Important DIYer Topics, Hydrogen and AGW

AGW and Hydrogen,  these are important topics as it relates to our DIYer projects and experimentation.



The truth is always relevant, DIYers are generally better at critical thinking and they are also far more skeptical of advertised claims.  Why? Likely because DIYers  don’t just read, they put their hands all over stuff and generally have a deeper understanding of the topics they study.  For those of us with life experience, we know the opposite of ‘skeptical’ is ‘gullible’.   Another interesting note,  Find the person who willingly accepts Al Gore’s version of AGW at face value,  and you’ll generally find a person who has his hands in his pockets most of the day, or you find he or she is still living with their parents and they have little practical experience.   

I’d like to mention Hydrogen for a moment,  it’s a great example.  The topic is enormously attractive, and just the mention of it in an advertisement can make it memorable for a large segment of the targeted audience. Take for instance an Ad running on TV this month by an oil company where they suggest that their developments might lead to a gain in efficiency of 8o percent. Wouldn’t you like to study their calculations!   Many of us noted GW Bush ‘knuckled under’ and supported Hydrogen Research once he understood how politically charged Hydrogen is. Telling the truth about it could lose you a lot of votes (no matter what party afilliation) made by those who will never know the difference between an IOU and a BTU.

The simple truth is… We need a lot of energy to make a little hydrogen. When we create the hydrogen, we often generate more emissions not less, AND we suffer a >huge< loss in efficiency because Hydrogen is never the principle product in the conversion necessary to create hydrogen. Some suggest using solar power, but many will never see a return on their investment no matter how efficiently they use the energy produced.  hydrogen production just compounds the economics problem 4 times or more.  We are often creating far more emissions creating the hydrogen only to brag about how clean the process is when we burn thy hydrogen.  This doesn’t faze the ignorant.  Our elected leaders know the power of the word ‘hydrogen’ They know it’s an easy way to transfer money from the public coffers…. just tie it to hydrogen research in an earmark and there’s never a question.  The general public will normally praise the expense regardless of how well Bureaucrats understand it doesn’t pay.

AGW  promises to be a far larger drain on the public coffers, and it could  surrender more of our freedoms than some seem willing to understand.  Our children are not fully aware of how often Chicken Little’s book “the sky is falling” has been plagiarized over the past 6000 years.

Here’s a chance to get a clearer picture.  This book was written  outside organizations that owe their existence to politics and those who would become rich and or powerful  if we all signed up for the Alarmist’s program to cripple the west and starve the third world.

My thanks to those who have passed on ‘sucking the public teat’, and dare to tell the truth in this book.

Try an experiment, make notes of those you know who are giddy about hydrogen power. Politely steer them into conversation about conventional energy and typical losses in energy conversion.  More often than not, you’ll find a person who has never been trained to add up the losses, fact is…. many of these people would be interested in buying that little device that makes more energy than it consumes when you offer it to them.  Now try the same thing with the people you know who ring their hands over global warming and have the date on the calendar circled when we all perish. What do they really know about our natural world, let them tell you.      

All the best,

George B.

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  1. Greg says:

    Hydrogen is great but you have to know one thing, it is a battery not a fuel.

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