Chevy Volt Announces 230MPG in the City

August 12, 2009

Now that the Government Owns GM, and the present administration is running things, are you surprised by today’s Claims? 230MPG!

Is there any difference between a lying used Car Salesmen and the Average Senator or Congressmen we have in office that isn’t outraged by these lies?

Anyone with a shred of ethics or morals left would break down the car’s performance based on energy in, and mileage out. Certainly the Administration has had time to read about these claims AND apparently it is OK with them that this whopper of a lie can be told about their car and their Company.

Did you notice the Volt doesn’t look too much different from an ordinary car? It likely has a drag coefficient not unlike other cars, maybe it does have some weight advantage, but just how far does that get you down the road? Five, six, seven, eight times as far? I don’t think so.

Here’s what they are NOT telling you.

IF WE use their same measurement criteria, a 1974 VW Rabbit diesel gets over 10,000 times better mileage per gallon of gasoline than their VOLT!

At this point you say… “I know I know, I read the article! It’s obvious there’s a LOT of electrical energy pumped into the car as well.”  I answer, obvious to you, but not the bubble heads that will help pass Cap And Trade thinking we have a quantum leap in energy saving devices at our door step! There’s nothing magic about a Chevy Volt other than the way it’s being promoted!

They don’t count all the energy they dumped into the car via an electrical charge, they only count the Gasoline burned in the engine to get the car to the next charge station.

What they don’t tell you is the GRID is not capable of delivering the charge current necessary to charge all these cars that would be built, and this administration is dragging it’s feet on producing any viable power sources that could really help us (Modern, Clean, Safe, Nuke energy). Yes there are a few old hippies out there that think you can tie a solar panel to the roof of your Chevy Volt with a good hemp rope and drive all over town, but those with hands on experience know it’s all about BTUs, weight, drag coefficients, and all the same ole stuff.

A123 Lith Ion batteries are a wonderful innovation, BUT they don’t make power, they only store it, and the battery and charging system does not return all the energy that was put into the system.

Why would you buy a Car from folks that tell whoppers this big? I say it’s a good reason to buy a FORD! I’m thinking there’s an ACORN community organizer running the marketing campaign at Government Motors.

For folks that are interested in what’s really happening here (I don’t expect folks that have the bumper sticker “change we can believe in’ Still stuck to their car to read further.

When we pour fuel into the tank of our car, we convert that fuel to mechanical energy inside the engine, we know the thermal efficiency of the engine, the loses in the transmission, rear differential, tires, the drag on the car at any given speed, etc.

With the Electric car, we STILL need a fuel source, without Nuke power, all we are doing is creating a lot of added losses over what we have in the gasoline powered car! We start at our energy source, (maybe a coal burning power plant) we incur the losses as we convert to mechanical energy, then we convert to electrical energy (more losses) then we move power over the transmission line, (more losses), then through a battery charger (more losses), then into the battery, and guess what, there are losses in the battery too, you don’t get out what you put in). Now when we need power, we take it from the battery and use the energy to power an electrical motor (more losses, substantial losses!)

Some will ask about the regen system on board, it makes electricity as you brake you know! For any who care to think, you need to get it to the top of a hill before you can roll it down the other side, and there are severe losses in the regen braking  system, you don’t get out what you put in. All we do with the electric vehicle is use a remote source of energy, power from solar and wind is hugely more expensive, and the main reason people invest in it is to get the Government subsidies, and of course the subsidies are nothing more than debt our government has heaped on you, a way to further decrease the value of any dollar you were stupid enough to save.

There are no free rides, the electric car is no more than a good propaganda tool at the moment.. so you ask about the Toyota Prius about now? If you follow cars, you’ll know the Prius is no where near as efficient as the small economical diesels made by Honda, Suzuki, and others, and FEW prorate out the cost of that VERY expensive battery! will you buy a used Prius with a used up battery over an highly efficient diesel with a life expectancy of 400,000 miles or more?

What you see in the news today is consistent with “Change you can believe in!” The math doesn’t work, BUT what you may not understand is the message is NOT for those who think, it is for those who are too lazy to do any level of thinking on their own, they’ll bus them to the voting booth if they are too dumb to get there on their own.

Obama Volt? More BS you shouldn’t believe in..

I guess the answer will be to sell the Chevy Volt to the French, with all their problems, at least they were smart enough to build Nuke power plants and not be so dependent on the Saudis and others we should have no dealings with. What we all need to visualize is that the energy conversion for the electric car just over the horizon, and then feeding it into the gird, incurring all the losses, and then shoving it into a battery where we give up a notable portion of the energy VS doing the energy conversion in the car as we do now. To make claims of 230 miles per gallon is about as dishonest as telling folks you’ll be selling dollar bills next week for 50 cents each, but we do understand that this BS is packaged for the ‘Believers’ and not those who have ever owned a pencil and read the instructions on how to use it.

Another note, imagine these Bureaucrats losing even a dime in Road Taxes! they’ll scream bloody murder, that electric car will have a charger that takes road taxes directly out of your bank account for every kilowatt hour of power you put in the battery! Imagine how it will all work, as soon as someone is caught bypassing the road tax, they’ll be screaming for some big brother apparatus on the car that alerts the State and Federal Tax collectors.   These addicts are not prepared to give up a thing, imagine Pelosi flying first class commercial and sitting with regular people.. won’t happen, these out of touch Bureaucrats will likely suggest that you pay even higher roads taxes on these electrical energy units since they made it all possible for you to drive for near free. The Tooth Fairy is far more believable, one day the children in grade school today will ask their parents. How were voters so dumb to believe all this Dad? Were you one of the dumb ones?

The math is rather simple, what are the energy units you started with, and what were your overall losses between the energy source and the rear wheels? Obama voters simply don’t want to know, sure it’s only 8th grade math, but knowing the truth will destroy their dream of a free lunch. Electric cars could be good, but for God sakes, can’t we have some honesty in the discussion?

The real goal of the Left is to destroy the Golden Goose, once it’s gone, you’ll be looking to them for crumbs. It’s possible they’ll pull off this scam on the American people with subsidies, many Americans don’t know or care how a subsidy works, so if Government Motors starts selling $42,000 GM Volts with a $20,000 Government Subsidy, they’ll likely have no clue how the subsidy affects them and their children.

The message to the rest of the world will be……. Sell your US Dollars while they’re still worth something!

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  1. Richard says:

    Thanks for this great article I’ve been saying this all along and people don’t get it. Hell the the government knows what they are doing (what). Using energy has losses and politicians don’t have a clue and neither do the news people they only want a story and everyone is hoping to energy for nothing. Wake up america! It’s like an article I saw a while back to use the road under cars to generate electricity where do they think that energy is coming from. Thanks for the great site I’ve following you for a long time.

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