The door to our future was left open today, I saw our future!

A proper title… “Why you should invest in Solar?”

I encourage you to view President Obama’s News Conference July 15th 2011, and measure his words carefully.

Among the many statements he made today was an important key to understanding your future. But first, take a moment to recap the recent past and study just how inept your Government has been.

Yes, you watched with your own eyes as Democrats and Republicans alike stood around as  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac handed out Federal Reserve notes like it was monopoly money. You watched people who didn’t even have a job qualify to buy houses twice or three times as grand as your own. You asked yourself at the time, how will these people ever pay off these loans?

What you need remember is “this was no dream you had”.  There he was Barney Frank and many others, both Democrats and Republicans who told us home ownership is always good, and not to worry. We older people knew the truth, this had little to do with ownership, it was more ‘house lending’ as we knew these zero down short-term, zero interest loans would expire, what then?  We also knew how attractive it was for renters, a chance to live in a grand house for five years or more for less money than the apartment they were renting in some cases. They had no skin in the game, walking away would be easy, and some even knew it might take a year or more in order for the lender (you) to foreclose…. even if they didn’t pay a dime. You also noted how hard you worked to save for the down payment of your modest home, and the difficulty of making that more realistic interest payment every month.

Today President Obama made his usual speech that was littered with clues as to how the Markets really work, and right behind the lectern, was a door half-open, and our future in plain view.

The president commented on interest rates, and he said if we as a Nation didn’t raise the debt ceiling, interest rates would go up and this would be bad for all Americans.

You have the wisdom and experience to know how untrue this statement is, and you have a grand seat that will allow you to see our future as well.

First, we need understand what money MUST be in order for it to remain viable. Money must represent life’s energy, a days work, a years work, a life time of work. Through the ages people acquire some kind of wealth, and this is used to carry them through the years they are no longer fit to work. It pays property taxes on a modest home, buys food, and other essentials. Some people choose to join a co-op of sorts, their Unions form pension funds, Corporations form pension funds and of course many if not most invest in 401Ks and similar to fund those years when they know they will be less productive or even unfit for work.

For money to represent life’s energy it MUST be capable of drawing a realistic interest rate, and most would agree that realistic has a lot to do with supply and demand.  If interest rates are forced artificially low and held there, personal pension funds, union pension funds, corporate pension funds WILL eventually fail as there will be no ‘prudent’ investments that will allow them to make use of “life’s energy” (what money must represent to remain viable). When the FED sets artificially low interest rates, they effectively ‘steal’ your bonds and deny you a return on your investments, pension funds of all kinds are targeted.

America is presently borrowing at an insane rate, but perhaps the most damage is being  done by robbing anyone who has contributed to a pension fund, or anyone who has saved a single US Dollar or more by denying them to earn a fair interest rate.

At present, everyone in America sees the class warfare, it is being sold as the poor against millionaires, and Evil Corporations. If you study the mechanics, you’ll see it more clearly, the real damage is being done to those in the middle class  who have saved for a lifetime in order to be responsible Citizens, and this pain and suffering is coming from the Federal Reserve and Congress. It’s unfortunate that so many in the middle class don’t understand who is currently fleecing them.

Perhaps the very best path to recovery is a default on America’s debt, we essentially take the keys away from an inept and corrupt ruling glass who care about little more than their re-election. WE hear from the majority of women that  Michelle and Sara are stupid and totally unfit for leadership, but perhaps they are among the few who see the simple mechanics underlying a failed policy?

It’s time to turn some of those US Dollars into Garden Tools, Seed, and some canning jars. Haven’t these fools proven to you that the only road they’ll travel is the easy road? Haven’t we all learned that the easy road takes us straight to hell?




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  1. Tracy says:

    Well stated, George. I wish more people in America understood this.

  2. A really great article!

    Finally! Someone besides me “gets it” concerning cheap interest rates.

    A proper title… “Why you should invest in Solar?”

    Your lead in reminded me of an article I recently read in Forbes Magazine, also available on line “Bundling the Sun”.

    Edward Fenster, is chief executive of SunRun, a San Francisco-based solar startup that leases rooftop photovoltaic arrays to homeowners who want to avoid the $30,000 or so upfront cost of going solar. Instead they make monthly payments over a 20-year contract, and SunRun owns and maintains the solar panels.

    Banks–and most recently Google–have created so-called tax equity funds to finance those leases, in which investors get to pocket a 30% federal tax break for renewable energy projects.

    Now Fenster is leading the charge to bundle those residential solar leases into securities that can be sold to pension funds, insurance companies and other institutions looking for long-term investments that offer a steady cash flow.

    Hmm, where have we heard that before?

    Read the whole Forbes article: Bundling the Sun
    Todd Woody, 06.29.11, 06:00 PM EDT
    Forbes Magazine dated July 18, 2011

    • George B. says:

      Harold, Sharks will play any game IF there’s money to be made. The Green game is easy, if you can get a cut of the profits on the equipment, the install, and then get a comission on passing along those federal tax incentives, what a great gig! The key is to make sure
      you leave others to pay property taxes, ongoing maintenance, insurance, and more. Those who get their cut up front and run don’t share the risks. What’s especially nice, is the crooks can easily recruit unwitting Environmentalists and Greenies to hold the flashlight for them as they rob the US Treasury’s Vault.

  3. Johnny says:

    Yes, Mr. Obama, I have this beautiful 100% genuine gold watch that I can sell to you for $19.95, …but wait! There’s more!….

    • George B. says:

      I wish it were just Obama, I wish it were just Democrats.. It’s really American Voters wanting the promise of the easy road. The Politician knows he must promise the impossible to have a chance to be elected. We really have no
      choice but to personally prepare for bad times, and pray for some sort of sanity to return. Shovel ready? We have machines for that! Plant a Garden, it’s good exercise, and you might need it.

      Obama has only one card left to play, and Morgan Freeman just delivered it! Obama WILL be known as the ‘Great Divider’ that is his legacy… put that in your abeyance file! The Tea Party in all reality is nothing more than a group of people who want the government to spend less than we make. They are rich, poor, democrat, republican, independent, and every color in the rainbow.. but politics has little to do with reality other than winning the next election, and to demonize this group is considered the key to winning.. We’ll hear that the Tea Baggers are mostly vampires, and many are slave owners before it’s time to vote:-) The thing that should scare you the most is the fact that you live among people who will believe, possibly your neighbor who will also be right there to claim his rightful half of your garden harvest, so make sure your garden plot is generous in size.

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