My State knows the Game. And here’s a money making muse 4U!


government dilbert

A joke?

No need to read it all to get the idea of the day.. if this rant is too much, scroll down to the blue..

Younger people might never remember the blues laws we had in this state, and most would agree they are best left in the past. I mention it only to demonstrate how much we have changed.

But there’s lessons to be had, and some things  just a little sad about what we do.

There’s an Indian Casino not far from me, I’ve been there three times, and two of them were to meet friends for breakfast and eat a very nice meal subsidized by those who gamble.  The other trip was to people watch.

There’s one heck of a parking lot there, and I have walked the rows till I became worried that security would approach me as a possible  car prowler. The obvious is given away by the year and condition of the cars. These are flat out NOT the wealthy people of our state, and any efforts to break down visitors by ethnicity is not PC. Yes, people from all walks of life walk through the doors of this palace I mention, but when we break it down into percentages, there’s a strong Asian influence, and a few other groups that might be far better represented than if we did the same study at the Target store or other places. What this suggests to me is these people were influenced by their environment as one would expect. If you grow up in an environment where luck is a common topic, why wouldn’t you have a higher percentage of people who might play the games of luck?

My State has no option, they tolerate the Native Indians, and sometimes the Indians buy Influence that puts the State at a disadvantage in court and in the public opinion.

My State does what it can to protect it’s gambling enterprise, and I remember how they swayed the voters ( those in office at the time)  said the money raised might take care of ever need. The end of sales tax, the best of schools, and maybe we could gold plate all the handrails in Olympia?

We older people know that it never ends, give them half, and they want three quarters. But what bothers me is my State preys on many of those they say are most in need of a helping hand.

And now we have legal Marijuana, at least according to my State, and there’s several reasons it was voted in. Some were convinced the taxes on this drug would solve every financial problem of the State. Others saw it as a way to take the game out of the hands of criminals, and keep money at home. And then of course.. there’s nuts that keep people like Jim McDermott in power that think there’s no end to what government can do for you if only we give them enough money.

I remember grade school, that day we rolled some old tobacco borrowed from a bag used to wipe down a windshield, we rolled it up in tony permanent papers, and attempted to smoke it.  MJ will be so easy to get here shortly, and when you see the smoke curl up behind the backstop, the odds might be worth a’s likely going to be MJ.  A lot of Mommies voted for it to be legal here, and the State will soon be in the drug business, some are giddy, and some so naïve to believe the money taken in won’t be used to buy influence and votes to keep a party in power.

But gambling and drugs are in, at least in my State, and perhaps you need think how to profit off it? After all, so of the most upstanding in our community think it’s the way to go.

I was thinking of a portal, A new way to look at Ebay and what’s for sale there. So many know of their lucky days, your site is a Para mutual on line palace, you rake in a cut, and distribute the rest, those who buy according to the luck they feel will certainly take your odds, and a chance to ‘WIN’ that EBAY item at far less cost.

Of course.. if I can think of it, that palace already exists, and my state will prosecute you if they catch you in a visit on line. After all, this is their game, and they don’t want you playing elsewhere.

But now my final muse.. we see more Asians at the gambling hall, and we know it doesn’t have a thing to do with the color of their hair.  That ole saying, we are products of our environment. Now we need look ahead and ask.. what kind of environment does our State help create in order to take their cut? I guess you’d have to see the investments they make in advertising their wares, the endless TV ads about how someone has to win, and how you need play in order to win, our kids are watching, without a lot of guidance, they’ll think it’s all the norm. And our public school teachers, many are wedded to the State.  It’s all such a powerful influence on our kids, and we at least need to teach them about the odds of losing.

If you ever wondered how so many Asians came to believe in luck, maybe you’ll ask why the rest of the population is in the process of joining them?

Now close your eyes and visualize that new portal for EBAY, and the new icon there on the page. Maybe it’ll be a pair of dice? Will it be the highest bidder, or the pile of loot gambled that claims the item at the end of the auction? Auction sniper, heard of that? Your house might be called Auction Casino.

Have a great day..



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4 Responses to My State knows the Game. And here’s a money making muse 4U!

  1. Randall says:

    Hey George,
    Here in OK we have a multitude of the Indian Casinos also.
    I call it the Red Man Revenge.
    when you walk in down here, its a sea of white hair.
    Like you I have been only to enjoy the spread of food buffets at something like 8$ per head.

    • George B. says:

      A good comment Randall, our populations are different, and we’ll expect to see different groups over represented.

      My post today is about the changes as many of us see them, and I expect others to disagree. Unless things change, a lot of kids might be no more than wards of the state, their parents trusting that from the state comes the answers.

      But this week, for those who will pay attention, our elected officials are gathered together (again) to vote on a bill of which none of them have read, and among those pages are things snuck in which have nothing to do with the topic, many of them no more than repayment of favors.

      I suggest it’s possible that we as a country have tossed overboard our compass and we now rely on the wheel of good fortune.

      I’m expecting to see that double or nothing button on the gas pump soon, of course the State will get their cut..

  2. David says:

    I think by culture and instinct the asians are big gamblers.
    Here in oz the casinos couldn’t survive without them. They are by far and away the most represented group of any.

    I have an acquaintance who is Asian and a certified Genius. His IQ is in the top 10% of the worlds population. I don’t know how many degrees and doctorates he has now, I don’t think he does. I think they just mail them to him when he applies for the course now as they can see he’s topped the class at everything he’s done since Kindergarten and there is no possibility he wouldn’t do it with anything he turned his hand to except hands on trades.
    On that score I seriously wonder if he could nail 2 bits of wood together and they not fall apart when he picked them up.

    He’s a real nice guy, quirky and so different in his outlook and life experiences to mine.
    He has his fingers in several business pies and makes a lot of money from an expanding group of tutoring schools for kids (or their parents) who want to be over achievers like him.

    I was pretty shocked to learn a while back he has a bad gambling addiction and despite his personal and his family wealth, It’s put a big strain on his finances.
    Apparently he’s into all sorts of weird and wonderful gambling from flying interstate for a day to go to casinos to betting on sports events I have never heard of in places I didn’t know existed.

    I guess through lacking in smarts myself, I would have thought the truly intelligent people would have been smart enough to avoid gambling. Seems in this case that’s not true.
    To me the temptation of gambling is easily thwarted by the realisation that there are far more losers than winners and life’s experiences and facts have shown I’m far from a lucky person.

    There was a case here recently where an asian guy sued the casino in Sydney for “allowing him” to blow something like 170 Million dollars in one night. Yes, 170 Mill!
    That’s a number that takes some mental reckoning to come to terms with.
    Apparently the guys total spend in one visit to the casino ( I believe he stayed there) was over $300M.
    What a person does to have that kind of money I don’t know but I wish I did.

    The irony is not lost on me that while our Gubbermint is the biggest racketeer in the land, they also spend millions on warning people with gambling addictions and funding advertisements about its dangers and funding counseling centres etc.
    Perhaps if the local drug pusher spent some of his easy earned on substance abuse Rehab centres, they may be held in higher opinion as well??

    But I’m not surprised, Gubbermint is swayed by money first and foremost and if there was enough bucks in it, I’m sure they would be allowing nuclear waste to be added to food products and telling us how good it was for us.

    • George B. says:

      David, pleased to get your comments.. Really smart people do some to the dumbest things.

      I have also met Liberals that think they are way smarter than conservatives. I always want to ask them why Meth Heads and Convicts almost always vote with liberals? I doubt it’s because they’re smart.

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