EPA pushing to remove all the Zinc out of lube oil?

You might want to do a little research on the additive Zinc. There are a number of reports of flat cams in older engines and more due to the EPA forcing the removal of the very effective anti wear agent “Zinc”. Some of the currently blended oils have zero Zinc. You can argue the point, but when you buy a $58,000 pickup truck with a diesel in it, you want it to live as long as possible. IF you don’t have a Cat, and it’s legal to run this additive, you might give more thought to which oil you use in your truck, and what you might add to it.  There have been tests that have demonstrated Zinc does wonders to extend engine life, and one example is reduced wear in pistons, ring lands, and more. Engine manufacturers may be willing to say things are just peachy without these popular anti wear agents, but they care most about meeting warranty and getting along with the EPA I would think.  I think what we need do is watch what the fleets of over the road trucks do… I doubt they’ll want to live with any less service out of an engine, I hope we hear from informed people as to what might work to assure the same or greater engine protection.

If you have older collectables or stationary engines, you might put this topic higher up on your “things to research list”.  We should expect increased wear when we use lube oils without Zinc in engines with flat tappets.  This could have a very significant impact on engine life and the real cost per KWH when you’re off grid and
forced to roll your generator on days the sun doesn’t shine, do what you can to protect your engine, and read about the anti-corrosion protection these agents offer as well.  Well insulated Generator Sheds where temperatures are more constant, and temperatures change more slowly can help control condensation. This is a first step in controlling corrosion.

Here’s a few links, there’s lots of them. The PTFE crowd will claim their stuff is as good as Zinc.. but when the inventor and manufacturer of PTFE says it doesn’t offer benefits as an engine oil additive, why would you believe??


Yes… your right… I was happy to get the news about Keith.. 🙂

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12 Responses to EPA pushing to remove all the Zinc out of lube oil?

  1. mobile-bob says:

    boy am i going to miss mr. oobernoozle!
    funniest thing i heard all year, that includes all of last year too.

  2. George B. says:

    OK, I fixed those top three links, they go to the right places now.
    Did Keith really leave the country?

  3. George B. says:

    Here’s some comments from readers who don’t post:
    “The motorcycle forums are all up in arms over this. Diesel oils used to be the answer, but those are under attack too. Supposedly the single-weight Delo 400 still has a stout ZDDP pack. I know some who are stockpiling it”

    My added comment: If the EPA has been able to ‘bend over’ the other lube oil distributors, who know they’ll lose sales to other quality oil distributors who keep the zinc in…. they are likely working overtime on Delo to remove it!

    I would imagine the EPA will claim it is an environmental problem as well.. ‘heavy metal?’… but if that’s the case, might they also ban sacrificial zincs on boats? Imagine… in some harbors you might measure in hours how long you could have your boat in the water before you replaced your outdrive 🙂 This might lead to the formation of a whole new government agency. The Federal Polarity Police, ‘FPP’ for short. They monitor harbors and give you a $250 ticket if your boat electrical system isn’t wired right.

  4. Dave H. says:

    Isn’t the penny zinc?……OH NO!

  5. George B. says:

    Dave, how many do we grind up and add to 5 quarts? 🙂

  6. George B. says:

    Here’s a link to the chemistry we have come to call a zinc addative

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zinc_dithiophosphate (thanks Lynn)

  7. Dean Allender says:

    Well here is the brew I have bean useing for years with no ill effect. I mix 1 quart Hydraulic AW 46 with each oil change of Delo 400 30 WT. You must use hydraulic oil with AW in the title, AW stands for anti wear, high in zinc and cheap. Also some marine diesel engine oils are high in zinc, or was the case, have not researched in A few years. I run this in everything from AHH wisconsin powered buzzsaw circa 1942 to 1950 Nordberg diesel generator to toyota tacoma, to 1914 Porsche with 350 chev, to Junk Each and Every Part liberty (JEEP), plus forklift, mobile crane, and some other old junk. Everything doing good. Just A thaught. Dean

    • George B. says:

      Dean, Great idea! now that you mention hydraulic oil, there’s also ATF, a lot of folks have added a quart of ATF to a tank of diesel fuel to assure their old mechanical pumps get the lubrication with these newer diesel fuels. I like your idea, makes me wonder abotu ATF, I’d bet they have AW properties as well.. AW46 huh? I’ll remember that, thanks for your post!

  8. Scott says:

    Well, think about it; the shorter the life span of the engine, the quicker most people with no DIY instincts will trade them in for these computer based cars you can’t work on yourself. I don’t want to own anything I can’t work on, but the auto industry doesn’t want that for obvious reasons. I’d say before long it’ll be against the law for you to raise the hood! Might be against EPA regulations.

  9. Peter says:

    Does this will mean that zinc food additives, teas, and multivitamins will also be removed because it’s a heavy metal? More work for doctors treating zinc deficiency. (Shades of trace atmospheric plant nutrient being banned).

    • George B. says:

      Seems they think it could hurt a catalytic converter, mine is doign fine after 250,000 miles using zinc lube oil addatives.. so maybe it’s some other worry they have??

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