The EPA might rethink their insane rule on C02.

Ok, put your coffee down..  

Russ Davis, a friend of utterpower sent me this link below. Before you study it, there was a mention about the gulf oil spill here recently where scientists were trying to figure out where the methane in the water went? Wasn’t long and they blamed Mother Nature for doing away with the dangerous stuff that causes global warming. It appeared that bacteria had consumed the over abundance of the stuff, and of course the bugs didn’t bother getting a permit from the EPA before they made a good meal out of it..

Below is notice of a Biotech Company in the USA that received a patent for a ecoli bug genetically altered. It has an affection for C02, and it’s waste product is liquid hydrocarbons!

Imagine, the bugs or their keepers could get paid well to sequester dangerous C02, AND make Oil, Gasoline, Plastics, and far more from this evil outlawed CO2!

If there ever was a Trojan Horse drug onto our shores, the EPA is it.. sued for banning something, sued for not banning something (all at your expense), and now this! The thought of this becoming an economically viable way to make hydrocarbons gives me goose bumps!

Maybe cows will be allowed to exhale and fart in the future?  There’s a chance the EPA will reconsider, Cows and Cowboys alike will appreciate that..

collected cow farts

All the best,

George B.

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4 Responses to The EPA might rethink their insane rule on C02.

  1. Tom says:


    Darn, you are a cynic!

    Keep in mind that our government is beholden to us. Instead of whining about the stupid “investments” our government has chosen, suggest a better “investment”.

    Note also that these people are under a lot of pressure to do something, be it reducing carbon emissions, getting out from the burden of foreign oil sources, and any number of things. Why be negative, let them know what you know. Suggest better alternatives.

    Have a nice day.

    • George B says:


      “these people are under a lot of pressure to do something”

      That’s how a lot of poor quality decisions are made…

      I’m whining all right.. C02 emissions is all about generating taxes in order to build empires we can’t afford to fund.. The EPA has willingly stepped into a tar pit in an effort to tax us to prosperity? My post is all about drawing your attention to the fact, we’ll watch them back up, or watch the wheels come off, one or the other.. I think you are wrong about the government beholden to us. The government is us, and there are all too many of us demanding to take the easy road. But you are dead right.. no one wants to listen to a whiner, so I best move on…. But let me ask you, is there a possibility that’s why we’re in this mess?…. People are just willing to go alone with an insane plan that will lead us all to the poor house? Time will tell all won’t it? I can tell you for a fact, the people who are least worried have the least invested, according to them, any opposition to the ‘give away programs’ is whining.

      Better investments?

      Live within your means,

      Before buying a $40,000-$50,000 dollar electric car, consider payments, insurance, and the possibility of an added state tax because you don’t burn enough fuel to support the current road taxes…(according to the state). If you’ve been in your old car a while, check with the insurance man BEFORE you buy, the higher insurance rate might be a shock to you otherwise.

      If you are nearing retirement, consider moving to a smaller more energy efficient house.

      We might anticipate more growth in the home remodel business, conversion of larger (now empty) homes into duplexes where two famlies can share the burden to suppport a house that was only built that way because there was an >insane< zero down, zero interest loan that allowed any cab driver to move into a 3600 square foot home he could not afford after the teaser loan expired, no real problem though, the loan is really carried on your back once you study the situation..

  2. mobile-bob says:

    for your consideration…

    greenhouses grow things like flowers, tomato plants, and sometimes
    plants of the herb variety that is frowned upon by the law.

    into these green houses they routinely pump co2 from various sources to accelerate the plants growth…

    so doesn’t it stand to reason that we live in the biggest green house in our solar system, that being the case, if we release more co2 would it not accelerate plant growth such as tree’s in the amazon and other rain forests, crops in our fields, and green’s at the golf course?

    is it not possible that the eco system is made such that it can not only tolerate variation in co2 and other gasses just fine, and is it not possible that there is a cyclic capability to tolerate and use dramatic changes in the gaseous component makeup of our atmosphere?

    if we limit co2 production are we not threatening the natural cycle, are we not effectively strangling our foliage, or tree’s? what right do we have as human’s to cut off the air that they breathe? is it not a noble thing to aid in the planet vegetation’s health by not limiting co2 production, but maybe we should step up its production to help jump start the forests that man has gone to great lengths to exterminate?

    we worry about reducing co2 because it “might” raise the global temperature? what right do we have to keep the planet “cool” and comfortable for us? do the plants not have a right to a much more comfortable “warmer” planet with better air (higher co2) to breathe?

    i don’t see the plant world trying to cut off our air, or trying to regulate the environment to their advantage with no concern for our lives.

    we need more cows, we need more engine’s releasing more co2, we need to be eating more beans…

    bob g

    • Russ says:

      Well Bob there you go trying to be all logical. That has no place in the world of politics or policy making. Geez, next you’ll be wanting to allow importation of small, diesel powered cars that can kick a hybrids butt in cost per mile!!


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