Another installment, “import lessons learned”.



As mentioned in a previous post, there are a number of things that can go wrong when you import… including an emergency order to ship the inbound freight back to where ever it came from as happened in this case.

Unless someone tells you different in writing, assume you will still be paying any and all expenses associated with import.

If we were making the rules, there would be no expenses at the receiving end till it was proven that there was something to receive, but that’s not the case here.  You need remember, these rules were written by Government Bureaucrats.  Here’s one bill due for a shipment that was not even allowed to be unloaded. More bills could come along later.. we’ll see..

So.. I ask my trusted Import agent about the insanity of not being able to keep this open for the re-import of this shipment… his reply follows..

“I hear you George. Unfortunately, the ISF is for telling Customs what’s on the way, and we did that. We cannot use the same one again. Assuming the exporter gets it right the
next time, we’ll definitely have to do it all over again. FYI I didn’t charge you for working up and submitting the entry that I cancelled. I do expect it will come back in again, and I will be able to just resubmit that one……Rick

You know I don’t do much in advertising here but my broker is Rick Mueller, he certainly is a person I’d reccomend should you decide to import anything with the help of an agent. He has steered me clear of a number of mistakes, and easily earns his keep.

Total Freight Logistics Int’l LLC
Tacoma, WA 98421
tel 253-926-6855
fax 253-922-1055
Rick Mueller

If there is one thing I could pass on, it’s the fact that a crate the size of apple box, and a whole container have the same overhead as far as the majority of the paperwork is concerned. Let me give you an example where your supplier can put you at a huge disadvantage. Let’s say he agrees to ship all in 90 days, but on the ship date he suggests you accept half now, and he’ll send the rest in another 30 days. If you agree, you add about  $600 (or more) to the cost of your import, when you start adding up these unexpected costs, the cost to your customers has to go up, and if you have competition, some of your potential customers will deal with the other guy if it’s a penny less.

I sit here thinking about the ultimate solution to import problems, and I know I have the solution. What we Americans need do is make our own stuff. Export is far more rewarding, and all we need do is pick the right State to set up Business. I think that’s pretty easy to determine, jobs are flowing south and over seas, there’s a good reason for that. If you’re a younger man, I’d reccomend that you go where the work is done. If things in Wisconsin go as Scott Walker and supporters want, I’d be tempted to sell acerage in a place like Michigan and buy in Wisconsin, they might even take some work back from down South. Acerage in WI might be valued at twice the price as similiar property in MI very soon.  Jobs and reduced property taxes are big draws for people.  Supply and Demand…, they can change the landscape quickly.





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