DIYer Soon Wah Lee, Reporting in From China

You may have first met Lee on the pages of utterpower

Lee and His Father

Following is a near live report from  China, They have great hopes for EVs, and Lee shares what looks like a small service vehicle that has seen a lot of service, it must work pretty well 🙂

Do note the very narrow profile of those tires, it’s more than a repower effort..  



Hi George, I am reporting from China.

I’d  like to share these pics with you and your readers. Many are not aware that China has one of the highest rate in electric vehicle adoption.


Chinese Mainland Electric Cart

Chinese Mainland Electric Cart

 The small tricycle is one of the workhorse found. It has a small DC motor chain driven directly to the differential axle. power come from a large truck starter battery behind the wooden seat compartment. underneath the seat is a charging transformer and some control gear.

DC powered cart-motor

DC powered cart-motor

Most bigger city in China ban larger truck going into the city to avoid congestion. so thousand of these will be used to deliver goods in smaller sizes zipping thru the traffic.

I will send you in my next mails on the chinese electric scooter.





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One Response to DIYer Soon Wah Lee, Reporting in From China

  1. bob g says:

    those rear tires remind me of the space saver spares used on cars and such here in the states, and maybe elsewhere.

    those little buggers are aired up nice and tight and probably don’t have much rolling resistance, too bad they are not rated for more mileage.
    (speaking of space saver spares)

    i could see a use for one made similar to this illustrated example around here, even with the limited life of the space/spare tires i think i could get a couple years use putting around town.

    maybe a golf cart 48volt motor, and 4 twelve volt deep cycle batteries or 8 six volt golf cart batteries,,,hmmm maybe just cannibalize a golf cart for all the electrics?

    here in town the local police force doesn’t care what is driven on the street so long as one is not speeding around or cutting anyone off, basically just drive responsibly and he doesn’t care…

    only problem is there is nowhere to go! no grocery store to run down to, no hardware store, not even a bar or a liquor store anymore. i guess i could use it to run over to the coop or to run my trash down to the trash truck mid week.

    not much real use for one around here, but nonetheless looks like a fun project!

    bob g

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