Inventions, A self contained study in what an invention is not.

Perhaps you’ve looked into Patent law to some degree, and maybe you thought you had a great idea and even thought about getting a patent?

At the root of patent law is the basic premise that this indeed was your idea.  One of the things we see over and over is examples of people who work VERY hard at deceiving themselves.

The definition of a patent is interesting as well, basically it’s an agreement to share your idea in exchange for your right to make exclusive use of it for a certain period of time. The patent becomes public information, and anyone can look it up. Remember this when someone you know goes off on that tangent about the oil companies or big government buying up the rights to a secret patent to keep the common people from making use of a 300 MPG carburetor or similar nonsense.

In order to put the following WEBsite up, the owner must ignore 100 years of fire arms development. He must also ignore the legal definition of what a firearm is.

I can’t remember the first time I saw a primer powered rifle, but they’ve been around for a long time. If you look at a potato gun that makes use of hair spray and a flint igniter, it falls fully into the class of a firearm, and you could legally be charged with discharging a firearm within the city limits IF a police officer were inclined to charge you.

One of the things I find most interesting  about the following website is the plea for you to write your Senator and have them support his delusion that ‘his invention’ is not a firearm, and should be classified as an air rifle.

Note the discloseure of  ‘patent pending’ on his website.

As I close, I reflect on the times I’ve heard young people speak… “sure it’s true, I read it in the paper.”

with no further delays.. study this, it’s a doozie 🙂

As we grow older we realize that half or more of what we read is Bull Shit.. but perhaps the larger sin is when we Bull Shit ourselves. Want another example of that? Thinking that an already bankrupt country can afford Obama Care. If you think this is all going to work out just fine, I hope you don’t get away with telling your kids and grandkids you were against it when they asked how they got such a raw deal.


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  1. Lee B says:

    I agree George. They use to be called parlor guns and were used for indoor target shooting. I have fixed many of them over the years for people when I was actively gunsmithing. This guy doesn’t have the faintest idea of history and if the patent office actually gives him a patent it’s definitely time that organization had a major shakeup and fired a few people. It’s bad enough the way they patent software without ever looking for previous stuff. I had a one stop sales button on a bbs years before amazon ever thought of the idea but that didn’t stop the patent office from giving them one for it.

  2. Hi George

    I could not resist sending you a scanned copy of an article in the Farm Show magazine I received this morning. But, I figured What the Hell, maybe it’s already on line—and sure enough…….

    A couple of guys, one from India, and one from Michigan, have solved the fuel crisis along with a multitude of other internal combustion engine problems. This simple process nets up to 50% more power with up to 42.5% less fuel. All that is needed is the engine head and a few minutes with a Bridgeport milling machine.


    • George B. says:

      Hi Harold,
      This is a really great story.. 50% more power, and 42% less fuel, Wow! Think about it.. Obama spent all that stimulus money, and what did we get? And these two come up with this kind of magic?
      Farm Show wrote a short story on one of my efforts some years back, had I told them I had a working time machine, I think it would have gone to print just as I reported. Of course Farm Show is no worse than Popular Science.

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