Call of the Day..and a you tube clip you’ll enjoy.

No doubt, we are all tired of politics, so I thought I’d tell you about the Call I got today.. A guy wanted a serpentine pulley to put on an electric motor so he can drive one of my PMGs he bought some years back. He’s going to make some free juice. I started to tell him how it is, but he replied that I’m missing a few facts, and I just need to run higher RPM..

It was a nice day and I told him I had to go… it’s like pissing into the wind.. I might as well have been  talking to my own Senator.

But this gets us into critical thinking, and you might ask… what’s wrong with this idea?




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  1. Randall says:

    Now I see what is wrong with my critical thinking. I need to add 20 thousand to my “if’ and my “hope”.

  2. Russell says:

    Holy cow. Amongst all that baloney the bit about the litre bottle of heavy water containing enough energy (from fusion) to last a family 200 y actually gets past the ‘do the math(s)’ test.

    As for the cold fusion powered, steam generated EV model A for twenty G! His number one mistake was making it all too cheap!

    There’s a sucker born every minute and he only wants a week’s worth of them to pony up two measly bucks. The guy doesn’t have a clue. Each one of those schmos who would pay $2 wouldn’t have blinked at $5 (ie for just the price of a cup of coffee – large size with hazelnut syrup- you can save the world and humanity).

  3. George B. says:

    I do agree, this old Prof has no more polish than you or me.

    I do love that one sentence in his presentation… “If this works, we’ll have all the energy we need.”

    But before you invest, I know a man who’s converting a Toyota Corolla to run on Fairy Dust, and it’s going to fly ‘if it works’…. so which would you rather have? Do be careful with your investment…

    And as we ponder magic, we need look at who we’ve elected to office.. I keep using my Senator as an example, she has no idea that printing money and funding every whim turns dollars into dimes, she was born with a spoonful of fairy dust in her mouth, and her promises of the easy road for all is at the root of destroying the West.

    Patty.. I hope you wake from this dream of yours.

  4. Mr Vin says:

    I can imagine the retirement benefits a professor gets!! All the students that were in school and changed majors so many times? You wonder what caused it! That being said the pictures of the smoke stacks,oil drilling, our president, smog and other compelling photos makes me want to write a check ASAP. The idea is what’s important!


  5. Bill knighton says:

    Twice here you’ve been critical of printing money. The reason it’s done is that it works well for the people who have that privilage. We are not all in this together. There is a class system. There are the government people in one class and working people in the other. some are crossovers. They’re pretty much in the first class. Printing money is excellent strategy for the first class and is without consequence for their class.

  6. David says:

    Cheap, clean, abundant energy will NEVER happen.

    The old fella said if it happens everything will change. He’s right.
    The world balance of power is basically based on energy. Imagine if North Korea, Pakistan or a host of other countries suddenly got all the cheap, clean energy they wanted from water.
    First thing they are going to do is manufacture unlimited weapons and arm their millions of people to go on a take over spree.

    The fallout From pakistan and India having a free for all would wipe out the rest of the planet alone. There would be untold wars and everything WOULD change just as the guy said. Suddenly you can build a plane as big as a battleship and add enough engines to make it fly. You build a battleship the size of an island and power it up to do 50 knots.

    You get rid of traditional guns and build some sort of energy pulse weapon that operates at .05% efficiency but who cares, the backpack the operator wears has a 2 Gigawatt power supply in the thing……. and so it goes.

    Forget about the fuel companies suddenly going out of business and the influence they hold in the world with every gubbermint in the west and plenty elsewhere, The gubbermints of the current superpowers are not going to let something that keeps them king and the other guys the peasants out into their hands.

    Even if some sanity prevails, all the sudden you are going to have people wanting to air condition deserts, heat the polar caps and generally screw the planet up like mankinds does with every thing else.
    Energy like cold fusion would be the death knell of the world.

    Of course all this is proposing that something like cold fusion can be done. In a way it’s irrelevant for the reasons I have pointed out, it’s never going to be let out into the mainstream anyway. It would not even be allowed to power cars or other transport purposes because again, the loss to Governments in revenue alone would kill most of them.

    Easy to Tax a car on the road but how do you make anything from a lawnmower that runs on water or someone that wants to run a generator instead of buying power from the grid to run the climate control of their now enclosed property which pulls 1000Kwh a day?

    Can’t see any Energy source like this ever being allowed to be used even if it is ( or has already been ) created.

    • Bill knighton says:

      Complexity restricts a lot of technology that is possible more even than energy. A ride to space aboard falcon 9 costs $200,000 in fuel and oxidizers but the rocket is worth 50 million unmanned. Cheap energy would not change space access, for example.
      I’ve noticed a lot of conspiracies but I do not accept that anyone is forbidding cold fusion from our power supply. Making it work is the issue.
      Why haven’t we used more solar? No conspiracy required. The government wi ll even steal less taxes if you do it. It’s free energy and doesn’t take that much of an investment to use. Maybe as much as a cheap new car for a good system. And for that price you get a decent set of batteries that will last a decade or more. So it works 24×7. A negligible amount of backup from a listeroid helps.

  7. bob g says:

    isn’t he the “turboencabulator” dude?

    the internet is nothing if not entertaining!

    (hey George, i think we need to resurrect the “Rongfu” 5 stroke diesel engine)

    surely we can get it finished for 20 grand!

    bob g

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