One of the most helpful utilities I’ve found is Convert.exe.  This utility can help steer you towards reality when it comes to expectations, just drop it on your desktop where it’s handy.  You should be able to find this by entering it into a search engine, my links have been breaking, so I removed it from here.

Are you thinking of blending or making a fuel for your diesel? Try here.

Need a formula to figure pulley sizes ?

D2 = D1 x N1


D1= Diameter of pulley on engine
D2= Diameter of pulley on generator
N1= RPM of engine
N2= RPM of generator

1 HP = 33,000 foot-pounds per minute (550 foot-pounds per second).
Torque (in foot-pounds) = BHP x 5,250 / RPM
BHP = Torque(in foot-pounds) x RPM / 5,250
BHP = torque (inch-pounds) x RPM / 63,025
1 Btu = 778 foot-pounds
1 HP = 2,544 Btus
1 KW = 1.34 h.p.
1 KW = 3,413 Btus
100 cubic inches = 1.64 liters

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