elected officials to do the popular thing, not the prudent thing. There’s billions to be made in subsidies, and political support to be gained by extending the game to those who will reward them with political support, and this has nothing to do with what side of the aisle they sit, pay no attention to what they say.. but to their deeds.  

One thing you should never expect to see is any studies conducted by the EPA to measure the emissions created by engines damaged by fuels they were not designed to run. It’s simply a fact that cars have left the production line tuned in a way to meet EPA emissions, but running so lean and hot that engine parts could not tolerate the temperatures and failed short term causing more emissions than if they were tuned according to the Manufacturer’s spec.

I wonder about our legal system? It seems to me that E15 might bring about opportunities for law suites. Fuel vendors have protected us when it comes to pumping diesel into our gasoline powered cars with the use of different sized nozzles, what precedence might this set? And should all drivers including the ones who don’t speak english know better than to pump this stuff into their 2012 or older car that is NOT designed for it?  

Should they have an extra button on the pump that forces your wife or 16 year old child to push it in acknowledgement that this fuel may void >your< warranty if it’s pumped into  the tank? How many languages should the pump give the warning in? 

One thing you can rest assured of.. this fuel will produce less mileage per volume than Gasoline, you will travel less distance per gallon on the stuff, and you will pay more for food, as you will be tendering the cost of the subsidies and the much higher food prices.

Beyond the understanding of most Gang Greenies is just how much electrical energy is used to melt a car body and make ready the metal to be sent over seas to make a replacement for it. The energy used to make a new car is  likely more than that small solar installation you last  saw on the roof of a house  will make in 30 years. 

None of this is good for you, but it certainly is good for politicians who make the irrational game in subsidies and gain political support for their re-election in doing so.

Cars are an expense for most of us, they are a necessary tool, people who are concerned about the environment  attempt to keep them and maintain them in order to get a better return on investment expressed as cost per mile.  E15 assures we will burn more gallons of the stuff to cover those same miles.  You need not allow those who will tell you different, as it’s all about the fuel and the fact that Ethanol is a poorer fuel as per energy density. You need burn about twice as many gallons of ethanol fuel to cover the same distance as un-molested gasoline would take you.

Another thing you can  be assured of ‘Gang Greenies’ will never be curious about how much energy is used to make Ethanol, just how many gallons of diesel fuel did it take to run the plow and other ground prep to grow the Corn? The tons of fertilizer that is said to poison  the ground water.  The energy used to pump water,  the harvesting equipment, the processing, the billions of BTUs used to maintain ideal fermentation temperatures, and of course the energy intensive distillation process. Then of course we have all the trucks on the road to haul the stuff, and all the blending errors done all over the country you never hear about!  Yes, there have been cases where it was supposed to be blended as E10, but it was found to be much higher and this begs us to ask, when they are blending E15, just how high might they choose to blend it? The more they blend in, the more they can take out of your back pocket in subsidies, and of course if you make use of their blending errors, there’s a high chance you will destroy that old treasure you have, it might be a welder made better than anything you can buy today, or and old industrial pump you rely on to kep your home dry in the worst of the rainy season. If you damage this equipment, what will it cost you? If you are forced to burn E10, do look into adjusting the fuel air mixture to assure Exhaust gas temps are not too high for the design., and drain the float bowl and fuel system when your done running the stuff.    

One thing you suspect.. … no one would be making this stuff  without subsidies, because it is all an irrational game to play, at least it is based on corn, and using land normally used to produce food.

There’s another thing Gang Greenies ignore, there were over a million children that starved last year. Corn subsidies raise the price of food, and help place food out of reach as per its price for many in the third world.  Gang Greenies will rightfully morn along with all of us for the children who lost their lives at the hands of mad men last year.  But if you talk to them in private about the million or so who starved,  they might tell you that we have far too many people on the planet, and their deaths are good for the planet.

And for those who are fuel savvy, don’t we all wonder why it is we still sell fuel by volume VS weight? And why is it the Grocery store has the cost per Oz or such, and the energy store doesn’t give a cost per BTU value? Shouldn’t we be made aware how much we’re paying for the energy we buy?  

Many people trust snopes.. so here’s a link to what they say..

Find your own source, but do the smart thing and ignore your Government on this one.  And what the Gang Greenies say,  it’s the same old game.. follow the money leaving your back pocket…  know the truth.

Nope, I don’t claim to have the answers, but I do think this is mostly a game played by those who attempt to stay in power by granting favors in the form of subsidies.  But more important, what do your think? Consider commenting here.


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  1. George B. says:

    Yes, I comment first.. Count on one thing, the EPA has put you and your pocket book dead last as per their concerns with Ethanol blends. Lisa Jackson is an activist, and you can count on her being replaced with a person cut from the same cloth..

  2. bob g says:

    lots of folks having hell with 2 stroke engine running alcohol blended fuels, they end up having to buy new carburetors because the corrosion gets into places that you can’t get to.

    i don’t like the stuff at all for that reason.

    bob g

  3. Russ D says:


    Yet another “feel good” fuel.

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