HHO Generators! Get yours now!

This topic comes up often, you need only calculate energy in and energy out to form an accurate conclusion. If you made time for the Air Car article, you will find that HHO generators are designed to sell to the same audience.

One thing our ‘hands on’ group of experimenters has pretty much concluded, fuels of all kinds seem to add value to the combustion process based on their BTU value, and little more! With that said, read on.

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Well George Here’s a couple of articles that

tell about the best thing

since sliced bread or are complete B.S. I

personally think the media are

just suckers but I could be wrong about this



http://www.toledoblade.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?Date=20090530&Category=BUSINESS03&ArtNo=9053003 38&SectionCat=BUSINESS02&Template=printart

Reply from George

This is nothing at all, it certainly is all about a fool that is too lazy to do the simple math necessary to calculate what the car requires in the way of horsepower and then to calculate the theoretical limits of efficiency in an internal combustion engine. But this is mild compared to other claims designed to attract people who will never take responsibility for doing their own thinking.

Now Consider this…


As you watch this, remember the HHO generator is fused at 30 amps, therefore we assume a max of 14.4 volts times 30 AMPS = 432 WATTS OF total POWER  INTO THE HHO GENERATOR. Since 746 watts = one horsepower, we need keep in mind we only have 60% of a single horsepower to drive the HHO generator available.

In this universe, we always get far less energy out of any conversion, that is to say, the energy we make available to the HHO Generator for the manufacture of hydrogen will always be more than the energy value of the hydrogen gas manufactured. But we will be generous and assume we get back the full 432 watts of power out of the HHO generator, this of course is a perfect conversion with zero losses, and we will give him this even though we know of no other device that has achieved same in the entire universe!

We have some more accounting to do, as we don’t want to be accused of Enron type accounting do we?? Auto Alternators are notoriously inefficient, likely no better than 70% efficient, so whatever energy is used to power the HHO generator, it is costing us dearly BECAUSE of the poor efficiency of the alternator, (that is the power source right???) since we have encountered these KNOWN losses, it’s clear that the output of the HHO device >MUST< be well over unity to break even, but the engine actually runs, so it is clear (according to the video) that we are viewing over unity plus a rather significant amount more, after all, there’s a fan turning, pistons going up and down, and the normal friction in the engine, and of course, our Alternator has to make the power to run the HHO generator.

So now that we have the worlds first over unity power source, (actually a rather significant amount over unity) we can easily see how we could chain the units together and get an infinite amount of power. With this kind of power, we can easily achieve the speed of light, and actually travel into the future, this is what Einstein’s theory predicts, and there is a lot of evidence the theory holds up well. In fact our current GPS system makes use of the theory to make critical adjustments for time differences in the ring based on this theory, we know it is relevant!

This is all rather profound, why is this idiot wasting time powering his truck when he could be using this energy source to travel across all space and time and why not use it to travel into the future?  I say buy one now, and be the first to build your own time machine!

In reality, HHO Generators have been around for a long time, and fact is, you dump a lot of energy in and get almost no energy out, what you need to make any kind of hydrogen power viable is an energy source so cheap you can afford to throw it away. When we make Hydrogen, we are often left to ask, why not use the original energy without the huge losses in the conversion?

Consider one last thing, there are men in Africa who believe that if they have sex with a virgin it will cure their AIDS. Many people who read of this attempt to rationalize the behavior, many say the men come from primitive cultures and have no schooling, others think they don’t have the mental capacity to process reality. The truth (as I see it) they are no different than the people who buy HHO generators, as they want to believe so badly that they will totally ignore the fundamentals of science that has allowed us to travel to the moon, build super computers, and far more. If these basics were that flawed, would we have done this well so far? The basics tell us that hydrogen is a loser.

If you read the Air Car article, and do a little research, you will see how the ‘targeted audience’ will help to build a stronger case for buying the appliance, we see testimonials about how it can reduce emissions, keep the inside of your engine cleaner, and more. If the appliance worked and all of this were true, we’d have a tool to appease the irrational people who dictate to CARB! But remember, the true believer doesn’t want to read about anything that could destroy his belief in magic! this fact assures you won’t get through to them.

But we have had a plethora of useful idiots for far longer than many of us care to note. Consider Global warming, the leaders are COCKSURE of their convictions, or are they? Imagine men with brains so large they can unravel all the inter dependencies on the planet, yet they are too inept to tell us what is going on inside a single cancer cell! The truth is likely far simpler, regardless of man’s roll in climate change, there is great power and influence given the leaders of the global warming cause. Those who sell HHO generators receive money from the believers, (useful idiots) in the same way. If you are a believer in Global warming, you will NOT be swayed from your convictions, at the heart of it all is a belief you’ve been denied something you know you were entitled too, once you have invested years into this thinking, how can you abandon it?

Think of all who have screwed you! The Government can’t allow you to have free energy, Corporate America would go broke over night if you had it, they (Corporate America) buy up secret patents, on an on. How many times have you heard of the 100 MPG Carb that just all of a sudden disappeared? At some point HHO sales will drop off to near zero, and 10 or 20 years from now people will be saying the same thing about them, “the government stopped it, or shell oil went around and made a deal with all who were selling them”. It’s what useful idiots do.

Al Gore ‘looks’ like a stupid man, I do agree, but he learned as a politician how to market to the useful idiot, he learned of the power and money he could make. He now has a personal wealth of 100 million and he’s just gathering steam. If he can pull off the carbon credit scheme there will be a huge transfer of wealth right into his pockets and his Friend’s pockets. Those who believe in global warming movement know there are plenty of people that need to be punished, this is at the heart of the movement. At the end of the day, the useful idiot has made many things possible on this planet, they have transferred power to dictators, ruined economies, funded genocide, and far more, it all begins when you are too lazy to do the eight grade math and discover how nuts something like the HHO generator is. If you read this far, you are NOT a believer, as most believers will not invest in an sentence that does NOT support their beliefs.

All the best,

George B.

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  1. Richard says:

    These things have come and gone so many times over the years. Only to be bought by the fool and I feel sorry for them. People should realize you can’t get something for nothing and the government isn’t trying to hide these things, these things just don’t work.

    • George B. says:

      Want an interesting reserach project? Study just how much grant money is transferred to entities (likely friendly to the present administration) under the guise of new hydrogen research. There are things the public never seems to question, up to this point, you can give money to nearly anyone who claims to be doing hydrogen research and likely won’t till we’re all in the fields picken cotton.

      Efficiency=power in / power out. Hydrogen is always a loser..

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