Utterpower's 186PMG Prototype Generator

120/240 60HZ AC PMG can carry loads at 4225 watts, with excellent starting of induction motors,  but we rate it at 3KW Continuous and this includes high ambient temperatures.

As you can see, this is a fairly compact design. Under the belt cover are two trouble free and efficient Allmand Serpentine Drive Pulleys. In this case, the engine is fitted with a 5.0 inch pulley, and the PMG fitted with the 4.2, which allows the engine to run at lower RPM, greatly extending its life over a 1:1 drive ratio. I think this engine is quite happy at 3000RPM, but 3600 is pushing the engine too hard to get the longevity out of it. Backing off even 300 RPMs in some of these higher speed designs can more than double the life of the engine.

This is only one example of a PMG gen set, but I’m sure you can see just how easy it is to build your own generator with the PMG and Allmand drive pulleys.

If Mad Max was designing one, he’d be using the PMG and the Allmand drive pulleys.   You can change the drive ratio in two minutes and replace an engine in a few more minutes.  The PMG has one moving part; if it isn’t part of the design, it can’t break!

This engine has electric start and it is not necessary to use the decompressor with the electric start.  Cogging is not a big problem and manual starting was easy for me.

Thanks to the EPA, these small diesels are much harder to find.  I have found a few for sale and you can email me for a lead if I have one at the moment.

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4 Responses to Utterpower's 186PMG Prototype Generator

  1. Vincent J Cataldi says:

    I have tried several times to contact you regarding an emp hardened PMG.

    I see the sold out note – what is time likely to sell, and deliver, cost, and shipping to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 63211 USA

    Than you – Vince

    • George B. says:

      My apologies Vince, we are still sold out. I had a new arrival date, but that hasn’t been met due to technical problems. I’ll update the change, and notify people on the notify list when things change, you are on the list.. I can’t give a new date. Cost of the last PMGs I had were $759.95 delivered with pulley. I won’t know on the next batch till I pay customs, and other fees.

  2. Gary Wilser says:

    George , Any thoughts on direct drive from my prime mover through a lovejoy coupling to the PMG ? I have a lister-petter 6 HP diesel already mounted on a trailer with a 40-50 gallon tank . It was formerly a military heater unit .It runs at 3600 RPM and is a bit noisy , but I have it just sitting there. Or would you recommend a belt drive/overdrive so I can back off on the RPM ? I assume I could do that , but I haven’t tried it .My goal is to eventually get a slow speed diesel like a listeroid , but I haven’t found one yet . Also , Are the PMG generators back in stock now ? I just ordered the CD along with Bill Rodgers book . I look forward to receiving it .

  3. wjjeffery says:

    Are there plans for larger PMG’s? A 10kw or 15kw unit would be really nice for powering a whole house.

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