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Who will you trust?


Might I remind you? You’re a DIYer, and you’ve been doing it for a reason! You’ve learned that others normally charge you a high markup only to screw up the stuff they do for you! You can’t take out your own appendix, but there are other things you can do..  just when was it that Bernanke saw the housing bubble?  I bet it was after you did, fact is, it had to slap him in the back of head to even take notice, and this same bozo is working on QE3! WE need open his head and look for the receiver! Is it China that has the remote? 

As Europe entombs itself inside the latest Pyramid scheme called the EU, we essentially do the same thing! One of our strengths was the States and the independence they had to manage their own affairs. Much of this autonomy has been unwittingly  surrendered by your elected state representatives!  It started in earnest with the clean air act. I noticed because it was what took away our stationary engine exemptions.  

And what can’t be tied to clean air? When a cow pisses on a flat rock,  there’s ammonia  made, and it will enter the atmosphere, therefore  the FED can rule over cows and flat rocks on the day they see an advantage to do so.

As the individual countries in Europe willingly and unwillingly surrender their ability to rule over themselves via the EU, we do the same here.  And don’t we all wonder… if Obamacare can be levied on us, what is it that can’t be placed on our backs?

And more good news!  The birth rate is down!  And just how will they pay out Social Security not to mention all the other entitlements they promised in exchange for a vote! Yes, you watched them steal the Social Security out of the trust fund, and they got away with it.

Children,  do choose, what would you rather do? Eat Candy, or pick up your toys?  that’s the question a modern politician asks. He wants to remain in power… no matter what..

These are all events that normally spawn a world War. Those who bring it on suggest they do it all to bring an end to all  wars:-)  As you watch it all unravel, just how much credibility do they deserve? I think it’s clear they can’t manage simple things, but never underestimate their ability to over-estimate their abilities! walk on water, cure cancer, feed the hungry, they’ll do it all.. but first.. just sign here….. 

One battle you can expect to see, communists and socialists hate the ‘right to work states’.  Your right to choose whether you join a union or not is not a right you should have according to them. I expect you will see this battle to play out as if it were the civil war all over again.

Many are fleeing other States to take advantage of far cheaper homes, more freedom, and jobs! They understand you don’t need the same wage when everything else is half price! these will be the better place to live.       

Do your own thing!  





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  1. Bill knighton says:

    Just imagine if we offered citizenship plus a ride here for almost anyone who’s willing to demonstrate some kind of aptitude. All those young people having babies filling cities bringing back wasteland strip malls and cities. In Raleigh it kind of works like a bomb , development. There is a wave. the way the cutting-edge new good things are put there and then about five years later what’s behind it becomes undesirable and frequently totally burned out useless ugliness. But the wave keeps extending outwards. So there’s all this undesirable property that no one’s using behind the wave. About the last five years there’s been a huge influx of Mexicans and Latin Americans. They’ve taken entire strip malls and completely converted them to little Mexico City’s with all kinds of businesses and services and fields with kids playing soccer. They have live music and hundreds of people in the parking lot with car shows and a dozen other activities. totally resurrected blasted urban wasteland. And it turns out their international grocery stores are a heck of a lot nicer than the boring ones around here that sell the same crap. Imagine 20 or 50 new cities in the Great Plains each with 10 million people apiece. Let’s get them in from Mexico and Africa, the Middle East and anyplace they’ll come. that’s what made America. Besides whether we like it or not the other way doesn’t work. The Republican Party will never get into presidential office again if they maintain their status of the party of anti-immigration and fear of brown people. People I’ve known from Africa, the Middle East and Latin America we’re not afraid of work. If it werent for the immigration problems and a few other disposable Republican problems they would’ve been Republicans. They weren’t a bunch of lazy people looking for handouts. They knew work. And I don’t mean sitting in some office pushing insurance policies on people on who don’t want them. I mean work. That’s how were going to get young people here and make this place jumping again. there is no other way. I frequently hear this excuse that “I’m not against immigration and I’m not a racist, I just want them to come here legally and go through the procedures, not as lawbreakers.” Okay that’s easy then make the law so anyone who comes here and has a job is a citizen with no paperwork. Simple if that’s all they were worried about was law. that’s easy to fix. Better yet do away with citizenship. How about this : if you’re a human you can stay here, you’re welcome here. I hear this lie : “my ancestors had to come the hard way and work their way into it, why should these other people( brown) take a shortcut?” Their ancestors didn’t have to jump 1/ 100th of the obstacles that modern immigrants have to do. Their people just came here got a job and that was fine or if it was a little later in history they applied for a few things and got citizenship. Instead we hear modern white people complaining about immigrants having babies and changing our culture. Our goal should be to have hundreds of new cities that look like Shanghai with millions or even 1 billion people doing all kinds of jobs for themselves not exporting work around the world and having people coming here to do our manual labor only to get treated poorly. It’s will be a delight to watch regulators choke on all these new people. It’s a delight to imagine all the compromises they will have to make. We see it already in instances where known illegals are allowed to work because even authority sometimes understands that if they were not there then businesses like farms and butcher houses will cease. And road crews and house crews and all kinds of construction crews. things where people are actually working. Garment workers. We owe so much to the emigrants that it is incalculable.

  2. George B. says:

    To me, it looks like we rush in to make adjustments to supply and demand.. we really have no trust in the markets to sort things out.. It’s takes a bit of time, but we are most impatient creatures.

    All we can do is take care of our own house I guess. Having people here who make more than they take seems key. People from Mexico normally want nothing more than a job. that’s pretty amazing… I think our kids demand far more..

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