Happy July 4 2013, but do be safe!

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You can’t fix Stupid

We have just hours to prepare, you can’t fix stupid, but you can attempt to stay away from those who are. It’s time right now to consider watering that pile of dry brush or other fuel in your yard if you have careless people across the fence from you..

Not far from here, a person who has far less DIY skills than a true DIYer has just changed his life forever… (if he lives). Always do a little research before you take the risk!

Few understand the potential yield of a SPARKLER BOMB, and even though you know the warning might annoy your kids or grand kids, it’s worth the risk to share how dangerous home made bombs can be. As per the sparkler bomb, many think they’re safe if there’s no metal used to help intensify the blast, in the case of sparklers, there’s far more to understand.



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6 Responses to Happy July 4 2013, but do be safe!

  1. Bill knighton says:

    I’d never heard of this.
    Just searched for a video. The slow motion at 1:40 is amazing.

  2. George B. says:

    A best made sparkler bomb can leave the sod rolled up in an eight to ten foot diameter circle and shake windows and set fire alarms off for at least a block.

    This one above looks to be made with way less yield than what’s possible, you need use tape that puts the sparklers in a high state of compression.

  3. Bill knighton says:

    This was only 1000. I looked at a 3000 count but it was a fast flare instead of violent explosion. It did seem loose despite the large amount of duck tape used.
    This 1000 count explosion looks lethal to me.

  4. bob g says:

    even the lowly roman candle comes with a warning not to hold in your hand… and many still do!

    i recall buying a gross of roman candles back in the 70’s, something told me not to hold the thing in my hand so i found a suitable spider hole in the ground to place it. (btw a spider hole here in kansas is about an inch in diameter and maybe 3 inches deep).

    i lit the thing and stepped back, after the resulting explosion i noted a crater about 18inches in diameter and 12 inches deep in the hardpan limestone/clay soil.

    needless to say, i have never held one in my hand since, or will i set quietly and let anyone do so.

    we have to remember where these things are made! and what QC measures that are used? which means likely zero!

    be safe is my motto

    bob g

  5. harold says:

    Who knew sparklers could explode. Maybe Bloomberg was not quiet as dumb as I thought he was for saying “Outlaw sparklers because terrorist could use them.” I guess a blind squirrel really does find a nut once in a while.

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