The other Women in my life, Ayn Rand and Ileana Johnson Paugh.

 I doubt there will ever be a review of the underground utilities in the areas most affected by the storm on the east coast, and what wasn’t properly maintained. Much of the oversee is the PUC who often have communist views, ‘the outside plant belongs to the people’.  Yes, that’s their view in many states and counties, they remove any incentive for the utilitiy Company to maintain the outside plant, and of course they don’t fix stuff themselves.

Is this a good example of what Government does?  They wish to dictate, they wish to control, but what responsibility do they assume? There’s a fair chance that a broken water main would have filled that vault, and a power outage arriving at the same time might have filled it to the brim! Open splices, unsealed cables entering the vault. What was found wrong and neglected? Most likely you’ll never hear.

Somewhere stuck to the back of some file cabinet are pleadings made by some outside plant engineer, things found wrong, things needing fixed, and likely management decisions about where the money needs to go. Why is it you’d maintain what you don’t own? Why would you ever upgrade it? Isn’t this at the heart of so many problems?

I ask you.. who are the real technicians when it comes to the economy? Who is it that has studied it up close and isn’t ‘dependent’ on the gifts from the public purse for their every need? Why would we listen to those who feed at that trough? won’t they only tell us to keep the slop coming?

I see the women I honor on this page as the guiding lights.  I see Patty Murray as the face of Socialism that works 7/24 to undermine the foundation of freedom. Yes, Patty is not so well traveled, not so well educated, not so technical. But greatly loved for her generosity with the public purse, it’s all she knows, and it’s all she needs to know to attract a faithful following. I mention this, because her followers find Paugh and Rand lacking something, how much more ‘lacking’ than some of their leaders be?

I remember those old and sometimes cantankerous outside plant engineers. They took their jobs seriously, they knew just what could go wrong, they felt responsible, they could care less about being popular, they had a job to get done, and wanted it done right. They’d tangle with the CEO if need be, but those were the days of personal responsibility.       

I see Ileana Johnson Paugh in the same light as those past Engineers who knew the job so well. She’s a Technician, having taught economics for 30 years, she knows you can NOT put people in houses they can’t afford to buy.  She knows of the fallacies of sub prime loans, and far more.  But the real difference between her and so many in Government?  She is a true American who understands what we have and what we stand to lose, >and< she’s not willing to be silent and let it all happen on her watch without  sounding the warning bell. And what do your leaders do?

Unfortunately, there are so many others who only care about their day in power, it seems that’s now the majority in Washington DC with some exceptions of course. 



So read on…. 

 I find it ironic that the two minds I most admire this year are those of women. Both of them are excellent mechanics, they are able to study a machine and make a clear diagnosis.  Meanwhile, there’s a pile of men who can be lead around by the paycheck, and we see their faces on TV. They live in both houses in DC, they work in the Media, some are most careful NOT to say a thing that might jepordize their place at the hog trough.

I made the time to read every word of this recent article below, and I find several things alarming, and I think you will too.

No Need to read further, jump to the article , read on only if you  want to know what I’m thinking..

First, Europe is doing what they’ve have always done! They are doing it all over again! Are we trapped inside Ground Hog Day.  Will we use the knowledge of the past  to help set our own compass course?

One comment Ileana makes might need some clarity, The French people allowed their vote to be split, and they allowed the smaller vote to prevail. The vast majority of French people KNOW that our Obama Care will fail, and they know  that they cannot afford what they do right now, by no means did the French majority sanction the course they’re on in the last election.

Ileana could be making a lot of money if only she played by their rules, she could be one of our Czars, she could be a Senator like Patty Murray!

What Europe doesn’t fully understand yet… We Americans are busy scuttling the rescue boat that they’ve used a number of times before! And perhaps the saddest part of this play we watch  unfold?  We’re on that boat!

Ayn Rand and Ileana Johnson Paugh, no doubt they don’t see everything the same, but they both know that Socialism is just Communism, without the need to openly kill those who oppose your rule over them, at least they don’t do it in broad daylight, or with a bullet to the head, it’s actually a slower and more painful process of killing you they use.  How did they (Ileana and Ayn) form their opinions? By studying it all up close!

consider subscribing to what Dr. Paugh writes…


And the IPCC attempts to document that you need deliver more slop into their hog trough, what a suprise!

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12 Responses to The other Women in my life, Ayn Rand and Ileana Johnson Paugh.

  1. Eliot says:

    Don’t just do something stand there.

    • George B. says:

      Some say.. don’t get excited, it’s all politics! Meanwhile, and Engineer I know who is normally PC posted this video I share here.. his comment, “we’re screwed!” Does it take an engineer to do the basic math?

      And all you need know is >your< plan. Your Government didn't have one, that's why we are here now. But it's really worse than that, they take polls to find out what is the more popular thing to do! We need leaders, not people who ask an uninformed electorate what would be the more popular thing?

      It reminds me of asking a child… "would you rather eat candy or pick up your toys?"

  2. Bill knighton says:

    Have you read Rand’s anthem? I think I like it over atlas or fountainhead. In the forward she describes a conversation that lead to the books creation and it is a good motivator. Someone asked her to write a story about the result if all collectivist goals were actualized. What would such a world look like?

  3. Bill knighton says:

    Rand wasn’t perfect but she starts most libertarians on their way. They progress, though. She also had nothing but direspect for religious people. Called them irrational and discounted their opinions. She is great up to a point.

    • George B. says:

      We discuss these things in an attempt to know which way the wind blows. I think it’s over 90 percent of the population that wouldn’t discuss what’s going on for fear they be wrong, for fear they go against the grain of friend’s thinking. I give Ayn credit for daring to be a voice. And who isn’t suprised there’s a full cache of reasons NOT to like her? Ron Paul, many love him, >Half< his ideas seem brilliant! Ileana is a voice as well, and of course as her name and message gets out, she predictably becomes a target. Our Crystal Ball? If I had one.. I'd look in. That mirror mirror on the wall. I'd ask..."How many times can Ben Bernanke be wrong? Rand Paul came right out and said.. pension funds are in serious trouble. It's all about listening to these voices, and attempting to sort out what we think we need to do. Seems so many say.. don't worry be happy. I smell smoke, but maybe it's only BBQ ? DIYers will build their house according to the prevailing wind.

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