She asks, “how is it that America has learned nothing from our mistakes?”

 A Friend I’ve never Met

As I wrote in my last post, Thoreau gives us much to think about, and I’ll quote again what he said in a chapter titled ‘Higher Laws’ in Walden.. .  “He who is only a traveller learns things by second hand and by the halves, and is poor authority.”

There’s a blog site of interest to me, a woman who lived in Romania where EVERYTHING that has happened here happened there. The promise of equality, and end of allowing the stinking rich a free ride.

I do not worry about my Children, they were raised to know better… it’s the thought that my Grandchildren will never enjoy the freedoms I did. 

The blog site is

She’s seen all this before, and she mentions that much of President Obama’s speeches have been lifted directly from the rhetoric used in Romania. The taking over of private property, moving the land owners off their property and giving it to more loyal followers.

It all started there same as here, and as you read this,  Billions from the public treasury (your money) is being transferred to those more loyal.

I have posted many times about Amonix, a company that never did have a viable product. Millions upon Millions of dollars borrowed in the public’s name, and bearing interest payments! Given to those who participated in a charade!  There is no doubt that NextEra knows that Hatch New Mexico is no more than a pile of junk, and the silence from Cogentrix is deafening! These are not friends of wall Street.. but friends of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and  Barack Obama. It’s yet an untold story, and the stink has not drifted too far from the field yet.

Our President has learned NOTHING first hand, Thoreau would have figured him out in a minute or less. Perhaps they made people smarter in those times? 

The promise of free stuff, the easy road, taking from the rich, and giving to the poor. Our children watch Detroit crumble, the Progressive’s stronghold, all they’ve done here has failed, it always will..

This blogger I mention, she lived it first hand, just like today… as I say we raised our children to know better, it is a shame that our grandchildren will pay the larger price..

And… why is it you live in a three bedroom house when there are others who have no house at all? And why is it you don’t feel the shame of owning two cars when others have none at all?  How is it you’ve become so Jaded?

It will happen here because the gulible and cocksure know it can’t happen here. It reminds me of  Ground Hog Day, it seems man has too little ability to learn from the past.




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6 Responses to She asks, “how is it that America has learned nothing from our mistakes?”

  1. Greg says:

    The problem with the “Take it from the rich” scheme, is that the word “rich” is very subjective.
    They systematically move the qualifying amount downward until eventually, anyone who does anything for himself is considered rich.

    Oh, this just in:

  2. Greg says:

    Any time a CEO or company executive touts their company by saying how many jobs they well create instead of how much production or profit they will produce, RUN!

  3. Bill Boyd says:

    I went to College with 2 women from the former Soviet Union. When a professor went over Communist concepts, both of them were noticeably disturbed. After class I asked one of them why she was so agitated. She said she heard that “bull shit” all her life and didn’t want to ever listen to it again.

  4. George B. says:

    Thanks Greg.. good find on this article.. fact is.. it’s so much worse that the story says!

    The equipment in the fireld is JUNK! It will NEVER EVER be fixed.. Read this Shaffer guy’s comment.. talking gullible.. teh dumb asses in Spain haven’t figured out they’ve been robbed yet either!

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