Goat Peak

Picture: Alex on the way up Together; (Grandson Alex and I) studied the Mountain high above our Easton, WA Cabin called Goat Peak.  We were planning an ascent into the high country the next morning. Yes, I’ve waited 8 years for him to grow legs long enough and to be big enough where a Cougar would at least have more trouble pulling him off the trail and gnawing on him before I could get there and whack him with a stick.
We never know what tomorrow brings, wait too long, and we might find our own legs will no longer carry us into the haunts of the Mountain Ravens and Wild Goats.
The morning of our climb, we started the Lister 6/1 generator, set a few sprinklers at the cabin to cool the area for Grandma, we ate breakfast, loaded the 4WD mini truck with our packs, and a small cooler with cold drinks to help re-hydrant us on the way down. Alex and I again gazed upwards from the valley floor at Goat Peak, a monolith in the Cascade Range that lay another 3000 feet above us.  If all went well, we’d be sitting on top in 3 hours!
The Mini Truck’s low range and the rear locker got us up though the washouts and through Tucker Creek, we only needed half a road, and that’s all we had in a lot of spots, Alex has lots of four wheel experience and he sat near silent as the Mini’s bumper slammed into the creek bottom as we crossed the worst of the washouts caused by heavy winter water flows. More travel through overgrown logging roads where branches allowed us no more than a 50 foot view ahead in several areas.
Finally we intersected a better road, and traveled upwards to the unmarked trailhead.
Upon arrival, we parked the Mini, checked our foot gear, packs, sun block applied, head gear, food, water, and began the climb of a series of switch backs that took us to God’s country. Alex climbed the series of switchbacks like a goat. For me, it was better than a tread mill test.

Above: In some areas, we had to hold on to the cliff side with our finger nails, and scurry along ledges only an inch or two wide. Just kidding Mom 🙂 If you look close, you can see the lake below Hyak on I-90 laying in the upper left.

Picture Above: On the way up we look out over Lake Kachess. Those snow covered peaks in the background are parts of the Stuart Mountain Range. The smaller peak that lay between us and the lake is Monahan Mountain. Monahan started the Cabin Creek Logging Camp. Vic Monahan, the Grandson of the founder still lives in the area, He’s a Forester, Steward of the Land, Outdoorsmen, and he knows this area extremely well.
This was the perfect trail and perfect adventure for a Grandfather and Grandson, go on a weekday, go early and enjoy the near 30 degree F difference between peak and the valley floor. We were lucky enough to have the entire mountain to ourselves, the ascent is on a north face, the thick Conifer Forest kept the temperatures at 62F>63F most of the trip, how wonderful that was!
Zach, get ready, you’re next, I guess I need to keep in shape for another 7 plus years.

Update: Here’s a follow up I received in the mail, a hand made card. I’ll save this one 🙂

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