I wanted that Car! Fiskers Joins others in failure or bankruptcy?

Another note on Marketing.

Starship Enterprise

Starship Enterprise

As I read the papers and other publications, I note opinions about why the EVs are not as profitable as predicted.  I think of the many people who want to own a Tesla but can’t afford it.  Some blame Standard Oil, they rationalize that it is the oil companies that attempt to deny them the right to buy the car at far less than what it cost to build, (to kill the subsidies, or to oppose the expansion of them).

For those who have experience in marketing products, you know how important it is to research who would buy what you plan on building before you build it.

I must admit, I dreamed of owning the full scale working replica of the Star Ship Enterprise, and I’m still a little upset it wasn’t made affordable to me, there were so many places I wanted to go.

I did hear of a plan that might help balance our forced investments, and that is simply to force tax payers to buy! Why is it we allow Citizens to buy the wrong cars, live in the wrong places, or to waste money on hair cuts for that matter?

And for those who said they loved the idea of EVs, the ones who posted “you need die if you oppose the effort”, if they didn’t buy, what’s wrong with putting them in a work camp and allowing them to help work off the debt?

It’s all about balance, when Government forces us to invest, they simply need to force us to buy.






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  1. LWT says:

    The problem isn’t that electric cars aren’t a good idea.

    The problem is that battery technology can’t deliver the same “ease of refueling” as a gasoline or diesel car.

    I know a few people who have cars like the Nissan LEAF. Smart people who should be able to plan trips based on available range.

    They’ve all had to call a tow-truck to take them and their car home when they’ve driven too far.

    The car is fully “fueled” after sitting on the charger overnight.

    • George B. says:

      Welcome LWT, glad to get your comment, as I know you are a keen observer.

      We have discussed the pros and cons, and the leaf can be a viable form of transportation IF you understand what goes in the car, and how long it takes. A simple 120VAC plug in allows the transfer of 15 amps reliably, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to calculate how little energy you put in and how long it takes with this set up, you need a more expensive charger, and some will be in shock as to how much it might cost to have installed.

      My problem is with those who chant how right this car is, and how everyone should own one, but they see themselves above the Frey, and having no obligation to do a thing other than complain the car isn’t free, they are the gang greenies.

      As per battery tech.. you’re right.. it’s not here yet, and neither is my starship.. and who’s to blame?

      • LWT says:

        My problem is with those who chant how right the LEAF is, even after they’ve had to ride home in a tow truck a couple of times.

        Next time I’m in your neighborhood, I’ll drop by. If I did the math right, I’ll have to stop for diesel once — and it’ll take less than 10 minutes “fueling time” to go 1200 miles.

  2. Sam Sabey says:

    It’s a little more than that.

    Fisker is a good example of why outsource the important stuff is bound for fail. When things got tight, they weren’t in control of their core business and, at the mercy of suppliers who care more about their margins.

    Tesla is quite a different beast, they took the time, built the tech, failed, fixed and get better and better. They are the DIY of the electro cars.

    Fisker is like the accountant/economist of electric cars.

    Sam, @samotage

  3. bob g says:

    put me on the list for a starship!
    i don’t need a full sized one, just one big enough for me and a few friends.


    bob g

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